Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 885

Volume 1 Chapter 885 Tour Around The City


Erza looked at the scenery of this town in sigh since it had been seven years since she had been here. She could feel the festive mood around the city and from what she could tell the source of this was the "Grand Magic Games" which were about to be held tomorrow. She looked at Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, and Gray who slumped on the ground and shook her head. "You people are pathetic."

Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, and Gray were quite weak after their second Origin was activated, but Erza was alright.

The only reason they could think was that Erza had already activated her second Origin in the past, which made them understand why she was so strong.

After they felt better, they marveled at the scenery of this town since Crocus was bigger than any city that they had been.

"Yo, you're all finally here!"

Makarov along with other members of "Fairy Tail" came toward them and greeted them. He told them that he was done with the registration and they only needed to perform tomorrow.

Makarov told them that he wanted to have Laxus, Gildart, or Mirajane enter the "Grand Magic Games", but he couldn't find them which made him sigh.


They were speechless when they heard it.

However when they were talking to each other, they were being laughed at by the people in this city.

"Who the hell is laughing at us!" Natsu was annoyed.

"Hahaha, "Fairy Tail" is the worst guild!"

"We all know that "Infinite" is going to win this tournament!"


Some people mocked Natsu and the members of the "Fairy Tail" before they left.

Natsu wanted to give them a lesson, but he was stopped by Makarov.

"Let them. Anybody who wants to laugh is free," Makarov said. He looked at them and said, "Anyway, listen! That thirty million jel-- The top rank in Fiore is within our grasp! If we can't grab it, then I won't be able to look the first master, who saved my life, in the eye!!!"

Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, and Wendy had a smile on their faces that showed that they were confident to win the "Grand Magic Games"!

Makarov knew that his best friend's guild might be strong, but he didn't think that his guild would lose. His "Fairy Tail" will win this year's "Grand Magic Games" and win 30 million jewels!

After Makarov told them that they were about to perform in the match tomorrow, they decided to tour around the city to see the scenery in this town since it was their first time in this place.

Happy, Lucy and Natsu went out together.

Erza decided to stay at the hotel.

Wendy and Carla also decided to tour around the city.

Gray was about to go out, but suddenly Juvia appeared and invited him to eat lunch.


Walking around with Carla, Wendy decided to visit Mercurius, the Palace of Flowers and Light. Looking around, they saw a very grand and tall building in front of them. They could tell that it was a very luxurious building and it was a suitable place for the king to live.

Flower Light Palace: Mercurius is the castle where the King of Fiore lives.

Carla and Wendy might not be able to enter that palace, but the flower garden outside of the palace was a feast to their eyes. Looking around, Wendy noticed a lover who walked over to each other while holding hands. She started to blush when she saw them and was also jealous at the same time.

"What's wrong, Wendy?" Carla asked and followed Wendy's gaze. She saw a lover who seemed to flirt with each other in this flower garden. She folded her arms and snorted. "Hmph! How shameless! How can they flirt in this place!"

"C, Carla, you can't say that!" Wendy hurriedly reprimanded Carla nervously and said, "Besides this place is really romantic."

Carla might hate to admit it, but this place was a perfect spot for a date.

Both of them looked at both the young man and young women. The young man might be the most handsome man that they had seen in their life, his noticeable feature was his silver hair and the mole under his right eye.

The young woman was also beautiful and her chest was very big. Her light blue hair flowed at her back.

The young man wore a white shirt and the young woman wore a white one-piece dress with a sun hat.

Wendy sighed and wondered whether her chest could grow as big as the young woman in front of them.

Then suddenly Wendy and Carla noticed that both the young men and the young woman were looking in their direction.


Wendy was wondering whether she was too rude staring at them and she was about to apologize, but suddenly the young man appeared in front of her which startled her and Carla.


"Do you know this?" The young man asked while holding something small with a feature that was similar to a monkey.

"Ugya! Ugya! Ugya!"

Wendy and Carla were startled when they saw this thing suddenly appear in his hand, but they subconsciously shook their heads.

"As I thought, this thing is trying to attack you earlier," Haru said while holding the small animal.

"What?!" Wendy and Carla were surprised.


The young man didn't give a chance for this small thing to counterattack and suddenly there was a zipper that appeared on the body of this small animal.

The zipper divided the body of the small animal from hands, head, leg, and body.

Haru threw all of those things in a random place using his gravity magic far away.

The process went so fast that Wendy and Carla weren't sure what had happened.

"Husband, what's wrong?"

The young woman walked toward the young man.

"It's nothing. Something was about to attack this little girl." The young man patted the head of Wendy and Carla and said, "Well, you should go back. Someone might attack you if you're not careful."

"T - Thank you," Wendy said with a blush. Her heart was thumping and wondering whether it was love.

Carla closed her eyes and enjoyed the patting of the young man. She didn't need to worry for this young man to flirt with Wendy since she had heard clearly the young woman earlier was his wife.

"Then, I'll go now."

The young man waved his hand and walked to his wife before walking away from this place.


"H - He is married, right?" Wendy asked with a sigh.

Carla glanced at Wendy and said, "Married men are forbidden. You can't touch him and his wife is also very beautiful."


Carla glanced at Wendy's flat chest, but she didn't say anything.

Wendy was sad when she thought her first love was a married man. She shook her head and said, "B, but who is going to attack us earlier?"

Carla shook her head and said, "I'm not sure, but that young man wasn't lying. It is better to go back to the guild as soon as possible."

Wendy nodded in agreement and suddenly remembered something. "Carla, did you notice the insignia on the young woman's hand?"

Carla thought for a while and nodded. "Yeah, I wonder what guild is that?"

Wendy looked at the direction where the married couple had left and said, "Do you think that we'll meet them at the "Grand Magic Games" later?"

"That's possible," Carla said while rubbing her round chin.


Wendy and Carla remembered how fast the young man appeared in front of them and they knew that the young man might become a tough opponent, however, it didn't mean they would admit a defeat so easily!