Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 856

Volume 1 Chapter 856 New Member

[Congratulations, you have gotten the power of "Jewelry Bonney"]


Haru took a deep breath and didn't feel uncomfortable, but he could feel a new power had entered his body. He sighed in relief since he didn't need to eat a "Devil Fruit" again, but...

'Jewelry Bonney, huh?'

Jewelry Bonney, also known as the "Big Eater", is a pirate and the captain of the Bonney Pirates. She and her crew originated from the South Blue. She is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the Worst Generation in the world of One Piece.

Haru remembered the power of Jewelry Bonney, and felt a bit strange by this power.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" Tabane asked. She could see that Haru's expression was a bit weird at that moment and wondered what had happened to him.

"No." Haru shook his head and said, "I'm alright."

"So you've opened your reward?" Tabane asked.

"Yes, I have."

"So what did you get?" Tabane asked.

"Umm... a power?" Haru said.


Tabane looked at Haru for a while and didn't see a change on his body which made her confused. She was curious and asked, "What kind of power?"

"It's a power from one of the famous people from another world," Haru said.

"Yes, but what kind of power?" Tabane asked.

"It's an age manipulation," Haru said.

"Age manipulation!" Tabane was surprised.

Bonney exhibits abilities that come from a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that involves age manipulation. She can alter the ages of herself and others, rapidly aging her intended targets into their senior years or regressing them into small children.

Haru, who had received Bonney's power and it was possible for him to manipulate his age or other's people.

"Show it to me," Tabane said.

"Well, I don't mind."

Haru started to use his power. He thought about turning himself younger and suddenly his body slowly grew smaller.

Tabane, who saw the process, didn't blink her eyes the entire time. Before, she thought that Haru was using some kind of technology to fly, but this time it was different since she didn't think there was a technology that was able to turn someone younger.

"I've made myself 10 years younger, how is it?" Haru asked with a childish voice.

"How cute!!!"

Tabane couldn't handle anymore and hugged Haru on her chest.

"How cute! How cute! How cute!"


Haru couldn't breathe since he was pressed into Tabane's chest. Even though it was soft, it was hard to breathe. He tapped Tabane's chest several times telling her to stop it.

"Hyaann...! Pervert!"

Tabane loosened her hug and flicked Haru's forehead.

"What a perverted child. You can't touch Tabane-chan's b.r.e.a.s.t, alright?"


'You're the one who hugs me!'

Haru sighed and felt tired, but suddenly his pants which were obviously oversized fell down.


Tabane also saw this situation, but she was a bit surprised.

"Even if you're a child, it is still quite well-done, huh?"


Haru wasn't sure how to react. He hurriedly grabbed his pants and turned himself into normal.


After that incident, Haru tried his new power once again and it felt quite an interesting power in his opinion. He could manipulate his age and it was possible to make himself younger or older in just a second.

Tabane also asked him to make herself younger and made her into a loli.

Haru also turned loli together and decided to play together.

Both of them ran around Tabane's place since it felt quite fun to become younger again.


Chloe who saw Haru and Tabane who had become younger could only open her mouth wide and wasn't sure how to react for a moment, but she had to admit that both of them were very cute.

Tabane and Haru were satisfied and turned back to normal once again back in Tabane's room.

"It's very fun!" Tabane said with a smile. Though, at the same time, she felt that Haru was a perfect mating choice. If she made him into her lover or husband then she could ask him to change into a young boy or even a middle age man easily, as her wish.

Haru was in front of the mirror and thought that he was quite handsome when he was in his 40s.

'Is this the charm of a mature man?'

Haru rubbed his chin and turned back to normal. It felt quite strange when he thought he could turn himself or someone else into loli or older in just a single touch. But at the same time, he knew about the potential of this power.

Haru felt that this power had limitations and he could only manipulate age within the 20-year range. This meant that he could only increase or decrease his or someone's age by only 20 years limit.

But he knew the potential of this power was very powerful. He could manipulate the age of living things and non-living things. He tried to make a paper younger and he had turned the paper into a pulp which made him speechless. He also tried to turn paper into older paper, but it decomposed or decayed.

Haru knew that once he had broken the limit of 20 years then he might be able to turn someone into a fetus or decompose someone in just a single touch which was a very scary power. After he had enough of testing his new power, he decided to relax on this place.

"Haru, when are you going back?" Tabane asked.

"Two days later," Haru said.

"Then, can you become younger again? I want to hug you!" Tabane said.


Haru didn't really mind and turned into loli Haru again.

"How cute! How cute! Wait here! Big Sister will come with various clothes! You can't go back until you've tried every piece of clothing that I've prepared for you!"

Tabane ran out of her room very fast to bring various clothes and costumes for Haru.


Haru thought that he needed to go back early.


Haru teleported back to his original world. He was inside his room and took a deep breath since he had left this place for a few months. He suddenly felt that the power which he had gotten was quite good since he could at least make himself younger. Even though "Ripple" or "Hamon" which he had learned could make him stay younger, he knew that in some quests it might be necessary to turn younger or older to make it easier to complete the quest.

Haru opened the "group chat" and wanted to introduce Tabane.

Haru: "I've come back and I've invited a new member!"

Yajima: "Ho? Who is this new member?"

Rabbit Scientist: "Hello, everyone! I'm your genius scientist and your idol, Shinonono Tabane-chan!"


Everyone was speechless when they read Tabane's introduction. They thought that Haru had invited someone weird once again.

Charlotte: "Hello, my name is Charlotte."

Sumire: "Hello, I'm Sumire."

Tabane-chan: "Hey! Hey! Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you!"

Tabane-chan: "Right, I've heard that everyone is a part of a story? I'm curious about Haru's story, what is his story?"

Kuroneko: "It's "Yosuga no Sora". You can open it on the "group chat". It's one of my most favorite stories here."

Tsunade: "It's the best story."

Charlotte: "You'll be surprised."

Sumire: "Everyone loves it."


Haru took a deep breath and put his smartphone on the table before decided to sleep. He really hoped that he could erase his dark history or else he felt that his image would be destroyed every time someone entered the "group chat".