Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1 Chapter 87 Bounty

"Jinbe, thank you so much for your help," Luffy laughed.

"No need," Jinbei shook his head and started to talk about the thing that happened in the Impel Down. He talked with him until he asked, "Where is Haru?" He was also quite annoyed to see him suddenly disappear without a trace.

"Shishishi he is going to see his little sister, he can become invisible, you don't need to worry about him," Luffy laughed.

"But still, did he know his poster?" Jimbei asked.

Luffy started to think what kind of reaction he would get when he showed his poster to everyone in the group chat, "Shishishi, I can't wait to see his face when he sees his poster." He took his poster and took a picture of it with his phone. He shared it with the group chat and waited for everyone's response.

"What is that?" Hanc.o.c.k asked curiously.

"This is a mobile phone that Haru had given me to communicate with him," Luffy explained. He was glad to join this group chat since it made his life more exciting. He knew that there was a lot of mystery in the group chat and they also knew his future. Even though he was curious he told them not to tell him about his future since he felt it would be quite boring to know everything.

"This thing is similar to a Den Den Mushi?" Hanc.o.c.k was wondering who the identity of that young man was. She was glad that he had helped Luffy from the Impel Down to save his big brother. She was also glad that he was a male and not a female. She didn't have a chance to meet him but it could be said that she had a bit of interest since his action in the war was just too exciting to watch.

Luffy looked at the sky and said, "2 years, we will see each other."


In the land of maidens, Momoiro Island.

Ivankov was looking at Sanji who was excited to get the secret recipe for his kingdom. He looked at him with a strange expression and shook his head.

"That's right, how is this person?" Sanji pointed his finger at Haru's picture. He read a newspaper and got a message from his captain to train for two years before they met each other again. He also knew that they had gotten a new member. He wanted to know whether Haru was a threat or not since he was a male, meaning that it would be dangerous to the female group.

"Oh, isn't that Zipper Boy?" Ivankov was quite surprised to see his bounty on the newspaper.

"I'm asking you, how is this person? How is his personality? Is he a playboy or something?" Sanji asked a lot of questions since he knew it was a very important question.

Ivankov looked around and whispered in a low voice, "I know about him but, don't tell anyone, this is just a secret between the two of us."

Sanji felt it was quite serious and nodded, "Sure, I'll keep it a secret." He wanted to know whether this new crew was bad or not.

"Don't worry, he won't try to flirt with the two female crew in your group, because...." Ivankov said with an exaggerated pose.

"Because?" Sanji felt relieved but he was quite nervous to hear the reason. He was afraid that his new companion was similar to a demon in human skin in front of him.

"Because he is only interested in his little sister, he has a forbidden relationship between siblings," Ivankov said with a serious expression. He wasn't sure why he left without saying anything but when he was staying with him. He kept hearing him talking about his little sister. He knew that there was something suspicious between two siblings. His imagination was quite wild but he knew that it wasn't wrong and knew that he had a forbidden relationship with his little sister.

The cigarette in his mouth fell down on the ground.

Sanji didn't believe what he had heard and tried to imagine himself with his own sister. He hurriedly shook his head and ran toward the wall. He pummeled his head several times for him to think something forbidden, "T - this new crew is amazing....." He had a lot of blood on his face but he didn't stop since he still thought about the possibility of him with his own sister.


Nami, Robin, Zoro, Franky, Chopper, Brook and Usopp looked toward the sky when they read the message of their captain. They needed to train to get stronger before they entered the New World. They also looked at the picture of Haru and wondered what kind of person this new crew was.


Haru looked at the picture of his poster on the group chat and wasn't sure how to react. He was in his apartment ready to go out but stopped when he saw his bounty on the group chat that had been sent by Luffy. He expected to get a bounty but it was a strange feeling for him.

Gintoki started to cause a commotion, "Wow, Haru, you've got a bounty."

"What is this? 385 million Belly!!!!" Kuroneko was amazed.

"Why can you make such a big bounty?" Tsunade asked.

"You can read the news, his power is just too strange, he can become invisible, infiltrate into Impel Down, having some of the secret doc.u.ments from the government, open a path with his zipper power, fast movement, etc. The government is very wary of him since they can't find his trace and wonder whether he is a spy from the Revolutionary Army," Yajima replied.

Haru scratched his head when the government thought of him as a spy. He was very suitable to become one but wasn't one though. He was also amazed at the bounty that he had gotten from the government, "385 million?" He rubbed his nose when he saw this.

"Haru? What are you looking at?" Sora was curious and looked at his phone. She saw his photo in the military uniform with sunglasses and there were a lot of numbers under his picture. She looked at him with a scared expression and asked, "Did you become a criminal, Haru?" She didn't know the currency that was written on the poster but she knew that it was bad.

Haru laughed, "Don't worry, my friend only edited my photo." He told her that he had done cosplay for some event.

Sora sighed in relief when she heard it.

Haru knew that she had this exaggerated expression because there wasn't any One Piece in this world. He wanted to draw it since it could get him money but decided to draw it when he entered high school since he still wanted to relax. He still had more than half a year before he entered school again. He also didn't worry too much about the test since he had mastered the knowledge in high school. He looked at this bounty again and closed his phone since he needed to go out.

"Haru, The Zipper Boy, 385 Million Bellies."