Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 876

Volume 1 Chapter 876 Punishment

Haru had a feeling that this girl was trying to tease him.

At first, although Erina's expression was disdainful, her emotions were stable, but after he appeared, she started to tease him.

"Unqualified! It's so bad!"

After dropping this sentence, Erina strode away from the hall, leaving no chance for an explanation to Haru.


"Souma, you wait here. I'll persuade Erina to take back what she has said." Haru looked at Hisako and said, "You can talk with Hisako for a while." He also strode trying to catch Erina.


Hisako and Souma looked at each other for a moment.

"Mm... Hello?" Souma said.


Hisako snorted.


Erina didn't move far away and tapped her feet slowly on the ground looking at Haru who had chased after her.

"You're late!"

Haru was speechless and said, "We're not on a date, right? How am I late?"

Erina looked around and grabbed his hand. "Let's go!"


Haru was wondering what this girl wanted to do.


Erina brought him to a lounge within Tootsuki and locked the door. She sighed in relief when no one had seen her after she brought him here.

"Why did you bring me here?" Haru asked.

Erina snorted and asked, "Why didn't you appear soon?"

"I'm only accompanying him to the exam. I never said I'd come, right?' Haru said.

Erina thought for a while and suddenly remembered that Haru had never promised to come to Tootsuki during their talk before, but she was annoyed when he made her hopeful.

Looking at Erina who started to sulk, Haru was helpless, but he said, "Erina, why didn't you say Souma's dish is unqualified? Don't you think that it is good enough? If you want to tease me then you don't need to do this."

"No, I am the examiner of this assessment. With me there, no unfair things can happen," Erina said while folding her arms.

"Do you think your previous review result is fair?" Haru asked.

"I am the examiner of this assessment, the standards are set by me! If I say that he fails, then he fails!" Erina said with a smile.

'This girl...'

Haru looked at Erina who tried to provoke him and moved forward kissing her lips.


Erina was surprised, but she didn't fight back.

Both of them kissed each other before their lips parted.

"So will you change Souma's result?" Haru asked.

"No! He's unqualified!"


Haru was speechless and said, "Do you remember our bet on my cafe before?"

Erina thought for a while and remembered before the duel between the two of them. She had lost to him and as the loser, she needed to do one thing for him. She blushed and thought that he would use that request "to do that kind of thing", but she didn't really mind. She only hoped for him to change the location "to do that kind of thing" in another place.

"I want you to change the result of Souma," Haru said. Even though he had kept that request for a while, he decided to use it now. Even though he could ask Erina a lot of things, he felt that he didn't need to use that "one wish" which he had gotten after winning against her on a cooking duel.

Erina couldn't help but feel disappointed when Haru asked her about this request since he could use it for a lot of things. She gritted her teeth and said, "No!"


'It can't be helped.'

Haru looked around and didn't see the camera in this room. "So you can't do that?" For reassurance, he threw out a jamming device in this room so no one would bother them.


Erina shook her head and looked straight at him.

"Then, I'll change my request," Haru said.


"I want to slap your butts," Haru said.


Blushing, Erina pointed her finger at Haru. "You pervert!"

"Too late! You already know that your boyfriend is a pervert, right? So come here, I'll slap your butts now," Haru said and carried her in his arms before sitting down on the nearby sofa.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!"

Erina tried to fight back, but she lost to him.

Haru put Erina on his lap with her stomach facing his lap. The location of her butts was in the perfect location and it was ready being slapped by his right hand right away.

"Erina, you have promised me before, right? Are you going to break your promise?" Haru asked.

"But can you ask something else?" Erina was annoyed and wondering why Haru didn't ask for something better. If he asked for something else then she might not mind, but he asked her to slap her butts which somehow made her embarrassed.

"But your butts are beautiful...."

Caressing her supple butts which were perfectly toned from her workout, Haru had to admit that it was very addictive.

"B, Beautiful!"

Erina didn't expect Haru to be a butt guy.

"But a naughty girl needs some punishment."


Haru slapped Erina's butts and made them bouncy around.

"W, what are you doing!" Erina didn't expect Haru to slap her butt.


Haru slapped her butt again and said, "I'll slap your butt 10 times."

"No! Let go of me!"

Erina tried to fight back, but her butt was being slapped once again. During this time, she couldn't do anything and could only wait for Haru to finish his punishment.



After 10 slaps on her butt, Erina started to sob on Haru's lap. Even though Haru didn't use that much force to slap her butts, it might shock her for him to do this on her.

"I'm sorry to slap your butts, alright?" Haru said and caressed Erina's butts. Looking at her who kept sobbing and sulking, he sighed and said, "Come on, don't cry. Your crying face is ugly."

"It's all your fault!" Erina yelled in annoyance when she heard his voice. She was sitting down on Haru's lap while wiping the tears from her eyes.

"As I said before, I'm sorry, but please don't tease me like that again in the future. I don't like it," Haru said and wiped the tears from Erina's eyes gently.

Being gently wiped, Erina felt softened, but she asked, "Don't you love me? Why did you hurt me?"

"I love you, but it doesn't mean that I'll tolerate everything." Haru looked at Erina and said, "What you're doing is testing my patience. I might be gentle, but it doesn't mean that you can play around with me. I can also get angry with you."

"I, I'm not playing with you...." Erina looked away nervously.

"Then look into my eyes," Haru said.


Erina couldn't look straight at him.

"So you want to tease me, right?" Haru said.

Erina nodded softly.

"Don't do that again in the future," Haru said.

"I'm sorry..." Erina said.

Haru smiled and said, "I'm sorry too for slapping your butt." He also caressed her butt since it was quite addictive. "So can you change your result for Souma?"

"Hmm...." Erina nodded.

"That's a good girl," Haru said and caressed Erina's head.

Erina snuggled into him and hugged his neck while being caressed. "You don't hate me, right?"

"I'm not. But in the future, don't do that again," Haru said.

"I won't..." Erina felt that it was nice being with him. She suddenly felt something and asked, "How long are you going to touch my butt?"

"Doesn't it hurt? I'm doing my best to make the pain go away from your butts," Haru said.


Erina wanted to say something, but her butts felt really good when it was being caressed and she said nothing.

"So how long are we going to stay here?' Haru asked with a smile.

"Until the pain in the butt goes away," Erina said. But she didn't dare to look at him since it was quite shameful to say that she wanted to stay like this for a long time.

"Alright, but doesn't your lips hurt too from sobbing earlier? I might need to kiss so the pain will go away," Haru said with a serious expression and seemed worried about her condition.


Looking at her boyfriend, Erina realized that Haru was a top-level pervert. She thought about Alice's words to her before and thought that it might not be that long before she was eaten by him. Though, rather than disgusted, she felt happy that he loved her this much which made her wonder why love was so wonderful yet so weird at the same time.

"It's true, my lips hurt a bit too," Erina said.