Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 886

Volume 1 Chapter 886 Sky Maze 1

In the past few days, the three scientists, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane were researching various things in this world.

The three of them realized that this place was so rich.

They don't mean in terms of money or resources but in terms of energy.

Is it the source of magic?

That was their thought at the time, but the three of them didn't do the research all the time since their intention to go to this place was a play, no, for a quest.

That was why it was necessary to tour around the town to familiarize themselves with this city since this entire city would turn into a battlefield later.

"Where's Haru and Esdeath?" Tabane asked.

"They seem to be on a date," Koronsensei said.


The female members of the "group chat" became very jealous when they heard it. They knew that Haru had married Esdeath and they were really envious of it.

Gintoki didn't care too much about anything since there was something more important. Tomorrow he needed to join the "Grand Magic Games". He was quite depressed when he thought about it, and he knew that his opponents were very strong.

'Korosensei, Teppei, Kouha, and Luffy....'

Gintoki had to admit that Haru and Esdeath were very strong, but Korosensei, Teppei, Kouha, and Luffy also weren't weak either. He sighed once again and wondered whether he needed to fight. He really cursed his luck since he lost to Tsunade to rock paper scissors. Then suddenly someone patted his shoulder. He turned and saw Korosensei who smiled at him.

"Just give up and join the match tomorrow," Korosensei said.


Gintoki couldn't describe his feelings at that moment.


This time, Kouha, Luffy, Sting, Rogue, along with their cats met with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy for the first time.

In the original, Rogue and Sting were quite arrogant, but they had changed their guild and they stayed together with Luffy.

"Wow, your neck can grow very long!"

Natsu and Happy seemed quite happy when Luffy stretched his neck, but they became angry when their food was stolen by Luffy.



Natsu was about to punch Luffy, but his body suddenly felt heavy and pressed on the ground.

"T, this is...?!"

Natsu remembered one of the magics from the members of Grimoire Heart in the past.


Lucy and Happy were startled.

"Luffy, let's go. Don't bother them," Kouha said.

"Alright!" Luffy said with a smile.

Kouha released Natsu and walked away.

Sting and Rogue didn't follow them, but they were quite disappointed in Natsu since Natsu was the 1st Generation Dragon Slayer.

They talked to each other and mocked each other since Sting and Rogue were the 3rd Generations of Dragon Slayer which shocked Lucy, Happy, and Natsu.


One of the guilds on the Crocus was quite panicked when their teammate had disappeared.

"Obra, where are you!"

They didn't know what had happened to Obra, but they found one of its legs in a random place.

"Is Obra dead?"


Everyone was silent when they heard it.

"Tsk... who is it?!"

They didn't know who had done such a thing to Obra, but for sure, this person had caused a disaster on their plan.


He kept angry for a while, but quickly calmed his mind since he knew that it wasn't over.

"Let's change the plan."

Everyone nodded after hearing their leader's words and followed his order.


After touring around the Crocus, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy went back to their lodgings.

Erza reprimanded them since they were coming back too late and there was something that Wendy and Carla needed to discuss with them.

"Umm... everyone, I've almost been attacked before," Wendy said.


"Are you alright?!"

"Wendy, what happened!"

Everyone became worried when they heard it.

Wendy told them what had happened in the afternoon when something similar to a small monkey almost attacked her, but she was saved by someone.

"Damn, how dare someone try to attack Wendy!" Natsu was angry.

"Anyway, Wendy and Carla are alright, have you thanked the one who has helped you?" Erza asked.

Wendy sighed and shook her head. "No, the one who has saved on a date before I don't have time to ask his name."


Erza nodded and said, "Well, that's true. You can't disturb someone's date."


Lucy was speechless and asked, "Is that the problem here?"

"It seems the one who helped Wendy earlier is also a member of some guild," Carla said.

"What guild?" Gray asked.

"I'm not sure. The insignia of their guild is similar to a circle," Wendy said, remembering the insignia in Esdeath's hand.


Erza raised her eyebrow and said, "It should be the "Infinite"."


They knew very well about this guild since it was the strongest guild in Fiore and it was a guild which was made by Yajima.

However remembering that guild Natsu and Happy became annoyed since they remembered Sting and Rogue.

Erza was curious why they were angry and Lucy told her what had happened.

