Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 870

Volume 1 Chapter 870 I Won't Let You Go

After attending the graduation ceremony at the Hyakko academy, Haru had to admit that it was quite depressing since there were a lot of students who cried.

If it was a cry of happiness then he wouldn't say anything, but it was a cry of sadness since they had lost their freedom.

But he didn't do anything, and it was a reality.

If he was in their place then he was sure that he wouldn't get help from anyone.

In the end, he didn't think much. He was too lazy to think about the graduation ceremony that he had attended earlier. It was better to think that he should build a bathroom inside his private room later.

After the end of the graduation ceremony, he didn't go back with Kirari but he told her that he would visit her later.

Kirari agreed and told him to wait at her home since she had some matters that she needed to do after the graduation ceremony.

He knew that she went to meet a lot of alumnus of the school, especially a group of politicians and businessmen, and lent them money for the election or business.

Haru knew that Kirari had a talent for seeing people's abilities, and she also had a lot of capital after being given by him. He didn't need to worry about her, but of course, he missed her and thought about spending a night at her place.


Nozomi: "Where are you?"

Haru: "I'm at school."

Nozomi: "You're done with school?"

Haru: "I'm on my way back."

Nozomi: "Then come to my school, hurry! Eli is going to go back! You need to stop her and talk with each other!"

Haru: "Roger!"

Haru had something to do and that was to solve the misunderstanding between him and Eli.


Eli massaged her temple since tomorrow was the day her upperclassman would graduate. It was quite a busy day for her, and her mood also wasn't good, especially when she felt that she had been cheated by Haru.

No one dared to get close to Eli since she gave off an aura which made people move away from her, especially her expression which was a bit scary right now.

"Umm... Ayase-san...?"


Eli looked at the other members of the student council.

"N, no! I'll do it myself!"

The girl bowed before ran away because Eli was too frightened for her.


"Moo... Eli-chan, you can't scare people away," Nozomi said.


Eli didn't say anything and wrote something on her laptop. She wanted to ask something, but she wasn't sure what to say.

"What's wrong? Do you want to ask me something?" Nozomi asked.

"Nozomi... D, did you still work at that shrine?" Eli asked.

"Of course, I'm still working, what's wrong?" Nozomi asked with a smile. Her cheek raised and seemed amused to see Eli's reaction.

"No, nothing!"

Eli sighed and said, "I'll go back first."

"Alright, be careful on the way," Nozomi said and waved her hand.

Eli nodded and took her bag.

Looking at Eli who had left the student council room, Nozomi took out a card from the deck of tarot cards. She was very proficient at fortune-telling and when she saw the card which she had taken out...

Nozomi sighed and looked out of the window. She saw that there were crowds of schoolgirls who seemed to be looking at someone. She smiled and hoped that both of them would be alright, but at the same time, why did she feel quite uncomfortable?


Eli, who was about to go home, noticed a crowd that gathered at the entrance of the school. Her mood wasn't good and she thought that she needed to reprimand them to not cause trouble to other students.

"Everyone, please go home and don't gather in front of the school entrance!"

Hearing Eli's voice, everyone nodded and felt quite reluctant to go back since they were quite curious about this person.

But Eli had a lot of authority and prestige in front of normal students in this school and made some students didn't dare to fight back.

Eli nodded when she saw that some students were going home, but stopped when she realized that there was someone familiar leaning on the wall of the school entrance.



Eli stared at Haru for a few seconds before walking away.

*Step!* *Step!* *Step!*

Her steps were so loud as if trying to tell everyone that she was angry.

Haru only shook his head before following her slowly.

Everyone looked at each other and didn't expect Haru to be waiting for Eli. They didn't expect the current student council president to have a boyfriend and from their interaction earlier, they could tell that they were in an argument. They thought that it was a huge scandal and became excited.

Otonogizaka was an all-girls high school and it was very rare for them to meet boys after all.

Even if they tried to act that they didn't have an interest in a boy, but they were interested in a love, though, they were also interested in having a love with a girl too.


Eli didn't walk back to her home but moved around the neighborhood since she knew that Haru was following her.

"Why did you follow me!"

Eli couldn't bear it anymore and turned toward him who was walking behind her.

"Because my home is this way too," Haru said.

"Liar! You're a liar!" Eli said in annoyance. She was about to go, but her hand was grabbed by Haru. She tried to pull her hand and said, "Let go of me!"

"No, I won't let you go until our misunderstanding is solved," Haru said.

"Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding? You've been lying to me all this time! Do you think that it is funny to play with the daughter of your employee? I, I---"

Eli couldn't handle it anymore and her eyes were red full of tears. She tried to stop the tears, but she couldn't. She tried to run away again, but this time, she wasn't given a chance by him since she was hugged. She was embarrassed and tried to break away. She blushed and cried out, "What are you doing?!"

"Calm down."

"Let go of me!"

"Until you understand what's happening, I won't let go."

"What's happening? You've been lying to me all this time and you've also hugged me!"

Haru was helpless at how hard-headed this girl was and could only sincerely say, "Like I'm saying, that's not it! I'm not trying to play with your feelings nor am I trying to embarrass you. Please believe me."


Hearing his sincere words right to her ears made Eli blush, but she didn't move away from him listening to his every word which came out from his mouth.

"I got to know you because I liked you. It wasn't some afterthought. So...

"Please return to where we were before."


Haru looked at Eli who was looking straight in his direction with sincere expression. He had never played with her and his feeling was real that he wanted to get close to her.

Eli completely believed his words and didn't try to escape from his warm embrace.

"Umm... You guys, can you not hug each other in the middle of the street?"

Eli and Haru turned and saw Nozomi who was smiling at them. But then they also noticed a lot of people, especially housewives around this neighborhood looking at both of them seemed surprised.

"Mama, what are that big brother and big sister doing?"

"Shh... the big brother is trying to make up with the big sister."

"Huh? Are they fighting?"

"Hmm, probably, the big brother is fooling around or something with other girls and cheating on the big sister. But it seems the big sister decides to forgive him." The housewife sighed at the charm of a bad guy, but at the same time, she needed to tell her daughter.

"You can't fall in love with a bad guy, alright?"

"Yes, Mom!"


Hearing their conversation, Haru was speechless, but then he heard the laugh from the girl who he had embarrassed. He smiled and asked, "You forgive me?"

Eli stopped and snorted. "I won't forgive you that easily!"

Haru smiled and said, "I know that it isn't easy for you to forgive me that easily, but this time, please give me a chance to explain everything to you."

Eli blushed and nodded. "Umm...."


Nozomi who was being ignored looked at Haru then looked at Eli. She could only say that this girl had fallen into his arms. But she felt slightly jealous of her.