Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 865

Volume 1 Chapter 865 Joichiro's Request

In the afternoon, Haru went to the cafe to pick Yuri up. He wasn't sure where she would bring him, but he had a feeling that they would go out to eat something.

Both of them often went out together to eat outside, after all.

It might have become her hobby to eat and she also didn't fear becoming fat since she often burned her fat through kendo.

Sora and Megumi decided to stay at home, and it seemed that Sora had something to talk about with Megumi.

Haru wasn't sure what they were talking about, but he was sure that it was some girlish talk or something or it might have something to do with last night when he had taken Sora's first time.

Yes, that should be the one.

Haru shook his head and took his scooter to go to his cafe.


Inside Haru's room, Sora spent most of her time in his room since his room smelled really good. She only went back to her room when she needed to change her clothes, but after what had happened last night, she thought that she might sleep together with him every day.

"What's wrong?" Megumi asked.

"We did it," Sora said.


Megumi looked at Sora for a while and asked, "When?" She was quite calm since she knew that sooner or later, both of them would do it, but if someone looked at her closely they would notice a light blush on her cheek since she wasn't good with perverted talk.

"Last night," Sora said.

"How was it?" Megumi asked.



Megumi sighed when she thought about her boyfriend and it was sure a good thing to know that both of them weren't real brothers and sisters.


Iwasawa was somehow quite excited when she thought that she was able to continue her study. In the past, she wanted to become a popular singer as soon as possible because of her family condition, but it was different now when she was living with him. But it didn't mean that she would stop her dream as a popular singer. She knew that she wanted to create a band and she needed to have members first.

Iwasawa knew that she couldn't ask Haru considering his time was limited and she didn't want to bother him too much. Who would have thought the boy she had met on the street in the past had become a billionaire? She couldn't imagine such a thing, but it was really happening.

But she was happy to meet him since he had given her a chance and dream.

Iwasawa counted today's cafe revenue after it closed. She looked at Shiina who played with her new doll which was bought by Haru a few days ago. She sighed at how he had pampered this ninja then she noticed Yuri who seemed ready to go out.

"Yuri, are you going somewhere?" Iwasawa asked.

Yuri was a bit startled but nodded. "Yes, I'll go out for a while."

Iwasawa nodded and didn't ask much. But suddenly she saw a familiar scooter right in front of the cafe.

The window of Haru's cafe wasn't that small and wasn't that big, it was a perfect size, and Iwasawa could see him right outside.

"Then, I'll go out first," Yuri said and waved her hand, leaving everyone.


Iwasawa was speechless and looked at both Haru and Yuri who went out together.

It wasn't a secret that he had dated three girls at the same time, but no one felt that it was wrong rather they also wished to be part of it. Even she also felt the same since he had saved her from hell hole. She shook her head and decided to not think deeply about the relationship with him since she felt that it was far away from her.

Iwasawa thought about her parents and even though she hated her father, she was worried about her mother.

Even though she couldn't say that she was a good mother, at least her mother had tried to be a good mother, different from her abusive father. She had gone for quite a long time, but neither of her parents had tried to search for her. She sighed and it might also be one of the reasons why she felt that she was closer to Haru since both of them also had lost their parents.

If Haru lost his parents because of an accident, then she would have lost her parents because of their indifference. Even though she had some hope, it seemed useless to have hope in them.

"How cute!"

Looking at Shiina who played with the cat doll, Iwasawa could only smile and thought that her days were good after she met him.


Hugging Haru's waist, Yuri was sitting behind Haru on the scooter. She wasn't sure why he smelled really good and at the same time, his smell really comforted her somehow. She told him to go to Yukihira's restaurant since she had heard that it would close soon.

"Huh? Uncle Joichiro is going to close his eatery?"

Haru was surprised when he heard it.

Yuri nodded and said, "I've heard it from his mouth that he is going somewhere."

"What about Souma?" Haru asked.

The relationship between him and Souma was quite good since Souma often went to his cafe asking him for a duel. Of course, the result was obvious that Souma had lost all of the battles against him.

Even though Haru's specialty was bread, it didn't mean that he couldn't cook something else.

Haru had researched Joichiro before and he had found out that Joichiro was a famous chef around the world. The style of Joichiro's cooking was unorthodox and it was very hard to tell since Joichiro often cooked random dishes.

Haru also knew that Joichiro was also a student from Tootsuki, but something had happened to him which somehow made his record disappear in Joichiro's second year. He thought that Joichiro might have left Tootsuki in 2nd year, and what was the reason Joichiro decided to drop out? He wasn't sure either.

But hearing that Yukihira Eatery was going to close soon, he felt quite surprised considering Souma's personality. He didn't think that guy would let such a thing happen to that eatery.

"Does Souma know about this?" Haru asked.

"No. Uncle Joichiro has only told me," Yuri said.

Haru was surprised and asked, "That uncle was telling you, but not his own son?"

"It seems that he wanted to ask you something," Yuri said.

"Me?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"If you can't help him then it doesn't really matter, but why don't you hear him first?" Yuri said.

"I've never said that I won't accept his request, but it is also depending on what kind of request that Uncle Joichiro is going to ask me." Haru slowed down his scooter and said, "If he asks me to let his son pursue you then I won't agree no matter what."


Yuri blushed and hit his shoulder. "Of course, he won't ask such a stupid request!...." She was a bit hesitant and said in low voice, "...And I won't agree with it either."

"Sorry, did you say something?" Haru asked.


Yuri felt very embarrassed and tried to change the topic of conversation.

Talking to each other along the way, they suddenly arrived at Yukihira Eatery. They saw the "closing" sign in front of them which made them quite weird.

"Is it close?" Haru said while looking at Yuri.

Yuri also felt weird and thought to knock on the door, and the door was suddenly opened.

"Oh? Haru? Nakamura? Why are you here?"

Souma opened the door and was quite surprised to see both of them.

"Souma, I'm inviting them," Jouichiri said.

Souma nodded and suddenly remembered something. He pointed his finger at Haru and said, "Haru! Let's have a competition again!" He had been beaten several times by Haru but he felt that he could win now.


The three of them were speechless.

"Souma, go out first and buy an ingredient for tonight. I'll cook something for both of them in the meantime," Jouichiro said.

"Alright." Souma nodded and said, "Let's postpone our battle first."

Looking at Souma who had gone out, Haru only shook his head.

"Alright, welcome both of you, do you want to eat something or do you want to leave everything to me?" Joichiro asked.

"Do you have a new menu?" Haru asked.

"I have vegetarian ramen, is that alright with you?" Joichiro asked.

"Sure, I'll order that," Haru said.

"Me too," Yuri said.

"Alright, two vegetarian ramen. Please wait for a while," Joichiro said and went to the kitchen, but he went back once again and said, "You can sit down on the counter seat. I'll be ready with your order right away."

Haru and Yuri nodded and sat down on the counter seat.

Sitting down, Haru was curious what Joichiro wanted to ask him since it was Joichiro's first time to ask him something.