Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 857

Volume 1 Chapter 857 To Become Stronger

After Tabane had joined the "group chat", she wanted to go to another world immediately, but her points weren't enough to do that. She could only cry and waited until she could get enough points to visit another world.

When everyone heard that Tabane wanted to visit another world, they thought that it was better for her to visit the world of Yajima, Kuzuha, Kuroneko, Esdeath, Haru, and Gintoki.

Charlotte and Sumire didn't recommend their world since their world was filled with a virus that might be dangerous for Tabane.

Esdeath's world was quite peaceful after Haru had become a king and the Empire had regained its vigor. She also wanted to ask Tabane what her husband had been doing on the quest.

Tabane had fully joined the "group chat" and she was very happy about it since everyone welcomed her. She thought that there were a lot of things on the "group chat" which made her couldn't wait to see all of them, but at the same time, she also heard something which startled her.

The first thing that Haru had married.

Tabane was in shock when she heard it. She was curious about who Haru's wife was, but she wasn't sure how to react when she knew that his wife was the scariest and the strongest woman in the world of Akame Ga Kill. She wasn't sure how he had decided to marry such a woman and it was very hard to believe.

After joining the "group chat", Tabane tried to gather all the information that she could get and she understood that in another world someone might be part of some story. She also thought that she was also part of the story, but she hadn't found her story on the "Group Chat" which made her curious and depressed.

The second thing was Haru's origin.


It was Tabane's impression when she knew that Haru was a harem protagonist character from the story of "Yosuga no Sora". She also understood why he agreed with her words that every genius loved their little sister.

Though Tabane didn't understand how Haru could become a very strong and mechanical genius, she had to admit that she was amazed by Haru since that guy really loved his sister dearly that he had decided to marry her which somehow made her realize that her love for her little sister seemed quite weaker than him.

Tabane thought that Haru was the truest "Sis-Con" that she had seen in her life.


Inside Haru's private room on the Hyakkou Academy, Kirari was sleeping on Haru's lap. She was quite tired after doing her job which was somehow quite a big responsibility for a high school student. Though she was glad that she had someone to accompany her. She snuggled and hugged his waist while sniffing his smell since his smell really comforted her.


Haru felt that his nose felt a bit itchy.

"Did you catch a cold?" Kirari asked.

"Nothing, my nose feels a bit itchy," Haru said.

Kirari smiled and said, "Someone might talk about you."

"That might be possible...."

Haru wasn't sure, but he felt that Tabane was thinking something rude about him.

After coming back to his original world, Haru prepared for the last semester exam at his high school. It was the last semester, and he was about to become a 2nd-year student. He was also a part of the student council which made him also need help for the preparation of the senior graduation.

Though, Haru felt that this graduation didn't seem that enjoyable for some people. He could see that some people were happy, but some people were very sad.

The happy student was a student who had won a lot of money during their stay on this academy, and the sad student was a student who had a debt on the academy and needed to pay it with their own lives which made them think that their future was bleak.

Haru wasn't sure how to react to this situation. Even though he felt sorry, he also didn't have any intention to help them either. He saw that some people decided to transfer to another school after the end of the semester, but even so, their debt wouldn't be erased. He wasn't a saint and even if he had money, it didn't mean it was alright for him to splurge it since it was better to use it for investing something else.

After he had come back from his quest, he had been thinking about a lot of things. He was thinking about his future, girls, "group chat", and power.

Because of his economic ability, he didn't need to worry since he didn't lack money. Even if he didn't continue to go to school, it didn't really matter. But his girls in his original world and his family wanted him to continue then he decided to continue this study since it wasn't difficult for him to do so.

For his girls, the app which he had gotten from his reward after completing the quest in the world of Akame Ga Kill really helped him. He could change the time ratio in various worlds with his world and teleport to various worlds without points or free. He was able to visit his girls in various worlds and didn't need to worry about the time he had left them since, in their worlds, the time was moving 10 times slower.

Haru could visit them anytime, and he didn't need to worry about that, but in the future, he also needed to tell them about his condition.

For a quest on the "group chat", he thought that he needed to let someone beside him do it for a while since he really wanted to have a break. He felt that it might be quite unfair for him to always do the quest or rather he was quite troubled by the quest since the last quest was quite difficult for him (on an emotional matter).

Then lastly about his power.

Haru had received various rewards from the "group chat" that made him stronger such as "Sticky Fingers", "Pleasure Magic", "reincarnation of Asura Ootsutsuki", "Horo Horo no Mi", "body of Aquaman", "Kiss", etc. He also received a lot of things from the "group chat", but only some of the rewards which were able to help him in the battle. Besides those rewards, he also gained power through his training on the various worlds such as "light magic" and "strength magic" that he had learned from the world of Magi.

Haru used his "light magic" mostly for an auxiliary or support such as illusion and speed. The attack of "light magic" might be quite powerful, but it wasn't enough to defeat a monster from the world of Toriko. For "strength magic", he had developed it into a "gravity magic" which made him able to fly and trap someone. He wanted to develop it further, but his time was limited.

Haru also developed both Kenbonshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki. His Kenbonshoku Haki was very powerful since he could see the future even though it was only for a few seconds. His Busoshoku Haki wasn't that powerful, but it was enough. To develop both of them, he also needed time to do it.

Lastly, it was the power of "Jewelry Bonney" which he had received from the last quest. It was also a powerful ability, but he needed time to develop it.

Haru thought that he really lacked time, and somehow made him sigh. He thought about the quest for the world of Toriko and he had a feeling that he needed to face it sooner or later. He needed to get stronger before that or else he might really lose his life in the process in the future.

"What's wrong?" Kirari asked since she could that Haru was thinking about something.

"Hmm? I'm thinking about our first date later on 13 March," Haru said and caressed Kirari's head.

Kirari smiled and said, "I can't wait for it."


Haru thought that to see this smile every day then he needed to become stronger.