Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 863

Volume 1 Chapter 863 I Can't Endure

"Now, open your mouth."

Haru moved the spoon closer to Sora's mouth.


Sora opened her mouth and ate the porridge which was cooked by Haru. Her body felt comfortable and quite warm. She opened her mouth again asking him to feed her once again.

Haru continued to feed her and asked, "How is your body?"

"My body is a bit sticky from sweat, can you wipe my body after this?" Sora asked.

"Yes. But after that, you need to rest again, alright?" Haru said.

Sora nodded and asked, "You're not going anywhere, right?" She thought that Haru might have a business that he needed to do.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, I'm going to take care of you until you've gotten better."


Sora nodded and felt satisfied. She wanted him to be with her and she loved being pampered by him like this.

"Sora, if you don't feel good or sick then don't hesitate to call me. I - If I suddenly lose you...."

Haru couldn't imagine his future without Sora. When he had gone back earlier, he didn't expect her to get sick so suddenly. If he had known earlier then he wouldn't have been this panicked.

Sora had been in Haru's room since yesterday and hadn't eaten since she wasn't in a mood. It might be because she was sick, but fortunately, Haru had gone back quite early today.

"I, I've thought about taking care of myself since I don't want to bother you that much...." Sora said while looking at him.

"You're not going to bother me."

Haru caressed Sora's head and kissed her forehead. He looked at her and said, "So no matter what happens in the future. If you've had trouble, your body doesn't feel good, or anything; just call me, alright?"


Sora nodded with a smile.

Looking at her complexion which had gotten better, Haru sighed in relief. He almost splurged his points on the "group chat" before since his mind wasn't calm, but he calmed down after communicating with Sumire when asked about Sora's condition.

Haru was glad that Sora was alright.

After he had fed her, Sora asked him to wipe her body since she felt uncomfortable because of the sweat. He took a deep breath and took warm water and towel to wipe her body.

Taking off her clothes, her condition was quite better, but she was too lazy to move. Her n.a.k.e.d petite body was shown right in front of him, her smooth and white skin, her petite chest, her pink

Haru took the wet towel in which water had been squeezed before wiped Sora's body. It felt like l.u.s.t was trying to take over his body, but somehow he held it thinking that she was sick and he needed to take care of her. Looking at the sweat all over her body, he wiped it with the towel gently. From her armpit, neck, waist, chest, arm, etc; he patiently wiped her body. He saw her got hard, but he ignored it.

It might be because her chest was quite small that she was more sensitive in that area.

Closing her eyes with a soft breath, Haru wasn't sure what Sora was thinking at this moment, but he did his job neither fast nor slow.

After that, he changed her clothes into loose pajamas and helped her to sleep once again. Looking at her sleeping face, he cleaned up all the things in this room before sitting down beside Sora's bed while looking at her who was sleeping soundly. He sighed in relief and massaged his temple.

Haru wasn't a doctor but he had some knowledge to take care of someone when they were sick, and at the same time, he thought that he should get knowledge about a medic in the Group Chat.

There were a lot of things that he needed to ponder since he knew that he shouldn't panic, but it might be related that Sora was the closest person in his life that he was afraid to lose her. He took his smartphone and opened the "group chat" to thank Sumire.

Haru: "Thank you."

Sumire: "No problem."

Sumire: "How is she?"

Haru: "She's alright."

Sumire: "That's good, but you shouldn't panic at that moment. It is just a normal fever after all."

Haru: "Once again, thank you."

Sumire: "It's alright, it's alright, but I'm sure that everyone is going to be surprised to see our governor who has united the entire Japan with his iron fist and has never backed down against Level V Gastrea, panic when his little sister is sick."

Haru smiled wryly and replied, "Is that bad?"

Sumire: "No, I guess that makes you charming."


Haru was silent for a while and replied, "I owe you one."

Sumire: "You don't need either. You've invited me to this wonderful group after all."

Sumire: "You might have heard it, but what should I do during the "Grand Magic Games"?"

The Grand Magic Games was an annual competition held to determine the strongest guild in Fiore. It was an event that was held in Fiore, where participating guilds competed for the title of being the strongest Magic guild in all of Fiore.

Haru had participated in this event once in the past and had won it.

Yajima had told everyone that the lost members of Fairy Tail who had disappeared on Tenrou Island had returned and the "Grand Magic Games" on Fiore was about to be held once again.

Haru thought that time was moving quite fast in Yajima's world since it hadn't been a year since he had participated in "Grand Magic Games". But since it was being held soon, then he wouldn't say anything about it.

Haru: "It's alright. You can just be in the audience so you'll know what is the difference between your world and another world."

Sumire: "Then, I can trust you to protect me, right?"

Haru: "I'll protect you with my all."

Sumire: "That's good. Your mind might be a mess after panicking over your sister. You should take a rest first."

Haru: "Thank you, Sumire."

Haru put down his smartphone and rubbed his face. He didn't chat with Tsunade and went to Sumire when he was panicking over his little sister. Even though both Tsunade and Sumire were doctors, both of them were different.

Tsunade was using a chakra, and even though her knowledge over the body was very advanced and a very good doctor in her world; however, her knowledge about modern medicine wasn't good.

Haru was coming from the modern world and he was more inclined toward modern doctors. Even though he could use "medical ninjutsu", he wasn't sure whether he could perform it calmly when Sora was sick.

Leaning back on his bed, Haru thought to rest since he might be thinking a bit too much earlier. He closed his eyes and slept.


Suddenly Haru felt something on his lips, opening his eyes, he was surprised to see Sora who was right in front of him kissing his lips.


Sora was on all fours and looked at him with a somewhat l.u.s.tful expression.

"I can't endure it... When you touched my earlier... and it felt so good on other parts too, despite my fever...

"I tried to resist this feeling."


Haru looked at Sora and felt that his head couldn't think straight after being forced to wake up with a gentle kiss from her. When he was about to regain his mind, she suddenly confessed and made his mind unable to focus.

Holding his shoulders, Sora moved closer and said, "But when I woke up... You were by my side. My heart started to race.

"I can't hold back anymore.."

Sora pushed him slowly and looked at his eyes deeply.

"I love you, Haru.

"I love you more than anything."

She pulled him and he also moved forward, kissing each other's lips. She hugged his neck to feel his warmth.

He also hugged her waist to move her closer to him.

The lewd sound was heard from their kiss.

But he moved back and said, "Sorry, even though you have a fever..."

She shook her head and said, "I'm fine now." She pressed her forehead on his forehead to show that her condition was alright.

"See? My fever is gone."


He looked at Sora and was quite hesitant to do something.

She noticed this hesitation and whispered to his ear.

"It's okay. Do as you wish..."


"I love you."

"I love you too."

Both of them started to kiss each other once again, this time, he didn't hesitate anymore.