Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 868

Volume 1 Chapter 868 Two Bestfriends

Sitting on the back seat of the car, Hisako peeked at Haru. It wasn't her first time seeing him, but in the past, she had seen him with various girls. However, this time, he was Erina's boyfriend which made her feel conflicted.

'Two girls...'

Hisako remembered the appearance of two girls and two of them were beautiful, but of course, in her opinion, Erina was the most beautiful. Looking at how happy Erina was, she felt that she needed to guard Erina against Haru since she was afraid that this guy was playing with Erina's heart.

Even though Hisako had to admit that Haru was suitable for Erina considering his ability, but because of that, she was wary.

If she didn't know him beforehand then she didn't need to be careful and even supported their relationship.

But in her image, Haru was similar to a devil king who had stolen the heart of Princess Erina. In the future, he might not be satisfied with the princess and would also steal the princess's maid in the future.

Hisako's face was really hot, but she hurriedly shook her head since she wouldn't accept such a thing. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself while thinking about a countermeasure about this problem.

However, when she looked at Erina's expression, she knew that Erina had fallen too deeply and it was too late to help her.


Haru noticed that Hisako who was sitting on the back seemed to change her expression from time to time. He thought for a while and asked, "Now that you mention it... Erina, are you going to become a judge for the entrance exam of Totsuki?"

Erina was a bit surprised but nodded. "Yes, I've been entrusted to take care of the entrance exam for the high school division for Tootsuki, what's wrong?"

"No, I might come to Tootsuki later," Haru said.


Erina nodded, but suddenly realized something and shouted, "WHAT!!!!"


Haru took a deep breath and glanced at Erina. If he was a normal person then he might already have crashed when they heard such a loud scream.

"Y, you want to enter Tootsuki? Why?" Erina was surprised, but she couldn't hide the smile on her face when she thought that she could be with him all the time.

"Not me. I don't have time to become a chef after all," Haru said.

Erina thought about Haru's business and nodded. She felt a bit disappointed and asked, "So who? But let me remind you that I can't let someone enter Tootsuki using a backdoor! So whatever you want to say, you need to give up! If you want someone to enter then they need to have a real ability to enter!" She thought for a while and asked, "It's not a girl, right?" Her eyes squinted since she knew his bad hobby.


Haru was speechless and said, "No, it's not a girl. You don't need to worry about that."

Erina nodded and seemed quite satisfied with Haru's answer.

"Well, everyone needs a real ability to cook to become a student of Tootsuki. Even if you want me to help your friend or someone to enter, I can't help you that much if their dishes are horrible."

Haru nodded and said, "I know. He has an ability, but of course, my dish is better."

Erina snorted and said, "Your dish is horrible!"

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "My horrible dish has won against you once."

"It's an accident! That doesn't count!"

Erina felt embarrassed when Haru reminded her when she had lost against him in the cafe before. She pouted and looked away while folding her arms.

'This girl....'

If this girl wasn't his girlfriend then he might be too lazy to coax her now.

Though, he had to admit that this girl was very cute and that he wanted to eat her right away.

But Hisako's eyes were wide open when she heard Haru had won against Erina once. She thought that he was only a businessman, but it seemed he wasn't that simple.


Coaxing Erina who was sulking...

"I'm not sulking!" Erina complained.

Talking to each other, it took them 20 minutes to arrive at Erina's mansion.

Hisako would sleep in Erina's mansion since she also needed to accompany Erina to help her again tomorrow on Erina's job.

Haru was about to send Erina back, but suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

"Erina, I'm here to play!"


Erina sighed and asked, "What are you doing here, Alice?"

"I'm here to play!"

Alice smiled and looked at Haru. "Oh, Haru! It's a coincidence! How come that you're here?"


Haru was wondering how this girl could know that he would come.

"Hehehe, are you happy to see me?"

Alice was right in front of Haru smiling mischievously as if a child who wanted to give a surprise to their parents or something.


"Oh, I'm surprised," Haru said with a deadpan voice.

"Jeez! Jeez! I'm a beautiful girl! You should be happy that you've seen me!" "

Alice started to complain to Haru that he should be grateful to be able to see her since it was rare to see a beautiful girl like her.


Hearing Alice's complaint, Haru nodded and thought that it was rare to meet a beautiful girl as unique as Alice.


Suddenly Alice's head was being iron-clawed by Erina.

"It hurts! It hurts! Erina, what are you doing!"

Alice tried to escape but Erina's power was very powerful.

"Haru, you can go back early. I need to educate this stupid cousin first," Erina said and pulled Alice inside.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I'm sorry, Erina! I'm sorry! I won't flirt with your husband again!"



Haru took a deep breath and decided to go back since he was sure that everyone was waiting.


The Infinite Guild headquarters.

Makarov was sitting next to each other with Yajima eating ramen together.

Makarov looked at how grand Yajima's building was and couldn't help but compare it with his guild's headquarters.

If Yajima's guild's headquarters could be called a castle, then his guild's headquarters could only be called a horse stable. His seven years' disappearance had caused a lot of things to change in his guild which made it hard for him to accept it, especially when his best friend became the guild master of the strongest guild in the entire Fiore.

"What's wrong?" Yajima asked.

"Nothing. We'll defeat you at the Grand Magic Games," Makarov said.

"I'll wait for that," Yajima said with a smile.


Looking at Yajima's confident smile, Makarov's mood became sullen and asked, "But this isn't the strongest member of your guild, right?" He could see various people around, but he knew that the real powerhouse in Yajima's guild hadn't appeared for almost a year.

Yajima nodded and said, "They'll come to the "Grand Magic Games", you don't need to worry."

"So mysterious...." Makarov said while squinting his eyes.

"All of them are busy," Yajima said with a helpless expression, especially Haru.

Somehow Yajima felt that Haru had grown so much since he had watched over him when he didn't even know about magic and was still a normal human who was healthier than other people.

'It's been a year, huh?'

Yajima didn't think that the five members in the past had become 15 members and more than half of them were women which somehow made him smile. But the trouble was almost all of the women had a weird personality; even if there was a normal one, their age was young; and lastly, almost all of them fell in love with Haru which somehow made him even more helpless. He was wondering whether he would be able to meet a beautiful middle-aged woman in the future.

"What's wrong?" Makarov asked since his best friend's expression was a bit weird.


Yajima shook his head and said, "Let's have a drink now!"

"OOOOHHH!!! Treat me! My guild doesn't have much money...." Makarov said with a sad tone.

"Good! Let's have a party tonight!"


Thus both best friends had a blast for the night before being found n.a.k.e.d in the morning.