Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 858

Volume 1 Chapter 858 Surprise Confession 1

13 March.

After the end of the exam, there were a lot of things that needed to be done by Haru in his original world. He needed to come to the television network company which he had brought and created some programs that could raise the rating on the television.

Besides that, Haru needed to tell Ayase to prepare for another hunt which received a loud cheer from everyone when he thought that he was going to join his hunt, but to their disappointment, he didn't intend to join this hunt. He was too lazy to join and he didn't have time to do it since he had something more important to do.

Megumi and Sora would graduate from her middle school and Haru as their boyfriend would come to visit their school during their graduation. It was a once in a lifetime moment, and he wouldn't miss it.

Hiratsuka would also come with him later during Sora's graduation ceremony.

But before that, there was something which he needed to do and that was his first date with Kirari.

Kirari also anticipated her first date with Haru. She was also a girl after all, even if she was calculating, manipulative, and psychopathic individuals, but she was a girl. She wanted to do the things which lovers do such as date, kissing, etc. She anticipated it and waited at her house until his car came to pick her up.

Then both of them went out together to start their date.

Ririka, who was Kirari's twin sister, looked at their car and started their mission which they would perform later.

"They're gone."



Everyone started their preparation and was ready to give them a surprise at the end of the date.


Haru thought to have a safe date such as watching a movie, eating lunch, etc. But he didn't expect Kirari to ask something else.

"Do you know where the cosplay shop is?" Kirari asked.

"Do you want to go there?" Haru asked.

"Yes. Is that alright?" Kirari asked.

Haru agreed and there was no hesitation in his words. He felt that it would be good to try the various costumes on Kirari. He went to the costume shop where he had bought a uniform for his cafe. He knew the owner of that shop quite well and decided to visit her since there would be various costumes in that place that could be used by Kirari later.


Kirari looked around and could see various costumes within the store.

The size of the shop was quite big, and it seemed that the business was quite good or the owner had too much money that she or he decided to open such a cosplay shop because of his or her hobby.

Kirari wasn't sure what was the reason for the owner of this shop to create this cosplay shop, but she could see that Haru knew the owner quite well.

"My... Haru, are you having a date?"

The one who greeted them was the owner of this store. The owner of the store was a woman in her mid 30's with short blond hair with medium height and quite a flat chest.

"You're thinking something rude, right?"

The owner was quite sensitive about her chest size and she was very keen on someone who thought about her flat chest which made everyone need to be careful or else they would be thrown out from the store.

"No, no, of course not," Haru said.

The owner nodded and looked at Kirari.

Kirari bowed her head politely. On the outside, she acted like a refined and proper lady. It was an act, but it was necessary to do such a thing since they were living in society.

"Well, you can enjoy your stay, but can I have a request?"

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Umm... can I ask for your photo?"


"Just let me take a picture of you wearing a police officer or a mafia costume, alright? If you help me then you can use this place for 2 hours alone with your girlfriend!"

The boss begged in front of Haru. She knew that once her store had his photo, it could attract a lot of people to come to her store, especially after he was known as the "hottest man in the country". She had to admit that he was very hot. Unfortunately, she already had a husband and she loved him dearly. She looked at Kirari and thought that this girl was quite lucky to be pierced by the thing on his pants every night.

Haru wanted to reject, but this woman had helped him quite a lot of times in the past.

'But a two-hour stay in this place is quite tempting...'

Haru wanted to make Kirari wear various costumes, but he wasn't sure whether she would agree or not.

"Why not help her, Haru? We can have the store for two hours, after all, right?" Kirari said while looking at the boss.


The boss nodded without hesitation.

Haru thought for a while and nodded. "Just one photo, alright?"

"Good, you can have this place for two hours! I'll leave both of you and put the "close" sign in front of the door now."

The boss ran toward the entrance before someone beside them entered the store.

Kirari looked at Haru and smiled. "I'm also curious to see you in the police officer uniform." She thought that his butt would be very s.e.xy.


Somehow, Haru felt weird when he saw Kirari's eyes.


Inside the car, Ririka, Runa, Sayaka, and Yuriko were looking at the store where Haru and Kirari had just entered. The four of them felt a bit weird when the two of them entered a cosplay store together. They could imagine Haru wearing cosplay, but they couldn't imagine Kirari wearing cosplay when they thought about her nature during school.


"Is it only my imagination or is that really a cosplay store?" Runa asked.

"Hmm... it might be a clothes store in disguise," Yuriko said since she didn't believe that Kirari would go to cosplay store.

"But...." Runa smiled and said, "Boys are perverted!"

"Huh? What do you mean by that Yomozuki-senpai?" Sayaka asked. She suddenly became worried about Kirari being fooled by Haru. She knew that Kirari might lack common sense and he would use that chance to ask Kirari to wear a lot of s.e.xy costumes in the cosplay store. In her imagination, Haru told Kirari to wear a s.e.xy nurse, shrine maiden, sailor uniform, bikini, etc. She held her head and suddenly couldn't handle it anymore.

"No! I can't let Kirari-sama be fooled by that man!"

Sayaka was about to go out, but she was stopped by the three of them.

"What are you doing?!"

"Just stay here!"


Ririka was silent, but she also stopped Sayaka from getting out of the car.

"No! Let go of me! I need to save Kirari-sama!"

"Calm down!"

"You need to believe in him!"


Ririka looked at the three of them and suddenly became worried about the date of Haru and Kirari.