Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 873

Volume 1 Chapter 873 What Do You Think?

Looking at the scenery in front of him, Souma wasn't sure how to describe his mood. Haru had picked him up in the early morning to help him to go to Tootsuki. He had thought Tootsuki would be a slow pace culinary school with a middle-aged lady or old man who would teach him how to cook, but he didn't expect the reality would be so different.

Scratching his head, Souma looked at Haru who was in the driver seat and asked, "Is this really school?"

Haru nodded and said, "The entire mountain is the school."


Souma wasn't sure how to describe his feelings.

"Souma, don't underestimate this school. I know that in your mind this school is full of pampered young masters or young ladies who have never worked in a real workplace, right?" Haru said.


Souma was silent since what Haru had said to him was the truth since he was looking down on everyone in this place. In his mind, the students in this school were pampered brats who had never stood in front of clients.

"Well, you're right," Haru said.

"Eh? Am I right?" Souma was speechless by Haru's answer.

"Unlike those of us who have opened our own store....."

Stopped his car for a while, Haru opened the window and showed his special pass to enter the academy.

It was impossible to enter the school directly with a vehicle unless they had a special pass to enter.

Souma didn't say anything and waited for Haru to say something. Even though he wasn't sure about Haru's background, he had to admit that he respected him since Haru's Fleurs De Lapin was very popular.

It was also a bakery which was made by Haru alone without the help of anyone. Even though Haru was only one year older than him, he felt that Haru had much more experience and Haru had won him several times which made him respect him.

"Most of the students here are the children of the famous restaurant owner who has a golden spoon from their birth," Haru said.

"I won't lose to such people." Souma snorted, showing his disdain. He didn't think that he would lose to such a brat in this school.

"But you don't need to worry about them. However, you need to worry about whether you can graduate from this school since in this school there won't be less than 1% of graduation rate," Haru said.


Souma twitched the corner of his eyes and asked, "Less than 1% rate?"

Haru nodded, and said, "99% of students on this place are pampered brats, but the 1% of those students are your true opponent." He looked at Souma and said, "If you can't defeat them then you might not be able to defeat your dad."

When Haru mentioned his father, Souma became annoyed but at the same time, he became interested in this 1% of the students in this academy.

"So what is the difference between these 1 percent of students and the rest?"

"Well, they might have a superpower," Haru said jokingly.

"Don't joke around!" Souma was annoyed.

"But well, really, they might have a superpower such as a super keen nose or they might have their specialty," Haru said.


Souma raised his eyebrow when he heard that word since it was an uncommon word in his ears.

"Well, it might be quite early for you. You can slowly learn it in school later," Haru said. He pointed at the group of people outside and said, "Go over there, I need to talk with someone first. You're alright being alone, right?"

Souma nodded and didn't want to trouble Haru that much.

"From now on, it is your own ability. If you don't have the ability to enter this school then I can't help you that much," Haru said.

"You don't need to worry. I can handle it myself and I won't lose," Souma said as he got out of his car. But before he went to the exam, he faced him and said, "Haru, thank you."

Waving his hand, Haru said, "No problem. I'll go after you after I've finished my matter." He didn't continue to talk with Souma and went to visit Senzaemon.

Looking at Haru's car which started to move far away, Souma turned his attention to this huge school. He was wondering what was so special about this school, and of course, he would be accepted.


Clapping both of his cheeks, Souma took his first step to Tootsuki.


Senzaemon was inside his office reading the doc.u.ment until he heard a knock on the door.

*Knock!* *Knock!*


The door was opened, and Haru entered Senzemon's room.

Senzaemon smiled looking at Haru since he could see that her granddaughter had been in a very happy mood after meeting him.

"Good morning, Grandpa," Haru said, but he felt a bit awkward.

Senzaemon nodded and felt quite satisfied. "Sit down first, I want to talk about something with you."

Haru nodded and sat down on the chair right in front of Senzamon. He didn't know why Senzaemon had called him, but no matter what reason it was, he needed to be polite since Senzaemon might become his grandfather-in-law.

"Haru, what do you think of Erina?" Senzaemon asked directly.

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "What do I think of Erina?"


Senzaemon wanted to engage Haru with his granddaughter, but he also wouldn't let Erina be played by Haru.

To put it simply, Haru was living a life of debauchery during his middle school. Haru changed his girlfriends from time to time giving him a very bad image, but after Haru had lost both of his parents. Haru had changed and started to grow up becoming better, but even so, it was hard to erase his womanizer personality.

Senzaemon knew that Haru had a lot of female acquaintances, but from what he could tell he knew that Haru had never touched them until now. He wasn't sure the reason, but it might be because Haru wanted to change.

Haru leaned back to make himself relax and said, "For me, Erina is troublesome."


Senzaemon was speechless.

"She can be annoying sometimes, impatient, easy to get angry, haughty, proud..."

"All of that is very bad!"

Senzaemon couldn't help but interrupt him.

"Yes, but even so, I love her. She might not be perfect, but I'm alright with that and that part of her can be considered charming in my eyes," Haru said with a gentle smile remembering his day with Erina, especially when he was late during their date which somehow moved him when she had waited for him for two hours in the movie theatre.


Looking at Haru's smile, Senzaemon nodded and felt that it was right to entrust Erina to Haru.

"That's good! I'm happy that both of you love each other."

Senzaemon sighed and said, "Erina lacked love from her parents during her childhood" He bowed his head and said, "That's why I hope that you can take care of her."


Haru was surprised when Senzaemon suddenly bowed his head. He stood up and hurriedly stopped Senzaemonto bow at himself.

"Please don't do this! Even if you don't ask me, I'll take care of her."

Senzaemon nodded and became even more satisfied with Haru.

"Right, I also want to tell you about something, Grandpa," Haru said.

"What's wrong?" Senzaemon asked. He was in a good mood and wanted to know what Haru wanted to tell him.

"Last month, when I was in New York, I saw someone," Haru said and took out a photo.

Senzaemon knew that Haru went to New York since Haru appeared on the media, but he wasn't sure who Haru met there, but his expression changed from good to bad when he saw the photo which was taken by Haru.

"This is....?!"

"Grandpa, be careful, he's planning something."

Senzaemon's expression turned serious and felt that something was more complicated than he had thought since the photo taken by Haru was a photo of his son-in-law, Azami Nakiri, and the 1st seat of Elite 10, Eishi Tsukasa.