Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 888

Volume 1 Chapter 888 Entrance 1

The loud cheer which shook the entire stadium, numerous beautiful balloons which set free to the sky, parade of music, and the excitement which almost suffocated everyone.

However no one showed their displeasure, rather everyone was very happy to watch the Grand Magic Games/X791 was about to start!




Though, from the audience, there was a strange cheer mixed within.

Tsunade, Kuzuha, Charlotte, and Sumire were staying together at the location where all of the members of the "Infinite" group were staying.

Yajima didn't join them since he had become the commentator for this "Grand Magic Games".

It was Kuzuha, Charlotte, and Sumire's first time to be here which somehow shocked them since this scene really amazed them considering it was their first time seeing this many people gathered to watch this event.

"Tsunade-san, has this event always been so crowded?" Kuzuha asked.

"This is normal. If you compare it to the "Cooking Festival" in the world of Toriko then this much of people is nothing," Tsunade said while drinking booze.

"Tsunade.... as a doctor, I'm not sure whether I should support you to drink that much booze since it will damage your liver," Sumire said.

"It's alright. It's alright. My chakra will heal my body and take care of everything. You don't need to worry," Tsunade said.

Sumire nodded since she didn't know about medical ninjutsu since it was different from her knowledge so she decided to let Tsunade drink as much as she wanted.

"I wonder when they're going to come out," Charlotte said.

"They're going to come out last," Tsunade said.

"Why last?" Sumire asked.

"Because the best is always the last to appear, right?" Tsunade said with a smirk.


Somehow they couldn't refute it, but at the same time, they were also affected by this festive mood and couldn't wait to see what would happen on this "Grand Magic Games" since watching from anime or reading from the manga was different from watching it directly.


Everyone was boiling in excitement, and the organizer didn't make them wait.

"It's that time again!! The magic festival you've waited all year to see!! The Grand Magic Games!!!!"


"I'll be your commentator, Lola Chapati," Chapati said. "I've great honor of being joined by our analyst, former magic council, and the leader of the "Infinite" guild, Mr. Yajima. Thank you for being with us, Mr. Yajima."

"Nishe to meet you," Yajima said while wearing a chef uniform.


Snorted, Makacov looked at Yajima who had become a commentator since he felt jealous.

"Is the Infinite guild that powerful?" Makarov asked.


Everyone wasn't sure what to say since, in their minds, the Infinite guild was very strong since they had participated in last year's "Grand Magic Games". However at the same time, they had regained their confidence since the original members had come back.

"Don't worry, Master. We're going to win!"

Then one by one they said that they were going to win.

Makarov nodded in satisfaction and said, "Yes, we're going to win that 30 million jewel!"


They weren't sure what to say after hearing Makarov's words.


"And for today's guest commentators, we've invited the star of the Miss Fiore Pageant, Blue Pegasus' Jenny Realight!" Chapati said.

"We're going to win this year~~" Jeanne smiled and looked at Yajima. "Yajima-san, please be prepared."

"Yes, we're waiting," Yajima said with a smile.

"Wow! We can see the confrontation between guilds has become even more exciting! Then let us meet our competitors right away!" Chapati said.

"First, they ranked eighth place in the preliminaries... but will they be able to reclaim their former glory? Don't let their dainty name fool you, this guild is a band of ruffians. It's Fairy Tail!!!!!"

Natsu, Wendy, Erza, Gray, and Lucy entered the stadium full of spirit, but they didn't expect this greeting.

"Booo! Booo!"

"Go back to your home, Fairy Tail!"

Chapati explained why they were being booed which made Natsu and his group speechless.

Natsu and his group didn't care much since they had their family to cheer on themselves, but they were surprised when they saw Marvis (1st master of Fairy Tail) also join the crowd, but their thought was broken after they heard the next team which about to appear.

"Now our next team, in the seventh-place we have an all-female guild! The dazzling dancers of the deep, Mermaid Heel!!!"

Kagura and her group came to the stadium gracefully creating a wave of cheers on everyone.

Kagura looked around and wondered where that guy was.


Erza looked at the members of the Mermaid Heel and said, "It's my first time seeing an all-female guild."

"Is it really rare?" Wendy asked.

