Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 881

Volume 1 Chapter 881 Teleported

Enveloped by a white light, the time stopped and all of the members on the "group chat" were teleported, except Yajima.

Yajima wasn't sure where they would be teleported, but he had told everyone that Haru and everyone would go back to the guild to join the "grand magic games".

Everyone was surprised and didn't expect Haru and everyone would go back so suddenly. Every member of the "Infinite" knew Haru very well since most of the members this guild was a member of "Sabertooth" who had been disbanded a year ago.

Minerva and Jiemma had disappeared after "Sabertooth" had lost against the "Infinite"; Sting, Rogue, Orga, and Rufus had joined the "Infinite" after being invited by Haru.

"Finally, they're going to come back?" Sting said with a smile.

"I've been waiting for them," Rogue said calmly.

"Oh! We need to show them how strong we have become Sting!" Lector said.

"Frosch thinks so too!" Frosch said.

"Master, can I ask you a question?" Rufus asked.

"What's wrong?" Yajima asked.

"Haru and his group are going to join the "Grand Magic Games", right? Then what about us?" Rufus asked.

String, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga wanted to join the "Grand Magic Games". Even if they knew that it was better to give this representative position to Haru and his group, they also wanted to perform, especially when Natsu and Gajeel had come back after being trapped on Tenrou Island.

"Well, just make more groups," Yajima said.


"Huh? More groups?"

His words caused a lot of confusion.

"There are no rules that a guild can't send more than one team." Yajima smiled and said, "As long as you want, you can create more teams. It'll be fun to see all of the eight teams that have entered the qualifications of "Grand Magic Games" are from our guild."


Everyone was silent for a while, but then their eyes were full of excitement. They had never thought about such a thing before, but it would be very fun to see all of the eight-team on the "Grand Magic Games" were from their guild.

"Hahaha, that's a good idea! Our guild is the best!" Orga shouted loudly.

Rufus nodded and said, "I've never seen such a thing in my memory, but I guess that's quite fun."

Rather than "Grand Magic Games", it would turn into "Infinite Magic Games" since all of the participants came from the "Infinite" guild.

So what about other guilds in the Fiore kingdom? If they were too weak then the show wouldn't be interesting, right? It was better to monopolize the entire tournament for themselves.

"Umm... what about the Fairy Tail? Didn't you say that you want to fight them?" Yukino asked.

"Yukino. If Fairy Tail can't even enter qualification then it is better for them to drop out early," Sting said.

Rogue nodded and said, "I don't want to fight with the weak."

Even if Sting and Rogue were quite arrogant, it was the truth since it wouldn't be fun to fight against the weak. They knew very well that from the mouths of Haru and Yajima, the world was very vast. If the 3rd Generation Dragon Slayer existed, then the 4th and 5th might exist too.

They had never seen them, but there were three big continents in this world. They were living in Fiore which was located on Ishgar.

Besides Ishgar, there were both Alakitasia and Guiltina.

They had never gone to two other continents, but from what Haru had told them in the past, there might be a real dragon on one of those continents.

Sting and Rogue wanted to see the world, but they weren't confident enough to bring both Lector and Frosch with them on that trip considering how dangerous it was.

"Alright, let's make a team together! Rogue! Rufus! Orga! Yukino!" Sting said.

Rogue nodded in agreement.

"Hahaha, let's do it!" Orga laughed.

"Interesting," Rufus said.

"U - um... is that alright?" Yukino asked since she was a bit nervous.

"Why not? You're very powerful," Sting said.

"Then, let's do it," Yukino said with a smile.

The five of them had decided to create a team by themselves. Then they looked at Yajima who was holding something in his hands. They knew very well that Yajima often used that strange device, but they weren't sure what it was.

"Master, what is that thing?" Rogue asked.

"Oh, this is a smartphone. I use it to communicate with people," Yajima said.


They were surprised that the small device on Yajima's hand could be used for a communication device.

If Haru was in this world, he would be strange since a telephone didn't appear and the people in this world would use a letter to communicate with someone far away or using telepathic magic.

Communication devices without using magic such as telephone or smartphone hadn't been invented and once it had been invented, it would change the whole world.

They were surprised, but in the end, they didn't have that much curiosity.

In their mind, they were thinking about how to become the champion and defeated Haru and his team.

"Umm... master, can I ask you a question?" Yukino asked.

"Hmm? What's wrong, Yukino?" Yajima asked.

"Is Haru-sama going to bring his wife here?" Yukino asked.

Looking at Yukino who seemed quite nervous, Yajima sighed. He felt that Haru's harem protagonist power was too powerful since it also affected Yukino who was very far away. But when he thought about Esdeath who he had met in the world of Toriko. He shuddered and felt fear. He couldn't forget Esdaeth's at that time, and even though her power might not be the most powerful, her presence was enough to make everyone scared.

"Okay, Haru's wife is also going to come with him, but let me remind you no matter what, don't ever try to provoke his wife," Yajima said.

"Huh? Why?" Yukino asked in confusion.

"His wife is very scary," Yajima said with a pale expression.


They couldn't imagine Haru's wife and thought that she might be a demon with three heads, six arms, and six meters in height.


"What the heck?!"

They couldn't imagine him marrying such a woman in their minds which made them even more curious.

"Oh, right, let me remind you that he has a lot of wives," Yajima said.


Yajima looked at Yukino and said, "If you want to marry him then it is possible."

"W - what are you saying, Master!" Yukino blushed and looked away.


Sting, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga weren't sure, but somehow they felt quite jealous at this moment, but such thoughts were quickly repressed when they thought about the battle which they were about to have on the "Grand Magic Games".

The perverts usually stayed on the "Blue Pegasus" and definitely not within their guild.

They continued their party until suddenly a white light appeared within their headquarters which somehow shocked them.


Everyone was startled and no one would think that someone would attack their guild, but then they saw 14 figures had appeared together in the middle of the guild.

Yajima smiled and said, "Welcome!"

14 people didn't answer Yajima but held their heads in pain.

In their minds, no matter how much they had been teleported, they couldn't get used to this headache which they had gotten every time they were teleported.