Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 884

Volume 1 Chapter 884 Onward To Crocus 2

The next day, everyone went out onward to Crocus to prepare early.

Yajima didn't lack money since Haru had given him some before and the money prize from the "Grand Magic Games" in the past also had given him. Haru had told him to use that money for an investment and he did so. He bought a large building in Crocus to become the headquarters of the "Infinite" guild.

The "Infinite" guild mostly operated in Hargeon Town which was located in the southern part of Fiore, near Magnolia Town, but Yajima also bought a building on the Crocus town, the Capital City of the Kingdom of Fiore.

The building on Crocus was mostly being used as a business for hotels and restaurants, and it could also be used for every member of the "Infinite" group to stay during their missions.

Yajima had thought of creating more hotel and restaurant businesses for the entire Fiore, no, the entire Ishgar, and then the entire world. It was Haru who had whispered such a thing to Yajima, and somehow Yajima felt interested in building the largest chain hotel in the world. With the "Infinite" guild as a brand, he was sure that this business would be successful since the "Infinite" was the strongest guild on the Kingdom of Fiore. Because of that, no one dared to provoke his guild randomly.

Everyone rode on the car which model was prepared by Haru in the past. They didn't use a "Stealth Cruiser" since its size was too big. It was impossible to park a 250-meter spacecraft in the town.

Esdeath, Charlotte, Sumire, Tabane, and Kuzuha who didn't have a guild symbol on their bodies needed to be marked with Guild's insignia since without it, they couldn't participate in the "Grand Magic Games". They didn't have a problem and asked for the Guild's insignia on the back of their hands.

Haru told them that it could be hidden so it wouldn't cause trouble when they went back to their original world. He knew that it would be troublesome to explain what was the tattoo on their bodies when they returned to their world which was why he also asked a feature on this mark which made it could vanish whenever they wished.

Along the way, Haru explained the rules of the "Grand Magic Games" to everyone who hadn't heard about it.

1. Guild Masters cannot participate.

2. Anyone without the Guild's insignia cannot participate.

3. Each event will remain a secret up until right before they begin, at which point the rules will be explained.

4. All participants must return to their lodgings by 12:00 midnight.

5. Victory is based on who can dominate across several different kinds of competition.

Haru also explained that it was possible to send more than one team to enter the tournament.

Everyone thought that the rules were very easy and didn't think much. They decided to enjoy their stay on this world thinking about what they would do after they had arrived on Crocus.


Mermaid Heel.

It was one of the famous Guilds within the Kingdom of Fiore and their members were powerful, but they were famous because all of their members were female.

"Kagura-chan, finally... We have a chance to have our revenge," Millianna said with excitement

Arana, Beth, and Risley nodded in agreement.

They couldn't forget the "Grand Magic Games" which happened last year. During the final match, they were being defeated by Haru alone which somehow made them annoyed, especially when they thought that they had lost against his perverted magic.

"We need to have revenge on him, Kagura-chan!"

Everyone agreed on Millianna. They wanted to have revenge on Haru, and not because they wanted to taste his magic once again, definitely!

In silence, Kagura stood up straight with her left hand holding the sheath of her sword. She took a deep breath and in an instant, a deep, large cut appeared below him.

No one saw Kagura's movement, and everyone seemed surprised by Kagura's power since she had become stronger since last year.

Kagura remembered her battle with Haru in the past. She couldn't help but flush red and quickly shook her head. She took a deep breath to calm herself and thought to have her revenge on him during the "Grand Magic Games".

"Haru, finally....."

Looking at Kagura, who seemed quite spirited, everyone couldn't help but smile.

If they met Haru right now, they really wanted to smack him or lock him in place since after the "Grand Magic Games" that guy had suddenly vanished without a trace. They had asked the members of the "Infinite", but they had told them that Haru had gone on a mission and wouldn't go back for a while.

They were waiting and kept waiting, but they had never heard of Haru's name in the past year. Until they heard that he had come back for the "Grand Magic Games" today.

Millianna, Arana, Beth, and Risley thought that they needed to come to Haru and told him how bastard he was to leave Kagura behind when Kagura clearly showed a feeling toward him. They needed to beat him up or else they wouldn't be satisfied.

"Let's go," Kagura said.

"Yes!" 4x

Everyone from the Mermaid Hell started their journey toward Crocus.


Blue Pegasus.

Ichiya stood up on the top of the table while raising his hand toward the sky. His face was very handsome and said, "Alright, boys! Let's show the strength of our "Blue Pegasus" to everyone in the Kingdom of Fiore!"

"Yes, Ichiya-san!" 3x

Hibiki, Ren, and Even said excitedly while throwing out flowers around Ichiya.

Ichiya jumped from the table and landed gracefully on the ground but suddenly his back pain started to ache again.

"It hurts! It hurts!"

"Ichiya-san!" 3x


Lamia Scale.

"Jura-san, we're going to meet against them again," Lyon said.

Jura nodded calmly and said, "Yes, I've always wanted to have a rematch again Teppei-san." He closed his eyes remembering his fight against Teppei in the past. He had become stronger in the past years and this time he would win against Teppei.

"Alright, everyone! Let's go to Fiore!" Ooba Babasaama said while twirling her finger.



Fairy Tail.

Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Happy were quite depressed since they only knew one day they spent in the world of Celestial Spirit, it meant that they had left their world for three months.

If they didn't meet Jellal and his group, they knew that they would be in very big trouble.

When they met Jellal and his group, Ultear did something about them, using her magic to activate their second Origin.

In recent years, it has been discovered that Mages have a second "Container" for their Magic power that is largely unused called the Second Origin. Using the Arc of Time, it is possible to unlock the said Magic Container, granting the Mage in question a large boost in Magic Power.

When one's second Origin is unlocked, they are able to reach new heights with their respective magic or perform spells and activate abilities that they would otherwise have trouble with, with ease.

Their second Origin had been unlocked and they had become stronger.

After they had recovered, they started their journey toward Crocus to join everyone at the "Grand Magic Games".

"Let's go!"


This year's "Magic Game Tournament" was different and it would be even crazier than before.

Five of the most powerful guilds on Fiore started their journey to Crocus ready to win the championship of "Grand Magic Games"!