Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 883

Volume 1 Chapter 883 Three Teams

Everyone calmed down and they started to discuss the "Grand Magic Games". They had read the rules of "Grand Magic Games" from the manga, but the real problem was the team which they would send to the "Grand Magic Games".

Unlike last year, this year's "Grand Magic Games", the protagonist of this world or "Fairy Tail" would join this tournament which meant that it would increase the difficulty of the tournament.

Nakama power.

They had to admit that "Nakama power" was quite troublesome since the members of "Fairy Tail" would have a power boost when they were together with their friends. They didn't know how strong the members of the "Fairy Tail" were since they had never fought them, but they were sure that it wouldn't be easy to fight them.

Sitting on Esdeath's lap, Haru could feel two soft things behind his head. Even though everything had calmed down, Esdeath wanted him to retain his shouta form. He didn't have too much trouble with it, but somehow her gaze was quite weird.

Esdeath looked at Haru who was in his shouta form, and thought if she gave birth to a son then their child would be similar to him. But at the same time, she knew that Haru wasn't her son, but rather her husband. She felt quite glad to marry him when she thought he could manipulate his own age turning him older or younger which somehow made their nightlife colorful.

Everyone gathered together and listened to Yajima's explanation.

Yajima had told everyone that Rogue, String, Orga, Rufus, and Yukino would create their own team to join the "Grand Magic Games".

"We need to win this tournament, so who will we send to the tournament later?" Yajima asked.

They knew that they needed to win this tournament since it was part of their quest, but the problem was who would be sent out.

"I'm a guild master so I'll leave this to all of you," Yajima said. As the rules said that the guildmaster couldn't join the "Grand Magic Games" so he didn't join and let the rest members of the "group chat" to decide among them who would join the event.

"Me! Me! Me! I'll join this tournament!" Luffy said excitedly.

"Tabane-chan too! I want to join this tournament!" Tabane raised her hand very high.

No one seemed surprised by Luffy's initiative since this guy was hyperactive. But they were a bit surprised by Tabane who wanted to join the tournament.

"Is that alright? You can't use magic, right?" Kuroneko asked.

"Even though I can't use magic, I've got all of this!"

Suddenly a lot of weapons appeared beside Tabane from machine guns, missiles, guns, IS, nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb, Tsar Bomba, etc.

Haru even saw Silver Gospel and the Unidentified IS which had attacked the academy in the past. He was speechless wondering whether Tabane wanted to destroy the world.


"I can join, right?" Tabane asked with a smile.


They nodded at the same time since they knew very well about the power of IS. Hearing an explanation from Haru before, IS was a very advanced weapon with speed more than Mach 2, absolute defense, and powerful weapons which could destroy an entire country easily.

Tabane brought two IS which meant that she could destroy two countries.

Even if they knew a magician was very powerful, it didn't mean that they could move with the speed of Mach 2.

"I'm also very strong! You don't need to worry!" Tabane said while raising her arms as if trying to show that she was powerful.


No one was worried anymore about Tabane and she had successfully joined the team.

"So how many teams are we going to send? Two or one?" Teppei asked. If he could lazy around then he would do that since he was very tired of becoming a spy for the biggest villain organization in his original world.

The "Infinite" had sent Sting and his friends so Teppei thought that they only needed to send one team.

"It's better to send two teams," Haru said.


Everyone looked at Haru at the same time. Even though Haru was in shouta form, he was undoubtedly one of the strongest members on the "group chat".

"I mean, we're going to fight the "Fairy Tail". Even if they have disappeared for seven years, they're undoubtedly one of the strongest guilds in the world. It's better that we're going all out in this tournament rather than underestimating them," Haru said.

Hearing Haru's words, all of them agreed. They decided to go all out from the beginning or else they couldn't cry once they lost against the "Nakama power".

"I've been curious for a while, but what is "Nakama power"?" Tsunade asked with a frown.

Some of the people here also didn't understand what "Nakama power" was.

"Ahem! Let me explain it!"

Suddenly Kororsensei appeared wearing a professor uniform with a white lab coat and also brought a whiteboard. He explained that "Nakama power" mostly appears in shounen manga and was a phenomenon when a character (usually the main character) suddenly gained extra stamina and power after making a speech about his friends or watching one of his or her friends getting hurt or getting insulted.

"So they're going to be stronger once their friends are being hurt or insulted?" Esdeath asked.

"Yes, Esdeath-kun." Korosensei nodded and said, "It's better that we don't insult them later."

They nodded and also didn't intend to insult the member of "Fairy Tail" since they didn't have too much interest in them. For them, the member of "Fairy Tail" was only a stranger and there was nothing so special about them besides their "Nakama power".

"So who are we going to send it to? Except for Yajima, we have 14 people that we can choose from to form two teams," Kouha said.

"How many people are on one team?" Charlotte asked.

"Five people," Shinobu said.

"I'm out. I don't think I can be helped on this mission," Charlotte said.

"Me too," Sumire said.

Kuzuha raised her hand and said, "I - I'm planning to watch as well."


No one refuted the three of them who took the initiative to retreat.

Gintoki and Tsunade looked at each other for a while.

"I'm also out!" 2x


"Sorry, Tsunade. I don't plan on joining this tournament," Gintoki said.

"Me too. I want to enjoy booze while watching the fight!" Tsunade said.

Gintoki and Tsunade stared at each other and both of them wanted to be lazy during this tournament.

Both lazy bumps wanted to take it easy during the quest.


Everyone was speechless at both of them.

"How about you decide who is going to go using rock paper scissors?" Haru said.

Gintoki and Tsunade nodded and decided who would go on the match using rock paper scissors.


"I won!"

Tsunade raised her hands high and said, "Gintoki, you go."


Gintoki was all four and he was very depressed that he needed to join this tournament.

"Gin-chan, we're going to have fun!"

Luffy patted Gintoki's shoulder with a smile.

Gintoki was sad, but he nodded. He had lost and knew that he needed to join the tournament.

""Now let's decide who is going to join team A or B," Yajima said.

In this tournament, the "Infinite" guild decided to send out three teams which consisted of team A, team B, and Team C.

Team C would consist of Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, and Yukino.

This time, they needed to decide who would enter team A or team B from Haru, Luffy, Kouha, Teppei, Gintoki, Esdeath, Kuroneko, Shinobu, Tabane, and Korosensei.

They talked to each other and had decided who would join team A, team B, and Team C.

Team C: Sting, Rogue, Orga, Rufus, and Yukino.

Team B: Luffy, Korosensei, Kouha, Kuroneko, and Teppei.

Team A: Haru, Esdeath, Tabane, Gintoki, Shinobu.

Haru looked at team B and somehow felt that it was a very strong team. 'Luffy, Korosensei, Kouha, and Teppei....' The four powerhouses of the "group chat" had joined together.

"Hehehe, Haru....." Kuroneko stared at Haru with a smirk.


Kuroneko pointed her finger toward the sky and said, "I, The Ruler of Darkness, declare that I'll dominate this tournament!"

Standing at the top of the table, Kuroneko declared her intention to win this tournament.


"Who is going to win? Let's see wait for the next chapter," Gintoki said.

"Who are you talking with?" Kouha asked.

"Oh, I'm going to become the narrator now," Gintoki said.