Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 875

Volume 1 Chapter 875 Mischievous

After completing the doc.u.ment review, under the guidance of the staff, Haru and Souma came together in front of the hall hung with a sign of "Testing Ground".

It was also a coincidence that when they arrived, the assessment was about to begin, and the examiners were speaking in front of the hall.

"I can't help you much in this place. I'm waiting for you here. Show your ability and good luck."

Patting Souma's shoulder, Haru didn't go out, but he hid in an obscure corner and observed the assessment in secret. He didn't expect that Tootsuki would really make Erina an examiner in this assessment to enter the academy. He knew that Erina's ability was powerful, but she was just a 15-year-old girl after all.

But he thought that it might be because she was the owner of the "god of the tongue".

'I guess having a "god of the tongue" is very special, huh?'

Haru had never thought this ability special besides having a sensitive tongue rather it brought him a lot of miserable incidents. He wasn't sure how many times he had passed out because of this ability which made him depressed.

Standing next to Erina was Hisako.

Hisako was holding a note and reading an assessment rule before it started.

"Hmph, how boring!"

Sneering in a hum of contempt, Erina's mood wasn't good since she didn't see Haru. She thought that he would visit him on the entrance examiner.

But everyone who had heard Erina's sneer was in fear since they knew Erina's name very well.

Erina was very famous in the culinary world in this country and as long as she had said the food which was made by the chef was bad, then the career of that chef would be over.

There were a lot of counters in this hall with various ingredients on it.

Walking toward the counter, Erina's eyes first fell on the egg, but after a moment of thought, he picked a flour on the side and put it on the counter.

"The main ingredient is flour! Your assessment is to make a dish that can satisfy my tongue..." Her purple eyes swept across the participant, smiled, and said, "It's simple, right?"

"Right, I almost forgot to say..." Ignoring the participant who started to tremble, Erina said mischievously, "I'll give you one minute to withdraw from the examination if you want.

"I, I withdraw!"

"What a joke! That's the owner of the "god of the tongue"! How can we make a dish that is capable of satisfying her?!"

"If she declares my food is bad then my career as a chef is over!"

The crowd dispersed, as quickly as possible hoping that they could run faster.

The crowd passed Haru and caused a gush of wind which almost messed up his clothes. It was his first time seeing such an assessment in his entire life. Haru sighed at the character of his fiancee and somehow it was quite fun to watch this assessment. Looking around, he could see Souma was still in the hall. He couldn't see Souma giving up because of Erina.

But suddenly he saw something strange since he saw Erina started to flirt with Hisako which made him speechless. He thought that both of them might have the potential to become a yuri pair, but he knew that it was a bit impossible since his anaconda wouldn't let that happen.

Haru was a bit excited, but he calmed himself down. Looking at Souma who was oblivious about what was happening, he only shook his head and sighed. He thought the pair of Hisako and Souma would be good in the future.

When Hisako and Erina talked to each other in the yuri atmosphere, suddenly Souma interrupted them and said simply, "Excuse me, can the exam begin?"


The cooking assessment had begun, Haru who was hiding in the corner didn't intend to show up at this time. He only promised to Joichiro to help Souma when Souma was treated unfairly, and he wouldn't help Souma to enter this academy using a backdoor. He knew that Souma's ability in cooking was quite good, and Souma had also learned one or two recipes from him since Souma often went to his cafe.



Souma had decided to make bread since he often went to Haru's cafe and somehow had learned one or two recipes from him. He thought for a while and decided to create "Japan #16". In his opinion, Haru's dream to make bread for this country was very interesting and it was very fun. He had asked him to teach him how to make "Japan #16" since it was good being eaten with curry and he was glad to learn it from him.

Souma made a non-rising dough and a thin layer dough then stuck them on the top of the oven. He waited for a while until he received a satisfactory result..

Hisako, who saw what had happened, felt speechless and wasn't sure how to react since she wasn't sure what kind of bread that Souma wanted to create.

But Erina only nodded since she knew what bread it was. She stayed in Haru's cafe for a week and she had seen that weird bread which he often named "Japan" and a number behind it. She thought about the taste of his bread and couldn't help but shudder. Her body had been ravaged after she ate that bread and somehow she started to cry when she thought about "chawanmushi" who had fought bravely against "sea urchin".

"It's done."

Souma brought his bread which was shaped similar to Mt. Fuji.

"Japan #16, please try it."

"Erina-sama?" Hisako wasn't sure what to say.


Erina nodded and took Souma's bread eating it right away. She nodded and it was quite passable; and at the same time, she also wanted to eat curry for some reason. But she sighed when she compared this bread with Haru's bread. She wanted to meet him and taste Haru's food again. She looked around to see whether Haru was around this area, but she didn't see him which annoyed her further. She thought that he tried to tease her which made her couldn't help but hit the counter with "bang".


Souma was in shock and said, "Even if my food isn't good, do you need to calm me, bastard?" He misunderstood Erina who suddenly shouted "bastard" earlier.

"I didn't mean it was you."

Erina smiled sarcastically from the corner of her mouth. She calmed herself and thought that Souma's food was passable. She was about to announce her judgment, but...


A cough sounded by their side, Haru walked out of the corner with a calm expression. When he saw a sarcasm on Erina's expression. He felt that Souma would likely be judged a failure by Erina. After all, with Erina's bad character, she wouldn't tolerate anyone to provoke herself.

That was why he decided to show himself.


Hisako was surprised to see Haru suddenly come to this place. She turned toward Erina and saw her expressionless expression.

Haru walked to the counter and picked Souma's bread. He ate it and nodded. "It's good." He looked at Erina and said, "It's delicious, right? Erina?" He blinked his eyes giving her a message.

But Erina smiled mischievously and said, "It's not qualified! It's terrible!"

"What?!" 2x

Haru and Souma were startled.