Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 859

Volume 1 Chapter 859 Surprise Confession 2

'What are they doing?'

Haru could feel that Sayaka, Ririka, Ruri, and Yuriko seemed to argue with each other. He could feel them using a Kenbonshoku Haki from his location which was why he was a bit confused when they were very rowdy inside the car. He ignored them and looked at Kirari who observed various costumes within the stores.

"There are certainly a lot of costumes here," Kirari said. She had only seen a maid uniform which was given by Haru, but in this store, she could see various things such as police officers, nurses, teachers, bunny girls, pop idols, etc.

"It's a cosplay store after all," Haru said. He also looked around until something was presented in front of him. He frowned and asked, "What is this?"

"Police officer uniform."

Kirari showed the police officer uniform in front of Haru and said, "Change into this first so we can have fun together as soon as possible."


Haru looked at Kirari and asked, "Do you want to see me in this uniform?"

"Yes," Kirari said without hesitation.


Haru only knew that this girl was a closet pervert, but as his boyfriend, he didn't really mind it. He nodded and said, "Wait here, I'll change into it in the changing room."


Kirari nodded and asked, "Do you have something that you want me to wear? I've heard that we can take a picture together in this place."


Looking at Kirari's figure, Haru could see that this girl would suit in anything. But he knew that it was a rare chance and he wanted to see her in a different uniform. He looked at Kirari again and saw that she loosened her hair and didn't tie it to her usual style. He had to admit that she was really beautiful and somehow he wanted to hug her.

Kirari, suddenly being hugged, was a bit surprised and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. You're so cute that I can't bear to hug you," Haru said and hugged her.

"Oh, you..."

Kirari blushed and hugged him back.

They stayed for a while before he picked some clothes on the shelf for Kirari to change.

"How about this?"

"This is?"

Kirari looked at quite frilly clothes in front of her which were very cute in her opinion. She didn't understand what kind of costumes it was, but she didn't really mind wearing it.

"The setting is a police officer who has become a bodyguard of a popular pop idol, how is that?" Haru asked. He remembered that on his television company, there was a competition program called "Love Live".

Love Live was a school idol competition which was made last year. The last winner of this competition was "A-Rise" who had become quite famous among the high school students.

Haru could see the potential in this program and told his subordinate on the television company to continue that program since it was quite interesting. But he knew that he needed more awesome school idols to shock the entire country. He was wondering whether there would be such an idol in the future.

'Hmm.. should I make that idol myself?'

Haru's thoughts were broken when he heard Kirari's voice.

"Hmm, interesting. I'll change into it," Kirari said and went to the changing room but before that, she needed to remind him.

"You also need to change into that police officer uniform."


Haru and Kirari went to the changing room to change their clothes into the customers. It only took them a few minutes for him to come out, he waited for a while and saw Kirari come out from the changing room in a pop idol costume. He was very surprised at how cute she was but somehow she missed something.

'Hmm... what is it?'

Kirari was surprised when she saw Haru who had changed into a police uniform. She could see that his ass seemed very s.e.xy and she moved toward his back before touching his ass.

"Hmm... how firm..."

Kneading it with a force that wasn't weak nor strong, but enough to change the shape of his ass. Kirari enjoyed her moment touching her boyfriend's ass.

"Kirari-san, can I ask what are you doing with my ass?" Haru asked with a speechless expression. When he was thinking something serious this girl suddenly grabbed his ass which made him unsure what to do.

"Nothing. You don't need to worry."


'Of course, I need to worry!'

Haru sighed when he knew that his girlfriend had an ass fetish which somehow made him feel conflicted. He looked at Kirari again and realized something which was missing from her.

"Kirari, can I change the hairstyle of your hair?"


Kirari wasn't sure what Haru wanted to do, but she could see that it was something interesting.


Haru was very proficient at using a camera. He used the studio inside the cosplay store.

Besides selling and renting various costumes, this store also prepared a studio for the customer to take their picture.

Haru prepared the camera and took a picture together with Kirari.

Kirari had to admit that she really enjoyed this activity. She had tried various poses together with Haru and also took his picture alone. She looked at the result of his picture and thought to keep it later.

