Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 879

Volume 1 Chapter 879 New Page's Hyakkaou Side

Hyakkaou Private Academy.

"I'm finally here."

This girl looked at the high school section of Hyakkou and smiled. She had been waiting for this moment and knew that it was her time to soar to the sky.

The name of this girl was Yumemi Yumemite. She was a beautiful girl with long slightly pink hair that was styled into two partial ponytails that were tied with white hairbands and blue eyes with white pupils which were in the shape of a star.

In the past, Yumemi styled her hairstyle as Kawaru Natari since she was her big fan. She also wanted to become a famous actress in Hollywood and win an Academy Award, but she knew that it would be very hard for her to do that, especially when she didn't have a background or sponsor to help her.

In her 3rd year of middle school, she was invited by her only friend to become an idol. Even though she didn't like it, she knew that it was the shortcut for her to become famous and to reach her ambition as a famous Hollywood actress.

But it was different now since she had entered the high school section of Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Kasugano Haruka.

Yumemi knew that she needed to have a connection with him to realize her dream.

In her early 3rd middle school time, she might not know this name, but this young man suddenly rose his power after being transferred to this school and became the richest man in this country.

Yes, Haru had become the richest man in Japan.

It might sound surprising but most big companies in Japan were owned by clans and it means it wasn't owned by one person.

Unlike Haru, who owned all of his business by himself, all of the people in this county shared the wealth of the family with all of the members.

That was why Haru had become the richest man in this country quite easily. His net worth had almost reached 30 billion USD, which had left behind the richest number 2 in this country who only had 9 billion USD of net worth.

Yumemi needed to grasp the heart of this young man if she wanted to become a popular Hollywood actress. She was confident in her beauty and she also didn't mind becoming his lover considering his appearance, status, and all. If she hadn't come to this school, she might not have had a chance to meet him, but now it was different.

Walking to the school, Yumemi thought all of the business which was owned by Haru.

'Television network, radio, newspaper, music record, the largest movie theatre chains in the world, movie company, book publishing, Instragam, Line, NicoNico, Aegis, sports clubs.....'

Yumemi's head was quite dizzy when she thought about all of the things which were owned by Haru who was only in his 16 years old.

Compared to her dream to become a popular actress and win the Academy Award, his achievement was harder to reach. But once she could get his attention, she was sure that it would be easy for him to help her with her ambition.

Yumemi wouldn't be surprised if Haru decided to invade Hollywood and bought one of the famous big six studios in the future.

Yumemi thought of a way to get his attention, but she knew that it wouldn't be that easy since she was sure a lot of girls in this school would think the same thing as her.

Haru's charm was too high, his face, his status, wealth, etc; was too tempting for every young girl in this world.

If she could make a comparison, then he was the prince in a white horse in her childhood book or rather he was more than that since the prince's treasury was owned by the king, not the prince himself.

Every girl wanted to become a princess and being wedded by him was the shortcut for that.

It might be hard to become his official wife, but it was alright to become his lover.

Before coming to high school, Yumemi had also gathered a lot of information that she could get so she could make her preparation and she knew that she had one trouble getting his attention.

Momobami Kirari.

This name was very famous since Kirari had controlled the entire Hyakkaou Private Academy and changed a lot of things within. But there was another reason why Kirari was famous since, in this school, Kirari was known as Haru's girlfriend.

But she wouldn't give up.

Yumemi knew that her ambition would be hard to reach without Haru's help and to reach her ambition she would do anything. Taking her first step, she entered Hyakkaou Private Academy and knew that she was one step closer to her ambition. She met her only friend along the way but stopped when she saw the vintage car which had entered this school.


From the moment they were born, humans were faced with disparity...

In athletics, intellect, looks, sensibility, and money.

Winners and losers were divided up without any rhyme or reason and this girl couldn't stand that up.

'So this is....'

Looking at Hyakkaou Private Academy, she had to admit that this school was very huge.

Saotome Mary.

It was the name of this girl.

From now on, Mary would attend this school and become part of an elite society.

Mary knew that entering this school was a shortcut to becoming the life winner in this world.

The children of CEOs, shareholders, executives, politicians had entered this school, and she had also entered this school.

She knew if she made a connection with any of them her life would be easy after she had graduated from this school.

Mary looked around and noticed the security of this school was very strict, especially when she saw various cameras around the school.

But she also understood the reason since the ones who stayed here were the children of a famous politician and big company.

'And there's that guy too....'

The guy that she mentioned was the richest man in this country, Kasugano Haruka.

Mary was confused and staggered when she thought a young man who was one year older than her could become the richest man in this country. From what she knew Haru had lost his parents during his 3rd year of middle school, and he had become a billionaire after he entered high school. She felt sorry to hear that he had lost his parents, but she didn't expect him to become the richest man in the country in just a single year.

Mary wasn't sure, but she blushed when she thought about his photo on the pool. She had to admit that he was very hot and she also thought that sometimes god was fair. She knew that Haru might have all of the riches, looks, and b - b - big little brother, but he had lost his parents early. She thought that it might be the reason why she was quite curious about him.

Not only her but almost all of the new students who had entered this school were curious about him.

It was at this moment a vintage Ferrari entered the school building which somehow attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Luxury cars weren't that rare for all of the students in this place since almost all of them come from a rich family, but it was different when they saw this silver 275 GTB Ferrari since it was a very rare car.

Mary who looked at this car heard the conversation between the car maniac beside her.

"Damn, who the heck is that sultan? That car is almost 25 million USD!"

'25 million USD!!!'

Mary staggered her movement and felt a bit dizzy. She would have never expected a car to be worth that much since she also wasn't sure whether she could get sum of money in her entire life. Though, at the same time, she realized the identity of the owner of that car.


Haru was driving his car slowly since he had entered the school area. But he felt weird when Kirari had been staring at him.


"Nothing. I can see that every new female student is looking at you along the way," Kirari said with a smile. She looked at him and said, "Aren't you glad that you're very popular?"


Haru was speechless and said, "Even if I'm popular, you're only Yuria (fiancee of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star)."

Kirari snorted but also chuckled at his joke.

It wasn't a secret between the two that Kirari loved "Fist of North Star".

Looking at Haru, Kirari said, "Say... why don't you grow a beard?"


Haru was wondering whether Kirari wanted to have him in cosplay of Kenshiro with a beard.