Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 877

Volume 1 Chapter 877 New Page

Inside the world of Celestial Spirit, Lucy along with Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Erza were invited by the King of Celestial Spirit to come to the world of Celestial Spirit.

Everyone had a party and a blast, eating, drinking, dancing, etc happily together.

They had been trapped on Tenrou Island for seven years and when they came back their guild had become shoddy, small, dilapidated, poor, etc; they were quite helpless, but they had found a solution.

Grand Magic Games.

It was a magician tournament which was held once every year.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail decided to join this tournament and became the champion since the prize of this quest would be able to help them return their headquarters to new and the status of the champion would help them to regain their status as a top guild on Fiore.

After they had made a decision, almost every member of Fairy Tail decided to go out for training.

Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy also decided to train but didn't expect Virgo (Lucy's Celestial Spirit) to invite them to the world of Celestial Spirit. They were curious about that world and wanted to see it. They agreed with the invitation and went to the world of the Celestial Spirit.



Natsu and Happy were very happy playing around in this place.

Sipping her juice slowly, Erza pondered for a while and said, "I never expected...."

"Huh? What's wrong, Erza?" Lucy who was eating stopped when she heard Erza's words.

"Do you know "Infinite Guild" Lucy?" Erza asked.

Lucy nodded and said, "It's Yajima-san's guild right? What's wrong?"

The relationship between the members of Fairy Tail and Yajima was quite good since the members of Fairy Tail often went to Yajima's restaurant to work.

"I mean Yajima has made the best guild in the entire Fiore in just a year," Erza said.

If Yajima created a guild, then she wouldn't be that surprised, but the problem was Yajima's guild was the strongest guild in the entire Fiore.

Erza had heard that Yajima's guild had only been built for a year which somehow made her quite doubtful about the validity of this matter, but it seemed that it was true which made her curious about this guild.

"I wonder about the members of his guild," Lucy said. From her memory, Yajima was quite perverted and a bit similar to Macarov to a certain extent. She wasn't sure what kind of people had joined Yajima's guild. She was wondering whether Yajima's guild would only be full of female members which somehow made her disgusted.

"I've heard from Lyonn that each of them is very strong," Grey said as he joined their conversation.

"Really?" Lucy looked at Grey.

"You've heard of their members, Grey?" Erza asked.

"I've only heard from Lyon, but almost all of the members have the ability to be an S-Class Mage," Grey said.

"S-Class Mage!"

They were surprised when they heard it.

Their purpose to enter Tenrou Island in the past was to perform an S-Class Mage exam.

The only S-Class Mage in their guild were Gildartz, Laxus, Erza, Mirajane, and Mystogan.

Though Mystoga had quit the guild, he was also counted as one of the S-Class Mage on Fairy Tail.

Their guild had only five members, but Yajima's members almost all of them were S-Class Mage which somehow made them quite surprised.

"I'm all fired up!"

Natsu suddenly appeared and shouted excitedly.


"Hehehe, almost all of them are S-Class Mage? Interesting! I want to fight the members of the Infinite Guild!"

Natsu shouted excitedly and a fire kept coming out from his mouth.

Everyone smiled looking at Natsu and nodded.

"That's right! We're going to be the champions of the Grand Magic Games!" Erza said.


Happy, Lucy, and Grey were also excited.

They didn't have a doubt and their eyes were clear with confidence that they would win this Grand Magic Games.

Little did they know that they would come back three months after they returned to Earthland.


Tabane created a number of weapons in her laboratory after hearing a Grand Magic Games would be held soon. She also wanted to join this tournament since it seemed quite fun, especially when she watched the record of the tournament which happened a year ago.

"Ufufufu, The Idol Tabane-chan is going to go to another world!"

Tabane was excited when she thought that she would defeat the main character of the story and she waited for the quest with anticipation.


The cherry blossom tree had blossomed, and all of the cherry blossoms in the center of Haru's house blossomed, showing a very beautiful flower.

All the trees within showed their beautiful figures to welcome the new page.

Haru, Hiratsuka, Seri, Sora, and Ritsu were in the dining room together while watching the cherry blossom tree having breakfast before they went out either for school or work.

Seri had been living in Haru's house and she loved it. Even though she saw a Gundam in his house, she didn't think much since she thought that it was a real-size toy or something.

Ritsu was having fun staying with everyone after she went to Hawaii. She had to admit that it was good to visit around the world, but it was better to stay with your family since she felt quite lonely sometimes.

'Lonely, huh?'

Ritsu started to feel that she started to grow after she stayed with Haru.

Hiratsuka felt that her stomach was very warm eating the breakfast which was cooked by Haru. She looked at Haru and asked, "Haru, are you going to transfer your school?"

Haru looked at Sora and said, "I might not transfer to your school, big sis."

Hiratsuka nodded and said, "Well, it doesn't really matter since Hyakko is also quite a good school." She looked at Sora and asked, "You're alright with that?"

"It's alright," Sora said with a smile.


Hiratsuka looked at Sora and felt strange. She knew that Sora had a very big brother complex, and it was quite hard to believe that Sora would accept him to not have the same school as her.

Hiratsuka remembered during middle school that both of them were inseparable, but she thought that it might be because of Sora's growth. She nodded and felt a bit satisfied that Sora had become an a.d.u.l.t.

Little did Hiratsuka know that Sora really had become an a.d.u.l.t since she had been eaten by Haru.

Sora didn't really mind for Haru to continue to study at the Hyakkaou Private Academy rather than transfer to Shuchiin Academy, especially considering his identity show as a billionaire. She was sure that he would be troubled since there would be a lot of people who would come at him since they were curious.

Unlike her school, the students on Hyakkou had gotten used to Haru's presence and it wouldn't cause him trouble every day, but it would be different if he decided to transfer to a new school since the condition of each school was different.

"School is going to start soon. Hurry up and go to school." Hiratsuka started to walk and said, "I'm a teacher since I need to go early. Sora, don't be late for school."

"Alright," Sora said. She looked at the time and said, "I'll go out now. I'll go to school with Megumi." She walked toward Haru and kissed his cheek.

Haru nodded and said, "Be careful."


Sora also went out to go to school.

"She seems to be in a good mood," Ritsu said.

Seri also looked at Haru wondering why Sora seemed to be in a good mood.

"Maybe because it is her first day as a high school student?" Haru said. He wouldn't tell them that he had eaten Sora before.

Ritsu only smiled mischievously.


Haru was speechless when he looked at Ritsu's smile.

Seri wasn't sure about what they were talking about and somehow felt that she had been left out by both of them and she didn't like it. She thought to change the topic of conversation and asked, "Haru, do you have another plan?"

Haru nodded and said, "No. I'm only targeting both gold and the euro."

"But is there something that you want to buy?" Seri asked.

Haru looked at the time and saw that there was still time. He nodded and said, "Well, there is something that I want to buy..."

Listening to his ambition, Seri knew very well that it was the right decision to follow him. Staring at him, she was wondering whether her boss was interested in an older woman.