Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 880

Volume 1 Chapter 880 New Quest

It was the opening of the school and as a member of the student council, Haru needed to attend the ceremony. He stood between Sayaka and Runa, with Ririka stood beside Runa, and Sachiko stood beside Sayaka.

Overall, he stood up in the middle of four girls. He looked at Ririka who somehow looked away from him. He could tell that Ririka was blushing even though she covered her face with a mask.

Ririka didn't dare to look at Haru since she often met him after he had left Kirari's room from time to time.

What was he doing in Kirari's room? Well, he didn't need to explain that.

Looking at a group of students in front of him, Haru didn't expect that it had already been a year since he had gotten a "group chat" and he had already become the richest man in this country. It might seem quite weird, but it had happened.

Haru ranked 1st in this country, but he ranked 4th in the world.

It might sound unreal since it had happened, he could only enjoy it.

It was good since he was a mogul that he controlled almost all of the media in this country and made his life very quiet.

No paparazzi dared to take his photo or a gossip magazine tried to use him as a headline unless he had given them permission since if they really dared to do it then they needed to prepare to lose their job or worse...

Looking at Kirari who gave her speech to the new students, Haru looked at the new students and somehow felt quite bored.

After Tougami had graduated, his position had been taken by Kaede Manyuda who was also a new student.

Haru could feel that Manyuda somehow glanced at him from time to time. He ignored him since he didn't have that much interest in a guy. At the same time, he knew that this year wouldn't be quiet and it would be quite interesting, especially when everyone on the student council had their own ambition.


Suddenly he felt that his phone had vibrated and somehow he felt something was about to happen.

'Is it a quest?'

Haru thought that it might be possible, but he needed to wait until the ceremony was over before he could check his smartphone.

"I welcome all of you to the Hyakkaou Academy," Kirari said and ended her speech.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

"Now, let us welcome the representative of the 1st year," Kirari said and looked at Sayaka.

Haru looked at Sayaka who was standing beside him smiling and walking toward the podium. He felt weird since this smartest girl in her entire grade often did something stupid after all.

Sayaka greeted everyone at the ceremony and the ceremony of the opening school ended after her speech.


[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Join Grand Magic Games]

[Quest 2: Defeat the future Rogue]

[Quest 3: Defeat Dragons]

[Participant: all the members of group chat]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before Grand Magic Games]

Teppei: "It's time, huh? I also want to take a break."

Luffy: "Yahoo! Let's go! Let's go out now!"

Charlotte: "The time will really stop in our world, right?"

Shinobu: "Yes, the time will stop in our world so you don't need to worry about going on this quest and you also don't need to worry that someone will notice our disappearance."

Charlotte: "That's good."

Sumire: "Interesting, I also want to go to the world of magic."

Tabane: "Yeah! It's the first journey of Tabane-chan to another world!"

Gintoki: "Yajima-san, please prepare the booze! We're going to have a party!"

Tsunade: "Get as much booze as possible!"

Korosensei: "Let's party!"

Yajima: "Hahaha, I'll prepare right away. Wait for a few hours!"

Kuzuha: "Umm... I can't drink alcohol."


Everyone turned quiet when they heard Kuzuha's words, but Tabane changed the topic of conversation.

Tabane: "When can we teleport?"

Tsunade: "You should wait for Haru."

Tabane: "Haru! Haru! Haru! Let's go to another world!"

Kuroneko: "He might be in his class. If I'm not wrong, he should be in his 2nd year now."

Sumire: "Haru is a high school student?"

Sumire was speechless.

Kuroneko: "Is that something surprising?"

Kuroneko: "Right, I've also entered high school now."

"Congratulations!" 12x

Everyone gave their congratulations to Kuroneko.

Esdeath and Haru didn't join their conversation and everyone was waiting for Haru to start the quest so they could enter another world.


After the end of the ceremony, Haru went to his classroom and his class had changed since he had become a 2nd-year student.


Runa was in the same class as him as expected.

"Runa-san, you shouldn't be too loud in the classroom," Yuriko said calmly. Though, at the same time, she was happy that she was in the same class as him.

But that wasn't over since Kirari and Ririka were also in the same class.

Four members of the student council were in the same class which somehow made the rest of the students feel overwhelmed.

Ignoring Runa, Haru looked at his smartphone and chatted with Esdeath.

Esdeath: "Husband, let's go on the quest!"

Esdeath was excited about the new journey and it would be her first time to enter the world of Fairy Tail. She also wanted to test the strength of the people in that world and she also missed him. Even though he was gone for a few days, she really missed him. She also had heard that he had gotten a funny power which made her curious about what kind of power it was.

Haru smiled and also missed Esdeath. Even though in Esdeath's world, he had only gone for a few days, but in his original world, he had left her for a few months.

Haru: "Wait for a while, let's go to the quest after this."

Haru had read the quest and as expected it was a quest to win the "Grand Magic Games". He had already participated in this event in the past and now it was his second time, but this time it was different since the main characters of Fairy Tail had returned.

Haru was also curious to fight against the Fairy Tail and wanted to see how powerful this "Nakama power".

"Nakama power" or a friendship power, might sound quite ridiculous, but it was how the members of Fairy Tail defeated their opponent.

Haru wanted to see who was stronger, the members of "group chat" or a Fairy Tail who had the "Nakama power".

Haru entered the "group chat" and asked, "Are you ready?"

"YEAH!!!!" 14x

All of them answered at the same time since it was quite rare for all of them to have to go for the quest together.

They were very excited and felt that it was a festival. There might be a lot of trouble, but they believed that they could solve that problem, especially when they knew about the future in the world of "Fairy Tail".

During their stay in the world of Fairy Tail, they needed to watch out for "future Rogue" and the dragons which were being summoned by the Eclipse Gate.

Looking around his classroom, Haru felt complex when he needed to go for the quest during his first day in the 2nd year.

Then Kirari and Ririka entered the classroom and made the class quiet.

Kirari looked at Haru, Yuriko, and Runa and said, "Let's go to the student council room."

Haru and Runa nodded, but Yuriko was surprised.

"Eh? Me too?"

Kirari nodded and said, "Yes, Yuriko, I want you to become a member of the student council." She looked at Haru and said, "This guy is almost skipping his work. It's better for you to change his position."


Haru was speechless and asked, "So I'm being thrown from the student council?"



"I was joking." Kirari smiled and said, "Of course not, but I'll change your position so you won't be too busy with your student council work since you need to take care of your business, right?"

Haru nodded and said, "Well, let's go."

Hearing his voice, everyone didn't waste their time and went to the student council room.

Haru put his hand in his pocket and pressed the button to teleport to another world.


The world stopped and he was being enveloped by a white light before teleported to another world.