Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 882

Volume 1 Chapter 882 Shouta Haru

The full member of the "group chat" had been teleported to the world of "Fairy Tail".

The "Grand Magic Games" would be held in a week and before that, they decided to teleport earlier to familiarize themselves with this world, especially when they had new members of the "group chat".

Charlotte, Sumire, Kuzuha, and Tabane were new members and they had never gone to another world using a "group chat" so they wanted to see how another world was.

Kuzuha might have been teleported to another world, but she used a different method since her world was quite unique.

Gintoki, Korosensei, Teppei, and Luffy joined the party of the "Infinite" guild right away without hesitation blending together and had fun together.

It wasn't Esdeath first time to teleport to another world, but it was her first time being teleported to the world of "Fairy Tail", but somehow she felt that there were a lot of people who were looking at her.


"So you're Haru's wife?" Charlotte asked.

Esdaeath nodded and smiled. "Yes."


They knew very well that this smile meant a proud smile to all of them.

Haru might have a lot of lovers, but his only wife was Esdeath.

Sumire, Tabane, Sumire, and Yukino started to ask a lot of things to Esdeath and wondered what made him attracted to this woman.

Haru didn't join their conversation and he sat next to Tsunade who drank a lot of booze on the side.

"Hic.... You're not going to join their conversation?" Tsunade asked.

"Nope." Haru shook his head.


"Because I miss you," Haru said.

Tsunade snorted and said, "You and your mouth, what is so special about an old lady like me?"

Somehow Haru could tell that Tsunade was sulking and the only thing that he could do was to calm her down. "You're still young."

Tsunade raised her eyebrow and moved closer. "Tonight?"

Haru nodded in response and didn't say much since he could see that a lot of people were looking at him, especially Shinobu and Kuroneko who seemed to talk to each other.


Kuroneko was quite a loner, but she was quite close to Shinobu and Kouha.

The three of them sat next to each other talking about each other and Kuzuha also joined them since she had known the three of them before.

Listening to their conversation, Kuzuha was quite surprised by this place and somehow made her realize the amazingness of "group chat", but then she heard the conversation between Kuroneko and Kouha.

"Kouha, do you think that wolf is going to eat all of the female members on this guild?" Kuroneko asked.

Kouha shook his head and said, "That wolf isn't a stud. He is quite choosy with his target."


Shinobu who was sitting between Kouha and Shinobu was quite annoyed when both of them ignored her and talked to each other. She looked at Haru and Tsunade and thought that they were about to do that kind of thing.

"Hmm... Shinobu, can I ask you a question?" Kuzuha asked.

"Yes, what's wrong, Kuzuha-chan?" Shinobu asked with a smile. Her attitude toward Kuzuha was quite good since Kuzuha was the youngest among the group.

"How many are Haru's girlfriends?" Kuzuha asked innocently.


Shinobu wasn't sure what to say for a moment.


Talking to each other, Esdeath joined the conversation between Haru and Tsunade since she was annoyed being asked by Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire.

"Husband, what kind of power have you gotten after your last quest?" Esdeath asked. She was quite curious about Haru's new power and wondering what could be done.

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tsunade perked their ears when they heard he had a new power from his last quest.

Haru sipped his cola and said, "It's age manipulation."


Blinking her eyes, Tsunade didn't believe what she had heard. "Haru, can you tell me one more time?"

"It is age manipulation. I can manipulate myself and someone else's age within the 30-year range. It can be younger or older as long as I touch that person," Haru said. He looked at Tsunade and said, "I can make you younger again, do you want to try it?"

Yajima, Tsunade, and Gintoki who heard this power became interested.

"Haru, can you make me 30 years younger?" Yajima asked.

Haru nodded and said, "It's possible. Do you want to try it?"


Gintoki thought that he could become a young boy again, but he was quite skeptical. He folded his arms and said, "You can manipulate your own age, right? Can you show it to us first?"

"Alright, I'll go to the changing room first. I'll make myself younger. It is going to be troublesome if my pants fall off from my legs later," Haru said.

"Husband, let me help you," Esdeath said and followed Haru to the changing room.


Haru stopped Esdeath and said, "Don't be surprised. Just wait outside for a while."

Esdeath was quite reluctant since she wanted to see Haru in his shouta form, but she nodded.

Then everyone heard that Haru had learned a new magic which was known as "age manipulation".

Rufus placed his finger on his temple and said, "It should be one of the lost magic."

Sting clenched his hand and said, "He has become stronger!"

"But we have also become stronger in the past year," Rogue said confidently.

"Hahaha, what rock magic! Let's see what his ability is!" Orga shouted loudly.

"Shut up!"

Esdeath glared at someone who was very loud within the hall since it annoyed her. She wanted to see Haru with his new power and didn't have time to be disturbed.



They suddenly felt a sudden cold and a clear bloodl.u.s.t came from Esdeath which somehow made their body weak.


Some people who couldn't handle the pressure from Esdeath and plopped on the ground weakly.

"Esdeath! Esdeath! Calm down!" Tsunade hurriedly stopped Esdeath.


Esdeath stopped and calmed herself.


No one dared to say anything again since the pressure which was caused by Esdeath was so strong.

"T - This is... I've never had such a thing in my memory...." Rufus said quietly.

"S - So strong...." Sting felt that his body was full of sweat after receiving pressure from Esdeath.


Rogue was silent and had to admit that Esdeath was very strong.

Orga who was very loud also turned quiet at this moment.

Everyone was silent and didn't dare to look at Esdeath. They were wondering how Haru was able to marry such a woman and they couldn't imagine it on their mind. Then at this moment, the door was opened, Haru who had turned five years old was quite confused and asked, "What's wrong? Why so quiet?" He didn't understand why the party had suddenly stopped.

Haru looked at everyone who was stunned and didn't say anything. 'Is my magic that shocking?' He knew that it was quite rare for someone to have magic related to time, but he didn't expect everyone to show such a reaction.

Before someone answered him, suddenly someone grabbed him and put him into two soft valleys. He couldn't breathe and tried to reach whatever he could to escape. "E - Esdeath, don't hug me too hard!"

Esdeath stared at Haru silently and didn't let him go away. She didn't expect her husband would be this cute in his shouta form.

"How cute!!!"

Suddenly everyone gathered around Haru and the tense atmosphere in the hall had disappeared with the appearance of shouta Haru.

Kouha was also surprised by Haru in his shouta form and he also joined the crowd curiously.

Everyone gathered together and looked at Haru curiously touching his head, hands, body, but Esdeath didn't allow it.

"Esdeath, don't hog him alone!" Tsunade complained.

Haru felt it was enough and turned into his "astral mode" before escaping from Esdeath's clutch.

"Catch him!"

Everyone started to chase Haru in shouta loli form.

Overall, shoute Haru is very popular.