Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 860

Volume 1 Chapter 860 Surprise Confession 3

Sora laid on Haru's bed while thinking about their relationship. She was wondering what made him not touch her which made her somehow depressed.

'Am I not attractive?'

Sora shook her head and thought that it might be because of their past relationship.

Haru had acknowledged their relationship and he loved her as a girl, but it didn't mean that he could forget about their relationship as a brother and sister in the past.

Sora had never thought that it would be hard and somehow she felt uncomfortable. She closed her eyes and slept on his bed at that moment.


When Kirari was wondering what was about to happen, suddenly music was played within this place.

(BGM: Charice - Louder).

A woman walked toward the three men who stopped in the middle of the street and started to dance. Her movement was very elegant following the melody of the music.

Everyone on the street also looked at the woman who danced since they felt surprised.

"What is this?" Kirari asked.

"It seems to be a street performance." Haru looked at the woman who was dancing and said, "It's quite rare for us to see such a thing."

"Yeah, I wonder...."

Kirari looked at Haru to see his reaction since she had a feeling that this street performance had something to do with him, but she could tell that he didn't know anything.


Kirari felt weird, but she decided to continue to watch.

The music became upbeat and the three men moved as if a robot was following the woman to dance together.

Then the four of them danced together and clapped their hands together facing the crowd.

"It's great," Haru said.

"Yeah. It's very interesting," Kirari said and felt a bit suspicious.

The four of them moved on to the free space, dancing freely in front of a group of people from the crowd who joined their dance.

"Does such an event usually happen here?" Kirari asked. It wasn't that she didn't have common sense, but it was rare for her to come out to the public. If he didn't invite her on a date then she might not have had an opportunity to watch this dance performance.

"I'm not sure either, this is my first time staying at this cafe after all," Haru said.

"Hmm..." Kirari smiled and said, "Let's watch it for a while. I'm curious."

"Of course."

The group of people kept dancing in front of them facing the crowd.

Kirari and Haru were watching this show and were somehow quite interested. They were talking to each other, but suddenly two waiters came and apologized to the guests who came to this place since they might be worried that this performance might annoy them.

Kirari didn't really mind, but suddenly those two waiters also joined the group of people to dance which made her speechless.

"Hmm... I guess this is an event from the cafe," Kirari said while looking at the cafe.

"It must be," Haru said and agreed with Kirari.


Kirari turned toward Haru and kept staring at him.

"What?" Haru asked.


Kirari somehow felt weird, but she didn't know where it was weird.

When two waiters joined the dance, the crowd became bigger and a lot of people watched the fun.

Kirari thought that it would be all of the people, but suddenly two people joined again before a group of elementary school students also entered the scene with their red school bag on their back dancing together. She had to admit that they were very cute and wondered how the cafe was able to think about such a peformance.

But suddenly Kirari noticed that two waiters who joined the dance earlier tried to pull two people into the dance.

"What are they doing?" Kirari asked.

"It might be a birthday surprise," Haru said.

"Birthday surprise?"

Kirari was surprised since someone was creative enough to add this fun dance to the birthday surprise.

But what two people who were pulled by two waiters surprised her since both of them flipped several times creating loud cheers from the people who watched this show.

A group of people danced happily in the middle of the street.

Construction worker, salaryman, a woman, waiters, random guy, elementary school student, etc danced together which somehow made the dance became interesting.

When the song suddenly mellowed the couple who were sitting behind Haru and Kirari suddenly stood up.

The man stood up and faced his girlfriend as if he presented everything which was happening in front of them was for her.

Kirari was surprised and whispered, "What's happening?"

"Hmm... I guess that man wants to give a surprise to his girlfriend," Haru said.

"I see...."

Kirari somehow felt jealous and looked at Haru who was looking at the couple.

Haru noticed this gaze and asked, "Are you jealous?"

"Not really..."

Kirari wondered whether Haru remembered that she had asked him to confess to her once again in a more interesting way. She had been waiting for his confession again, she had been waiting for him to confess during their date, but he didn't say anything about confessing or anything which somehow made her depressed. She looked at the dance in front of her and looked at the man who prepared this for his girlfriend.

If Haru was the one who had organized this then she would be happy, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

But Kirari kept watching since it was a very interesting way to give a surprise to someone. She glanced at Haru who watched this show while folding his arms and somehow she felt that something was about to happen.

Miss Girlfriend seemed surprised by her boyfriend's action, and at the same time, she felt very happy.

Mr. Boyfriend also joined a group of people to dance together.

Miss Girlfriend showed their back to Haru and Kirari while looking at the group of people who danced to her with shock and happiness, but suddenly Miss Girlfriend looked in the direction of Haru, and Kirari and looked at them with a smile.

Kirari was confused, but suddenly she saw Haru who was sitting beside her also joined the group to dance.

Everyone smiled happily, they were on their knees and opened their arms wide welcoming Haru to join them while also telling everyone that he was the real ringleader and organizer of this dance.

Haru was in front of them and danced.

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered for him happily.


Kirari was in shock and she didn't believe it was him who had organized this event. She thought that it was the couple who sat beside her earlier, but it was a trap, and the real organizer was her boyfriend. She was moved and smiled looking at him, who was cute enough to prepare all of this for her. She couldn't hide her happiness and showed her beautiful smile.

Though, at the same time, every girl in the area looked at Kirari jealously.

Haru's dance was a bit awkward, but somehow it gave more meaning to this surprise.

Everyone danced together before scattering.

One of the women came to Kirari and told her to come with her.

Kirari nodded and followed this woman.

The long red carpet was laid out by the waiters and everyone stood beside on the red carpet.

Haru stood at the end of the carpet while looking at Kirari who was also at the other end of the carpet. Holding a banquet of flowers in his hand, he walked toward Kirari with a smile since the surprise was successful. As he walked towards her, everyone threw flowers in the air, creating a more festive mood.

Kirari smiled looking at the man who had caused her to go crazy.

Haru was right in front of Kirari and said, "I hope that you're satisfied with this."


Kirari nodded and smiled. "I was surprised."

"But it isn't over yet, you've asked me to confess to you once again, right? So in front of all the people here, I want to say Kirari...."

"I adore you.

"I like you.

"So once again let me tell you that you're irreplaceable for me and...

"I love you."

Kirari couldn't handle it anymore and hugged him.

"You're irreplaceable to me and I love you too, Haru.."

Kirari was about to kiss him, but everyone was looking forward to it, but a group of men in suits gathered around Haru and Kirari to block the vision of everyone.


Everyone was disappointed since they couldn't see both of them from their location.

Haru carried Kirari in his arms and went to the car which had been waiting for them since he needed to take her back now. He had done everything and hoped that no one would know about this matter, but he could think about that matter later since he knew that he was successful after he saw Kirari's expression.



Ririka, Runa, Sayaka, and Yuriko who wore face masks on their faces had been watching the show for the entire time. In their minds, they were jealous of Kirari and couldn't help but feel sad when they thought that they didn't have anyone who would prepare such a thing for them.


"Let's go back."

No one knew who proposed this, but everyone agreed and thought that it was better to sleep since they really felt a deep jealousy right now.