Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 861

Volume 1 Chapter 861 Being Woman

Inside the car, Kirari looked at Haru who was talking with the driver to send them to Kirari's house. She remembered her first time with him was when she was almost assassinated and it might be because of fate that they met each other.

Kirari thought to cultivate him to become her husband since she felt a bond between the two of them, but she didn't expect him to grow much faster than she had expected. She felt that if this continued he might leave her which somehow scared her. She knew that he had a girlfriend, but she couldn't stop her feelings.

Both of them were side by side and helped each other, Kirari remembered when Haru kissed her for the first time, and during that time their relationship became quite ambiguous. They weren't in a relationship, but they were more than friends.

Kirari knew that there was progress between the two of them and she didn't mind since it was very enjoyable. Before she wanted to take their relationship further, however, it caused a crack in their relationship since he didn't seem ready to take a further step. She was very down at that moment, but in the end, he confessed to her with broke into her house which somehow made her funny and sweet at that moment.

Kirari also asked him to confess to her once again but didn't expect him to really do it and it was also a very interesting way of confession. She snuggled into him and her eyes were glistening in excitement while asking, "What was that dance called?"

Haru smiled and said, "It's a flash mob. It's quite famous in the US to promote a movie or something, but I use it to confess to you again. I hope that you're satisfied with it."

Kirari nodded and said, "It's amazing. It's so interesting!"

"I'm glad that you like it."

Both of them talked to each other before they arrived at Kirari's house. He was about to go back, but she held his hand.

"Don't you want to stay?" Kirari asked.


Haru nodded and would be lying if he didn't have the interest to play at her house after this.

Both of them entered the house together and no one stopped them since everyone knew their relationship.

Haru remembered the first time that he had met her was in October.

'Now, it is a march...'

Haru felt that time had moved quite fast and it had been six months or more since he had been together with this girl. Even though their relationship was quite ambitious before, their relationship had been confirmed.

Haru would be lying if he didn't anticipate such a thing was about to happen.

Kirari led him to her room and told him to wait for a bit since she needed to change her clothes.

Haru sat down on her sofa after grabbing a random book on the bookshelf in her room.

"'Run Melos!', huh?"

Haru looked at the book which he had grabbed before. 'Run Melos!' was quite a popular short story from Osamu Dazami. He thought about reading it while waiting for Kirari who seemed to be taking a bath in the bathroom.


Cleaning up her body, Kirari took a kimono inside her wardrobe. She wore her kimono and tied her hair in her usual knotted rings, but in the end, she let it flow behind her back. She smiled when she thought about their interaction with each other and went out from her wardrobe room to meet him.


"Sorry to make you wait."

Haru turned and looked at Kirari with her loose and flowing hair behind her back beautifully. Her usual knotted rings were cute, but this wasn't bad either. He also noticed something, but it seemed that it might be his imagination since she didn't wear her underwear inside.


Kirari somehow felt a bit nervous and asked, "What's wrong? You've been looking at me."

"No, I just realized that you're very stunning," Haru said.

Kirari smiled and asked, "What are you reading?" She walked toward him and sat beside him. She moved closer and looked curiously at the page where he was reading.

Haru could smell her gentle fragrance entering his nose. He noticed the close distance between the two of them and ignored the book in his hands looking at this beautiful girl that sat beside him.

Kirari also looked at him and stared at his black eyes which drowned her further.

Both of them looked at each other and moved their lips closer, kissing each other.

They had often kissed each other, but this time it was different since it was more sensual than before and he also slid his hand into her kimono.

Kneading her b.r.e.a.s.ts, Haru only realized that Kirari's size wasn't that large, but it fit into his palm.

Gasping her breath, Kirari's hands hugged his head tightly and touched his hair. She m.o.a.ned while saying his name from time to time.

"Haru... Haru..."

It was Kirari's first time and she let him do whatever he wanted since she knew that he was more experienced than her. She could slowly learn from him in the future too.

Caressing her smooth thigh, Haru continued to tease until his hand reached her private place. He could feel how wet it was and it was quite damp telling him how she had been waiting for him. He didn't keep her waiting and started to play with her in a private place.

Arching her back, Kirari felt an undescribable pleasure entering her body. She tried to squeeze her thighs to stop this feeling, but it intensified the pleasure, instead. She kept m.o.a.ning while maintaining a sloppy kiss with Haru. She parted her lips and said, "N, not here, in my bed please...." Her breath was even and her face flushed, but she seemed to anticipate this moment.

Haru nodded and carried on his arms to her bed. He put her on the bed but didn't start immediately, he looked at Kirari who looked at him while biting her index finger with her beautiful lips which were shaded in blue. He could see from her expression wondering what he was about to do, but he didn't start and decided to eat her first. He moved his head toward her private place and started to eat her.


Kirari bit her lips and speeded Haru's head. She tried to hold her m.o.a.ns since she felt that something was about to come. Her legs hugged Haru's head and she couldn't hold it anymore.


Her body shivered and she convulsed several times while hugging him tightly. Her breath started to get erratic and she saw him move closer toward her.

They looked at each other before they started to kiss each other.

Haru parted his lips and said, "I'm going to start."

Kirari nodded and looked at him and took off his pants. She was surprised since it was bigger than she had thought. She started to get nervous, but suddenly she felt that her place was being pierced and something entered her body. She felt that her body was very full, and it was very hard to breathe.

"I'll start to move," Haru said while caressing her cheek.

Kirari nodded, but suddenly she started to feel another pleasure which kept making her let out a lewd voice.

"Ahhn... Ahhn... Ahhn..."

Her mind blanks and she could do nothing but pleasure. Her hands were being held by him and she felt closer to him.

"Kiss... let's kiss."

Haru did what she wanted and kissed her lips.

Her voice echoed through the room, but no one knew what they were doing inside.

Kirari understood why this guy had a lot of girlfriends at this moment.

Kirai kept calling his name through their mating process. She didn't know how many times that her body had convulsed and c.u.m from the pleasure, but her body kept craving more.

Haru's eyes were fully focussed on this girl and his mind was clouded by l.u.s.t. He kept thrusting while moving by instinct, making his mate feel more pleasure.

Both of them enjoyed their time together, Haru only used an orthodox pose since it was her first time.

Kirari, who had been kissing his entire body, suddenly heard his voice.

"I'm going to c.u.m."

Hearing his voice, Kirari hugged his waist with her legs tightly.

"Huh? What are you doing?" Haru was surprised.

"It's alright. It's my safe day today."

Kirari caressed Haru's face and her blue eyes stared at him. "Let it all out inside."

Haru forgot all the things on his mind and moved faster. His waist kept moving until it was time.

Kirari could feel Haru's anaconda convulsing until hot liquid filled her w.o.m.b. She hugged him tightly and felt the enjoyment of being a woman. After that, she laid on her bed weakly with a weak smile on her face, she looked at Haru's little brother who was hard and stood up proudly. She somehow understood why he needed more girlfriends.

"Let's take a break," Haru said and kissed Kirari's forehead.

Kirari knew that Haru wanted more, but he was worried about her. She grabbed Haru's little brother and said, "Take it over here, I'll try to use my mouth."


Haru agreed and didn't hesitate to bring his little brother closer and enjoyed being pampered by Kirari.

In the end, they did it more than a few hours before they slept with Kirari hugging him tightly.

Haru looked at Kirari and felt very lucky to have her. Kissing her forehead once again, he decided to sleep even though he could go more.