"Of course, but I'm glad to see it," Erza said.

"But we're going to win!" Lucy said with confidence. Even though her team was in last place.


"In sixth place, the sapphire wings that sparkle in the black night of night! Blue Pegasus!"

Ichiya, Hibiki, Eve, Ren, and someone with a rabbit costume entered the stadium with a handsome pose.

"Oh, Erza-san...."

Ichiya jumped handsomely toward Erza and wanted to kiss her hand. "Your perfume is as beautiful as ever."


Erza shuddered and wanted to move away. "P, please don't get too close to me!"

*Sniff!* *Sniff!* *Sniff!*

"Don't worry, I know that it has been seven years, but I - will - be - gentle," Ichiya said with a wink.


Erza felt really disgusted at this moment.

Hibiki and Ren also moved together to flirt with both Wendy and Lucy at the same time since their leader also did the same.

Hibiki didn't do anything since he knew that this "Grand Magic Games" wouldn't be that easy.


Hibiki was wondering what place Kouha had placed in this preliminary contest.


"In fifth place, representatives of the goddess of love and war, the holy destroyers...

"Lamia Scale!!!"

Jura, Lyon, Sherria, Yuka, and Tobi also entered the stadium. Loud cheers welcome them, which is somehow quite normal since Lamia Scale was one of the most popular teams.

"Gray, don't forget about our wager. If you lose then Juvie is going to join our guild," Lyon said.

"Hmph! I've never bet anything on you, but we won't lose," Gray said.

Both brothers looked at each other and wouldn't lose to each other.


"In the fourth place... what?" Chapati said in surprise.

Everyone murmured when they saw Chapati's reaction.

"I'm sorry. I'm a bit startled, but let's continue. Now, in fourth place...

"Will they be the key to restoring their fallen wings to the sky? I would never see this coming!!" Chapati said loudly.


Team A Fairy Tail was startled.

"It's Fairy Tail Team B!"

Laxus, Mirajane, Gajeel, Juvia, and Mystogan entered the stadium.

"What? Is that allowed?!"

Everyone was surprised by the appearance of the second team from Fairy Tail.

Erza looked at Mystogan and twitched her lips. "J - Jellal...." She was speechless and wasn't sure what to say for a moment.

"Shh...." Mystogan gave Erza a gesture to be quiet.

Everyone was confused since there were two teams from the Fairy Tail guild.

"I know that everyone is confused, but there is a new rule for the game this year, wouldn't you say, Yajima-san?" Chapati said.

"Yesh, this year, each guild is allowed to enter with more than one team in the tournament," Yajima said.

"But isn't that cheating? In the final tournament, they might help each other," Jeanne said.

"No, we have told this matter to every guild that has joined this tournament that they can send more than one team. If they only have one team then they can only do their best with their only team." Yajima ate his ramen and said, "You've got an upper hand, Makki-boy." He wanted to see everyone's expression when they saw his team which had entered the tournament later.

Hearing Yajima's explanation, everyone nodded and thought that it was natural for the strongest guild to have more teams within the "Grand Magic Games". But there was one thing which they had been wondering in their minds, where was the team from the "Infinite"?

When Chapati was about to continue, suddenly a loud voice stopped everyone.


Natsu was very annoyed and yelled, "I don't care if we're from the same guild! If we're going to fight, we're going to go all out! No holding back!!! You entered as a different team, and that makes you the enemy!! We won't let you defeat us!!!"

Gajeel smirked and moved closer to Natsu. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Mr. Eighth place."

"Kuh!" Natsu couldn't say anything afterward.

"Ahem! Please be quiet, the team from Fairy Tail! I'm going to announce the next guild which is about to enter!" Chapati said.

"Let's continue this in the tournament," Gajeel said with a smirk before he joined his group again.

"Dammit!" Natsu really wanted to start the competition right away and smacked Gajeel's smug face.

"Then, let us welcome them! In third place, before they were a member of Sabertooth guild! But after that guild has been disbanded, they quickly rise to the top once again and join the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore! Let's welcome them! It's Infinite Team C!!!"

Hearing Chapati's announcement, the stadium became even more excited.


Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, and Yukino entered the stadium with a loud cheer which was enough to shake the whole stadium.