Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 872

Volume 1 Chapter 872 Graduation's Day 3

The graduation ceremony was over and everyone went out of the hall to talk with their friends, or just walked back home.

There wasn't any reason to stay in the school after the ceremony since they had become high school students.

However, everyone needed to wait until April before they could officially become high school students.

There was a lot of tradition after the graduation ceremony such as the girls asking the boy to give them their second upper button on their uniform.

It was said that the second upper button of the uniform was the closest to the heart which also told the boys, in other words, it was a confession.

The boys were also the same and they were going to confess their love to the girls since it was their last chance to meet them.

Sora and Megumi were about to meet Haru, Hiratsuka, and Megumi's mother, but someone stopped them.

"Seibami-san, can you follow me for a bit?"

The boy seemed quite nervous and stopped in front of Sora hoping that she could hear his confession.

Sora had changed her family name to Seibami which made her have a different family name to Haru.

"I don't have time. If you want to confess to me, then don't bother. I don't have an interest in you," Sora said and walked away.


The boy who heard Sora's words crumbled on the ground.


Everyone started to help the boy who had just passed out after being rejected. Such a scene wasn't uncommon rather it was quite normal, but no one would expect this guy dared to confess on Seibami Sora.

Sora was a very cute girl and even though her personality was quite bad, no one could deny her charm.

There were a lot of brave warriors who decided to confess their love but they were being rejected mercilessly.

Sora didn't care too much but somehow her mood wasn't good when she heard the confession of the representative girl before. Of course, she knew who that girl was since she almost remembered all of Haru's ex-girlfriend. Except for the one which he had never told her.

"Sora, you're very popular," Megumi said.

Sora sighed and said, "Megumi. If you're more noticeable then you'll also become popular."

Megumi shook her head and said, "I don't need to. As long as there is one guy who has always noticed me then I'm alright with that."


"Haru is lucky to have you," Sora said after a silence.

"I'm lucky to have him." Megumi smiled and said, "Do you think that he'll meet that girl?"

"Probably, that girl was his girlfriend before he decided to drop out from the school after my parents...." Sora couldn't continue, but her hand was held by Megumi. She wiped her eyes and said, "Thank you, Megumi."

"No problem," Megumi said.

Both of them walked together while holding hands, but in front of everyone's eyes, they thought that both of them were yuri and became lily after being together.

Everyone suddenly had a nosebleed and more medics came toward them.

Megumi and Sora didn't know what had happened and also didn't join their classmates since they didn't have that many friends.

Sora was downright anti-social and if Haru didn't introduce her to Megumi then she might not have any friends.

Megumi was quite normal, she might have a friend, but not as close as Sora, and sometimes they often forgot about her because of her invisibility.

They walked together and found Hiratsuka and Megumi's parents.

"Oh, Shizuka-ob--"

Before Sora finished her words, she was hugged by Hiratsuka.

"Big sister, alright?"

"Shizuka-nee, stop! Stop! I can't breathe!"

Hiratsuka snorted and hugged Sora again, but this time it was gentler.

"Congratulations on your graduation."

"Mm... thank you."

Sora also hugged Hiratsuka with a smile.

"Megumi, congratulations!"

Megumi's mother was also happy to see her daughter had graduated from middle school.

"Thank you," Megumi said with a beautiful smile.

The two of them hugged each other before after they heard Sora's question.

"Where's Haru?" Sora asked.

"I told him to meet that courageous girl," Hiratsuka said.

Sora frowned and asked, "You're letting him meet that girl?"

"What's wrong?" Hiratsuka asked.

Sora sighed and said, "Nothing." Since it had happened, then she could do nothing.

Megumi's mother took a picture together, and they agreed, but they decided to wait for Haru. They waited for 10 minutes before they saw him walking toward them.


"How is it?" Hiratsuka asked.

"No problem. I've solved it," Haru said.

"How did you solve it?" Megumi's mother asked curiously.

"Just talk. We might not have had that much of a talk before after my parents have passed away," Haru said simply.

They nodded and didn't ask too much after hearing the last words.

"So what are we doing after this? Do you want to go out to eat something?" Haru asked.

"Let's take a photo first," Hiratsuka said.

Haru nodded and said, "It'll be your last time to wear that uniform after all."

Everyone agreed and took a picture in front of the entrance of the school together. It was quite a simple photo without a special pose or anything, but somehow it had a lot of meaning.

Haru looked at his middle school and thought that he might have left a lot of dark history, especially when he was a womanizer who often dated two or three or more girls at the same time.

Not that much different from the present, but this time, he was more responsible toward his girls.

However, he knew that his journey as a harem protagonist had just started.

"Haru, come here!"

"Last photo with the three of us!"

Sora and Megumi stood up while calling his name.

Haru nodded and stood up in the middle of two of them.

Megumi's mother helped to take a picture of the three of them before they decided to go out to eat something.

Of course, Haru's presence, who took a picture with two girls, didn't go unnoticed since he took a photo with two girls at the same time.

They were wondering who he was until someone recalled his silver hair.




Everyone who happened to stay at the school was startled, but then they became excited. They wanted to ask him a lot of questions and if possible they wanted to make a good relationship with him.

However when they thought about chasing after him, they saw him had disappeared.


"Where is he?"

"Hmm... it might be my imagination."

Little did they know that it was Megumi's ability to turn the people in her two meter radius into invisible.

Haru was speechless when he saw Megumi activated this ability since it was too cheating, but then he didn't think too much since she was his girlfriend.

They didn't stay too long and went to to eat something good before they returned since it was they had just ended their graduation ceremony.


March 31.

Haru had promised Joichiro to help Souma to go for a test for Tootsuki Academy and he would pick Souma after this. But suddenly his phone vibrated, looking at the one person who had dialed him, he felt a bit surprised.

"Hello, Senzaemon-san?"

"As I have said before, call me grandfather!"

Haru was speechless and said, "Good morning, grandpa. It's quite rare for you to call me in the morning."

"I've heard that you're going to Tootsuki after this?"

"Yes, is there something wrong?"

"If you have time, can you meet me at my office? I want to talk with you for a while."

Haru nodded and said, "Alright, I'll meet you over there."

"Good, I'm waiting for you."

Hung his phone, Haru looked at the time and it was five in the morning.

'I guess an elderly person wakes up quite early, huh?'

*Slurp!* *Slurp!* *Slurp!*

Looking at Utaha who was sucking his anaconda with lewd and sloppy noise, Haru smiled and said, "I've one hour left, so do you want to eat it from your upper mouth or lower mouth?"

Utaha stopped and said, "Both."