Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 869

Volume 1 Chapter 869 Graduation Day's 1

Erina was tired of fighting with Alice then laid on her bed to rest.

Alice sobbed sadly but regained her spirit once again. She looked around as if doing something suspicious, but her action didn't go unnoticed by Erina.

Erina looked at Alice and asked, "Alice, what are you doing?"

Alice looked around for a while and said, "It's safe." She walked toward Erina and said, "Erina, you've been dating Haru, right?"

"Umm..." Erina nodded with a blush on her cheek and asked, "What's wrong with that?"

"What stage have you done with him?" Alice asked.

"Stage?" Erina was confused.

Alice nodded and took out a manga from her skirt. She also took glasses and had this professional expression on her face.

"That is?"


Alice opened the manga to the page where she wanted to show Erina. She pointed her finger and said, "Can you see this?"

Reading the page where Alice pointed, Erina frowned and asked, "ABC stage?"

Alice nodded and said, "You've been dating, right? Don't you want to do something like a normal lover more?"

"To do more?"

Erina suddenly blushed and became embrassed. "Y, you mean?"


Alice nodded and seemed satisfied with Erina's reaction.

"You might be okay with a platonic relationship, but that isn't going to happen to Haru who is known as a lewd beast!" Alice hugged her own body and said, "I still remember when he saw my lower body on the toilet before..... His eyes have become a beast and it is as if he wants to pounce on me!"


"So you need to be prepared to do more! I've seen both of you kiss then the rest should be e--"


Before Alice finished her talk, she was slammed with a pillow right into her face.

"If you don't shut your mouth then I'll throw you out of here," Erina said fiercely.

Alice grabbed the pillow which slammed into her face and threw it back at Erina.

"Geez! Geez! Geez! I'm worried about you, yet this is your response! Erina is a big idiot!"

Alice ran away back to her mansion while crying.


Erina's face was being slammed by a pillow, but she didn't grab the pillow and laid on her bed while thinking about Alice's words. Of course, she knew about a human reproduction process which somehow made her imagine what Haru would do to her. She remembered their kiss and it felt very good then what about next? Somehow she anticipated it.


Erina held her head and said, "Erina, you're not a pervert!" She didn't sleep that night, rolling around her bed while thinking something perverted.


In the morning, Haru was in the student council room with everyone to prepare the graduation ceremony for the 3rd year of Hyakko.

"Tougami-senpai, congratulations on your graduation," Haru said with a smile.

"U - umm...." Tougami nodded with quite a strange expression.

The relationship between Haru and Tougami wasn't exactly bad, but it was hard for Tougami to admit that Haru was better than him; however, the fact said otherwise. He wasn't dumb and knew that Haru had become mogul who could affect the voice of people in this country easily. He didn't dare to offend him since he was afraid all of his black material would be announced on Haru's media.

"Thank you," Tougami said.

Haru nodded and his feelings toward Tougami were very grateful. If he didn't win 2.5 billion from Tougami then he wouldn't become a billionaire. He could reach where he stood up now was also because of Tougami, but he didn't need to say anything about this since it might rub a wound on Tougami.

Anyway, today was graduation day which was a special day for Tougami. As his junior, Haru ought to congratulate him on his graduation.

"But I'm surprised that you come to the graduation day," Tougami said. He would graduate after this and he didn't mind talking with Haru. He thought that he needed to erase the misunderstanding between the two of them since they might see each other in society in the future. He might need his help and thought to amend the relationship between the two of them.

"Well, as a member of the student council, isn't it normal that I should supervise the graduation for the 3rd year, right?" Haru said.

"Hmph! If you don't skip almost half of your school then I might believe your words."

Runa also joined their conversation.

Haru only laughed in response since he often skipped school. He looked around and noticed Sachiko brought a girl in the same year as him, but that wasn't the problem since the girl was being leashed using a dog collar on her neck.

This girl has shoulder-length red hair that is tied into two pigtails and blue eyes.

Haru felt a bit weird when he saw this girl was being leashed by Sachiko since her red hair reminded him of Maki, Iwasawa and Yuri.

Sachiko also noticed Haru's gaze and smiled. "Oh, Haru, do you want to be leashed too?"


Haru was speechless and asked, "Is it a game or something?" Looking at the girl once again, he noticed a "pet house" tag on her neck which meant that girl was in debt. He sighed, but didn't say much.

"No, that's her wish," Sachiko said and looked at the girl beside her. "Right?"

"Yes...." The girl nodded with an expressionless expression.

Sachiko smiled and said, "Her name is Mikura Sado. You can use her if you want."

Sado was quite surprised by Sachiko's words but then she looked at Haru.

Haru was the most popular male in the school, and almost all of the girls in this school had confessed their love to him, but of course, they were rejected since he already had a girlfriend.

If his girlfriend was a normal girl then that girl might receive bullying from everyone, but his girlfriend was a strong person with a lot of authority within the school.

If Sado was being told to serve a fat and gross old man then she might resist, but it was different when she was told to serve Haru.

Haru sighed and said, "I'll pretend to not hear anything Sachiko-senpai."

"Hmm...." Sachiko nodded and made her want to have him more when she saw his reaction.

But then the door opened and Kirari, Ririka, and Sayaka entered the room.

"Oh, everyone is here? Then, let's go to the hall to see all of the upperclassmen off," Kirari said with a smile.

"Where's Miboumi?" Sachiko asked.

"It doesn't really matter whether he comes or not," Kirari said.

"Wow, you're so cruel, President." Miboumi also entered the room with a slight complaint.

"Now, everyone is here." Kirari walked toward Haru and said, "Let's go."

Haru nodded and walked together with Kirari.

Both of them walked together to the hall with Sayaka and Ririka following them.

"Wait for me!"

Runa chased after them.

Sachika, Tougami, and Miboumi were inside the room.

"Then, I'll go," Tougami said and left the room. After he had graduated, all the things which happened at this school didn't have anything to do with him. He didn't really want to cause trouble or anything since it was troublesome.

Miboumi who had seen everyone had gone smiled looking at Sachiko.

"Juraku-san, what do you think of my offer?"

Sachiko smiled and said, "You haven't shown a result."

"Don't worry, my plan is perfect."

Sachiko didn't say anything and left together with Sado. "Then, I'll be waiting."

Looking at Sachiko who had left the room, Miboumi, who was inside the room of the student council, stayed alone. He walked toward the chair of the student council president and sat down on that chair with a smile.

"Sooner or later, I'll own this entire place."

Remembering the financial report on this school, Miboumi could only see Kirari green with envy, but...


Miboumi clenched his hand before stood up and went out of the room to go to the hall to join the graduation ceremony for the upperclassmen.