Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 867

Volume 1 Chapter 867 Misunderstanding

Looking at Nozomi, Haru asked, "Nozomi, let me ask you why you think that I'm playing with you?"

Nozomi was annoyed and raised her chest higher while folding her arms. She stared at Haru with a disbelief expression, telling him that he should understand why she was angry.


Haru was speechless at her reaction, but he was waiting for her to say something. Though, he had to admit that her b.r.e.a.s.ts were very large.

"You've never said anything about your identity!" Nozomi said.

When she saw him on the news rampaging in England and the US, for the past two weeks, Nozomi was shocked. She would have never thought of the young man who she often played with, teasing her best friend along with her, and peeked at her b.r.e.a.s.ts like this were the youngest billionaire.

Nozomi didn't understand why Haru had never told her about this and she had also even heard his lie from Eli that he was an intern at her father's office. But in truth, he was Eli's father's boss which shocked her and Eli.

This information shocked them, which somehow made them not know what to do.

Eli didn't know what to do since Haru was her father's boss which somehow made her confused. She was interested in him and their interaction made her unable to forget about him, but when she found out his identity, she felt that she had been played by him since he didn't tell her the truth.

Nozomi knew about her best friend's concern and she also felt that she was being played by him. But her reaction was better than her best friend since she thought that Haru might have his own reason; but her best friend was different since Eli was very hard-headed, pure, and Eli believed more what she had seen rather than asking him since Eli was afraid to be hurt by him.

Nozomi told everything to Haru and her b.r.e.a.s.ts had been undulating from up and down. She shot him down with various words that came out from her mouth complaining about how he was a pervert, playboy, or something, talking bad about him, before stopping since her through felt parched.

"Here, drink water first," Haru said and gave Nozomi water.

"Thank you."

Nozomi took the water from him subconsciously but suddenly realized something.

"This is not it! I'm asking why you're lying about your identity!"

Looking at Nozomi's reaction, Haru said, "Will you believe me if I tell you about the truth?"


Nozomi turned quiet because of Haru's reaction.

"Will you believe me if I'm a billionaire?"


"Will you believe me if I'm telling you that I'm Eli's father's boss?"


"It's hard to believe, right?" Haru asked.

"Yes," Nozomi said with a sigh.

"Well, I also understand Eli's feelings since the boy that she usually plays with is her father's boss," Haru said.

"Is that why you have hidden your identity from Eli?" Nozomi asked.


Haru sighed and nodded. He also felt that it was wrong to lie to Eli about his identity. He felt that what he had done was a bit too much since he didn't realize how big her feelings toward him were.

Looking at Haru who was quiet, Nozomi nodded. She thought that it would be quite hard to get close to the girl he liked when she knew that he was her father's boss. She somehow felt that this scenario was more complicated than a tv series which she often watched in her apartment.

Haru's identity was too awesome which somehow made them wonder whether they were worthy to be with him.

But when Nozomi thought about the day that she spent together with him. She felt that he wasn't that much different from a normal boy who was attracted to beautiful girls and b.r.e.a.s.ts.

'Is that the reason?'

Nozomi thought that the reason why Haru decided to hide her identity was that he was afraid that their relationship would change. It might also be their fault to not realize that he was a billionaire, but who would have thought that there was a billionaire as young as him. In her mind, she thought that he only wanted a normal relationship with a girl without thinking about his status. The girl who he could spend time with on a normal date, kiss, and some ecchi stuff which somehow made her quite jealous of Eli.

Looking at Haru once again, Nozomi felt she needed to do something about the two of them. She took a deep breath and clapped his shoulders hard which somehow shook her b.r.e.a.s.ts around.

"I'll help the relationship between the two of you!" Nozomi said with a confident tone.


Haru felt that Nozomi had misunderstood something.

"Answer me!" Nozomi said.



"Good! I'll set up an opportunity between the two of you."

Nozomi tapped her chin and asked, "Are you free tomorrow evening?"

"Tomorrow evening?"

Nozomi nodded and said, "Eli is quite busy preparing for graduation for the 3rd year, but she will go home in the evening!" She pointed her finger at Haru and said, "You need to wait in front of our school and stop her! Then both of you can start talking to each other, do you understand?"


Haru really felt that Nozomi had misunderstood something, but he didn't intend to fix this misunderstanding.

"Do you have something to do tomorrow evening?" Nozomi asked.

"I should be free," Haru said.

Nozomi nodded and said, "Good! I'll prepare everything! After that, both of you can start to talk to each other, alright?" She gave him the broom on her side which made him confused.

"Broom? Why did you give it to me?"

"I'm going to prepare! You can continue to sweep this place in my place!"

Nozomi started to run inside the shrine to change her clothes since she needed to set up preparations for both Eli and Nozomi.


Haru shook his head and stood up before sweeping the shrine.


Erina kept looking at the clock from time to time.

Hisako who was by Erina's said noticed this and asked, "Erina-sama, what's wrong?"

"N, nothing!"

But Erina kept looking at the clock and saw that there was 15 minutes before Haru was going to pick her up. She had done with her job quite early, but she decided to wait for him. She thought for a while and decided to remind him.

Erina: "I'm waiting."

Haru: "Yes, your highness. Your knight is coming."

Erina smiled looking at Haru's response. While waiting for him, she looked at her profile photo which took together with Haru. She had to admit that she loved it.

Hisako couldn't help but became curious and peeked at Erina's smartphone and somehow she couldn't help but scream at how cute Erina and Haru were in the photo. Though, she also felt jealous since she was single.


Haru: "I'm in front of the restaurant, where are you?"

Erina stood up and said, "Hisako, I'll go back first."


Hisako was in shock and saw Erina start to run.

"Wait! Erina-sama, wait!"


Leaning his back on the car, Haru was waiting for Erina at the entrance of the restaurant. He knew that she had been working on testing various foods from restaurants to make it better and found the mistake on the dish before being served on the customer. Though, at the same time, he was a bit jealous of Erina's job since she was being paid to eat something.


Erina: "Turn your head to the right!"

Haru turned to the right and saw Erina run toward him before jumping. He was a bit surprised and caught her in his arms. He sighed and said, "You scared me."

Hugging him tightly, Erina said, "I'm going to surprise you after all."

"Let's go back?" Haru asked.


Erina nodded and thought that it was wonderful to have him.

"E - Erina-sama....!"

Haru turned and saw Hisako who was Erina's secretary.

Erina noticed Hisako who had come to her and suddenly realized her action which was somehow quite shameful. She got down from his arms, then she nudged at him and said, "Do something about this situation!"


Haru was speechless since this girl was the cause of everything, but he knew that he needed to do something. He looked at Hisako who seemed very embarrassed when she saw himself and Erina.

"Well, Arato-san, right?"

"Y - Yes!"

"Do you want to go home with us?" Haru asked.