Hearing Lucy's story, they knew very well that the members of the "Infinite" guild were very strong since one of them was able to take down Natsu easily.

"I'm not being taken down! He was using a trick!" Natsu complained.

They decided to ignore Natsu and decided to play a card game that Erza had brought to play with everyone.

"Listen to me!" Natsu roared.


Kuroneko looked at Teppei, Korosensei, Luffy, and Kouha who were relaxing.

"Can you be serious? I want to win against Haru!"


Teppei, Korosensei, Luffy, and Kouha looked at Kuroneko before looking away again.

"Listen to me!"

Teppei sighed and said,"Kuroneko, you don't need to worry. We're all v.i.r.g.i.ns here."

They knew very well that Haru's strongest magic was "pleasure magic" and it only affected someone who had tasted the forbidden pleasure.

Kouha glanced at Teppei, but didn't say anything.

The five of them were v.i.r.g.i.ns which meant Haru's magic was useless on them.

"I'm not a v.i.r.g.i.n!" Korosensei complained.


Kuroneko ignored Korosensei's remark and thought that Teppei's words were logical. She knew that all of them were v.i.r.g.i.ns and it would be easy to fight against Haru.

"Kukuku, the match is in our hands!" Kuroneko laughed evilly while making a gesture clenching her hand tightly toward the sky.


Luffy, who was eating a snack, asked, "What's wrong with Kuroneko?"

"You don't need to worry. She's at a sensitive age," Teppei said.

"Everyone, I'm not a v.i.r.g.i.n alright?" Korosensei said.



Gintoki was quite depressed, but he tried to make his mood better by joining everyone to play Uno together.

"Why am I always losing!"

Gintoki complained since Haru, Tabane, Esdeath, and Shinobo kept winning. He knew very well that the four of them were cheating, but he didn't have any evidence.

"You suck at this Gin-chan," Tabane said.

"Yeah," Shinobu said.

"Just shut up. If you don't want to play, just stop," Esdeath said.

"Haru! Everyone is bullying me!" Gintoki hugged Haru while crying.

Haru was annoyed and pushed him away. "Don't get close to me! Your snot! Your snot!"

Gintoki was traumatized and decided to stop playing games. He looked at Esdeath, Tabane, and Shinobu. He was wondering why he was chosen since he wasn't part of Haru's harem. He didn't want to be tortured by the three of them in this place. He sighed and thought that he shouldn't build his own harem in his own world since it was troublesome.

Then they played for a while until it was midnight and suddenly there was a loud alarm. They looked outside and saw a large hologram clown that appeared in the center of the town.

*Ding Dong!* *Ding Dong!* *Ding Dong!*

"To all the guilds who have gathered for our "Grand Magic Games"... Good morning! We will now decrease the number of teams to eight, and to do that we will start out with a preliminary competition."

The clown started to dance and said, "There are more and more guilds participating every year, and we don't want to spread the fun too thin! So this year, the competition is also going to be eight teams, the same as last year! The contest rules are simple!!!"

Then suddenly the building started to move by itself and it started to grow higher.

Gintoki was rolling around the room and felt sick at that moment.

Tabane and Shinobu held Haru's to stabilize themselves.

Haru and Esdeath stood up next to each other, but he could see that Esdeath glanced at him, but didn't say anything.

"We hope to engage you all in a race! Your goal will be the stadium, Doms Frau!"

The lodge had started to change its shape, and in front of their room, there was a path that started to be built and connected toward the magical giant 3D maze.

"You may use whatever magic you wish. There are no limits. The first eight teams to make it to the goal pass the preliminary contest! But if all five members are not present, you will be eliminated!

"One... More... Thing~~

"If any of you should lose your lives in the maze, the organizers bear no responsibility! Let the preliminary contest go to the grand magic games, the Sky Maze...


Haru and Esdeath noticed a group of people that moved very fast from the room next to them.

"That guy's speed is too fast," Esdeath said with a frown.

"Is it Korosensei?" Tabane asked.

"Speed is his power," Shinobu said.

Gintoki was on the side wanting to puke.

"Well, let's go. Come close to me," Haru said and moved them closer at him using gravity magic.

Shinobu, Esdeath, and Shinobu hugged Haru, but Gintoki was glued to Haru's feet.

"Astral Mode!"

All of them passed through the wall and moved very fast toward the Sky Maze.