Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 878

Volume 1 Chapter 878 The Girls' New Page

April 5.

It was the day for the new student to enter their new school.

Sora had become a high school student along with Megumi, Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa.

Sora thought about going with Megumi, but she didn't expect to meet the three of them along the way.

Haru's cafe was closed momentarily since they were about to enter their high school as new students.

Everyone talked to Shiina reminding her to not do something weird since she had entered high school.


Shiina didn't listen to them, rather she was thinking about the cute cat which she had seen last night.


"It's hopeless...." Yuri said and facepalmed herself.


They weren't sure what to do with Shiina, but suddenly they heard a familiar voice.

"Good morning, underclassman."


They turned and saw Utaha smiling cheekily at them.

"Good morning, Utaha."

"It's not Utaha, but Utaha-senpai, right?" Utaha said with a graceful smile.


They weren't sure what to say for a moment since what Utaha had said was right. Utaha was one year older than them and in this school they were underclassmen.

"Good morning, Utaha-senpai," Megumi said with a deadpan expression.


Utaha should be happy at this moment, but she wasn't that happy when she heard Megumi's greeting since it was very bland and uninteresting. She looked around and asked, "Haru isn't going to transfer to this school?" She had thought that she could spend her time with Haru in this school after he had been transferred, but she didn't expect him to decide to stay at Hyakkou. She thought that it was a joke and looked at them with a hopeful expression.


Sora shook her head and said, "No, he isn't going to transfer."

Utaha snorted and said, "She has a lover at his school, right? Is that the reason why he doesn't want to transfer?"

"That might be one of the reasons, but it is going to trouble him to transfer to the new school considering his identity," Sora said.

Utaha sighed and knew very well that once Haru transferred to her school then there would be a lot of people who would come at him which somehow would trouble him. Though, she felt quite unsatisfied and decided to ask him for a date later.

They decided to talk together and the sight of five beautiful girls attracted a lot of people, but no one seemed to dare to talk with them.

"Sora-san, good morning!"

Suddenly a long black haired girl came to them and greeted Sora with a smile.


Sora looked at this girl for a while and it seemed that she had seen her somewhere, but she wasn't sure where she had seen this girl.

The girl noticed that Sora was confused and couldn't help but sobbed. "How cruel! You've forgotten about me!"


Everyone looked at Sora at this moment wondering what kind of relationship this girl had with Sora.

"Umm... I'm not sure who you are, sorry," Sora said.

The girl smiled and nodded. "It's alright." She looked around and asked, "I don't see Haru here? Where is he?"


They frowned when they heard this girl's question. They looked at this girl again and had to admit that this girl was quite beautiful, especially her beautiful black long hair which reached her back along with her big b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Overall, in terms of size, this girl wasn't lost to Utaha and even a bit resembled Utaha, but she wasn't wearing a white hairband.

"He isn't here. If you're his ex then you should give up early," Sora said without hesitation.

"Oh my...? Am I his ex? So I was his girlfriend before? Is that what he has said to you?" The girl asked with a blush.


"You're not?" Utaha asked.

"I'm not," the girl said.

"So who are you?" Yuri asked.

"We have met on a trip to Macau before, don't you remember me?" The girl asked.


Sora thought for a while and suddenly remembered the annoying girl who often bothered her with Haru at that time.

"You know her, Sora?" Megumi asked.

Sora nodded and said, "She's a perverted girl that I've met in Macau."


They looked at this girl and made a note that this girl was a pervert.

"Pervert? No, I'm not." The girl was a bit embarrassed and said, "Then, let me introduce myself again." She put her hand on her chest gracefully and said, "My name is Jabami Yumeko. Nice to meet all of you."

"Kato Megumi. Nice to meet you too, Jabami-san," Megumi said.


Yumeko looked at Megumi and wondered when this girl appeared.

Looking at Yumeko's expression, Megumi knew it very well and said, "I've been here from the beginning."


Yumeko blinked her eyes and her long beautiful eyelashes fluttered similar to butterfly wings.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Kato-san."

"It's alright. I've gotten used to it," Megumi said.

"No, don't get used to it!" Iwasawa replied with a speechless expression.

Yumeko chuckled when she looked at their interaction. She thought that they were quite fun and wanted to befriend them.

"I don't know anyone in this school and I hope to be friends with all of you, is that alright?"

Megumi nodded and said, "It's alright, Jabami-san."

Everyone looked at Megumi and thought that she was an incarnation of "Saint Kato".

Yumeko felt quite a relief and healed when she talked with Megumi. "Megumi-san? Can I call you that?"

"Yes, please." Megumi nodded.

"Then you can call me Yumeko," Yumeko said with a smile. She thought that it would be a boring high school, but it seemed that wasn't the case. "Ufufufu, I've got a friend on the first day!" She moved her cheek closer to Megumi, but Megumi seemed unperturbed by Yumeko's lack of personal space.

Megumi as always had a bland expression on her face and maintained her gentle expression.

"Megumi, if you don't like her, you can always say it," Sora said.

"My... Sora-san, are you jealous?" Yumeko asked.

"I'm not!" Sora replied.

Utaha shook her head and said, "How childish."


Sora took a deep breath and somehow realized that Haru's harem might increase in the future, but she hoped that it wasn't that much.

"Good morning, everyone."

Suddenly there was another person who came toward them. She had a beautiful figure and appearance, but she didn't wear a school uniform and a lot of people stared at her.


Iwasawa nodded when she saw Akane since she knew that Akane was a teacher at her high school.

Minagawa Akane was Haru's ex-tutor and somehow their relationship was more than that.

"It's Sensei, alright?" Akane said.

Sora and Megumi looked at Akane and felt quite conflicted, but they didn't think too much since they knew that Haru had stopped his relationship with Akane.

Akane looked around and asked, "I don't seem to see Kasugano-kun here? Is he coming late?" She thought that Haru would transfer to her school and thought to use that chance to close the distance between the two of them. She hadn't forgotten the day that she spent with him, especially when they almost did have intercourse almost every day. Her day was bliss when she thought about it.

However, these days ended and she felt that everything was lacking.

"He's not going to transfer, Sensei," Utaha said.


Akane seemed quite surprised since she knew that most of Haru's girlfriends would be studying in this school so she thought he would transfer in this school, but it seemed that wasn't the case. She sighed, but she didn't lose her smile and said, "Is that so? Let's go to school together."

They nodded and didn't really mind going together, especially Akane's identity as a teacher could help them answer their question about their new high school.

Yumeko looked at their interaction and blinked her eyes again. She was wondering whether Haru had a relationship with all of the girls in this place.

The eight of them walked together and attracted a lot of attention since it was a rare sight to see a group of beautiful girls.

Little did they know that almost all of them had been eaten by Haru who wasn't even in their high school.


"So this is Shuuichin...."

On top of his bicycle, this young man with blonde hair and dark blue eyes stared at the school in front of him before pedaling his bicycle once again. On his side, there was a luxurious sedan stopped right in front of the entrance and a beautiful petite girl with a cold expression came out from the car.

Two people weren't even acquaintances and they didn't greet each other nor did they greet each other. They entered the school by themselves and knew that they would be a student in this school from now on.

Then after that, another girl with long pink hair stared at the group of seven girls and one woman who walked together and seemed surprised since she remembered that she had seen one of the girls stay together with a male at the hotel before.


But no matter what, Shuuichin welcomed their new students.