"Let's change into another costume."

Hearing Kirari's proposal, Haru nodded and agreed.

Both of them changed into various costumes such as shrine maidens and priests; nurses and doctors; sailor uniform and gakuran; martial artists; maids and her master; Mahou shoujo and her boyfriend, etc.

Though suddenly Kirari proposed some costume for him.

"You're already dead," Haru said with an indifferent expression.


Haru sent out a barrage of powerful fists.

Kirari was very excited about taking a picture of him while praising him. "Good! Good! Good!"

Haru wore a cosplay of Kenshiro from "Fist of North Star". He felt a bit speechless when Kirari had asked him to act in various poses and actions which somehow made him realize that this girl really enjoyed cosplay. But in the end, he did all of her requests since he could see her very happy and smiling all the time. Looking at her, he felt that her character started to change somehow during cosplay session.

Kirari, who wore a cosplay of Yuria from "Fist of North Star" nodded in satisfaction.

"Now, try to carry me with your arm. You need to make your face gentle when you look at me later, alright?"


Haru had given up and decided to follow the wish of this girl. He carried Kirari in his arms while looking at her face with a serious and melancholy expression. .

Kirari touched Haru's cheek as if wanted to kiss him.

Though, Haru was the one who decided to kiss her since Kirari was too tempting for him.

The boss of the store who peeked at the studio felt very jealous when she saw this scene. She also wanted to cosplay as Yuria with her husband as Kenshiro, but she didn't think that her husband would be suited for it.

After that, they changed into the cosplay of Shinji and Ayanami.

Kirari was a big fan of Evangelion and it would be wasteful to not change into the costume of the main character and heroine of Evangelion.

Their pose was quite simple, they intermitted their hands together and pressed each other's foreheads together. They didn't kiss, only looked at each other eyes from a close distance feeling the love between two of them, no, they felt as if they had become Shinji and Ayanami who would go to the battle to fight against an angel which destroyed the world.

It might be scary, but they could only move forward.

In the end, they kissed each other until two hours' time was over.

Haru gave the boss his photo in a police uniform, but he could see that the boss seemed to want more photos from him, especially his photo together with Kirari.


Kirari rejected that idea immediately.

The boss seemed quite sad when she heard it.

"But we might come again in the future, then you can ask us for a photo again," Kirari said.


The boss agreed immediately.

Though, in Kirari's mind, she had made up her mind to buy this store directly.

Haru thought that Kirari somehow manipulated the boss of this store, but he didn't care much since it would give them a privilege to play in this cosplay store.

Going out, Haru didn't bring Kirari back but continued their date by visiting various places from the movie theatre, pet shop, bookstore, etc; until they decided to take a break at the outdoor cafe on the nearby department store.

Kirari really enjoyed his date together with Haru and talked with him with a smile talking about all the things which they had done together earlier.

Sayaka, Ririka, Runa, and Yuriko who had been following Haru and Kirari couldn't help but feel jealous of Kirari since they also wanted to have such a boyfriend.

Kirari and Haru who were talking to each other suddenly heard a loud sound from the big clock near their location.

*Ding! Dong!*

Kirari looked around and noticed something that the front area in front of her was quite deserted.

There were a lot of people who walked around this place, but somehow there was a man who wore a suit stopped in the middle of the outdoor area of the department store.

Kirari looked at this man who suddenly stopped without moving and asked, "What is he doing?"

"I'm not sure," Haru said with a frown.

But another person also stopped and this time it was a man with clothes similar to a construction worker.

Haru and Kirari didn't think too much until another person came and took a picture of two men who stopped in the outdoor area of the department store.

Kirari noticed that there were strangely a lot of people who brought a camera and video recorder in this place. She looked at Haru and asked, "Do you know what is happening?"

"No. I'm also as clueless as you," Haru said.

There was some crowd who also looked curiously at three men who stopped without moving in the middle of the street.

Kirari looked at the three men and seemed that she might or might not see them somewhere, but she didn't have time to remember when suddenly something happened which somehow made her think something interesting was about to happen.