Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 889

Volume 1 Chapter 889 Entrance 2

"We still remember their battle last year as if it were yesterday! Sting and Rogue - the duo Dragon Slayers! Rufus with his elegant magic! Orga with his lightning which is able to destroy the stadium! Last, but not least, Yukino who is the new member of the Infinite Guild!

"Let's see what they will show us in the tournament later!" Chapati said in excitement.

Sting smiled happily and raised his hands high then looked at Natsu in disdain.


Natsu was really mad. After being provoked by Gajeel. He was once again provoked by Sting which didn't fit his temper. He was about to get revenge, but he was knocked by Erza.

"Stay quiet for a while!" Erza glared at Natsu.


Erza looked at Wendy and asked, "Wendy, are they the ones who have helped you?" She knew that the one who had helped Wendy yesterday was someone from Infinite guild, but she didn't know who he or she was.

Wendy shook her head and said, "No, it's not them." She also anticipated her meeting with the young man again and wondered when she could see him again.

Looking at Wendy's reaction, Lucy smiled and asked, "Wendy, are you falling in love? Oh my, our Wendy has grown up!"

"N - No, I'm not falling in love!" Wendy denied it in blush.

Erza became interested and said, "If you're falling in love then you can ask Master to help since his relationship with Yajima is quite good. Tell me who he is?"

Wendy shook her head and said, "N, no, it's impossible."

"Huh? Why? You're a very cute girl, Wendy! Any guy will be lucky to have you fall for them," Lucy said.

Wendy wasn't sure what to say, but it was better to say it early since she didn't want them to misunderstand. "I, it's because..."

"Let's move on!"

Wendy wasn't able to continue since Chapati cut her words out with an announcement.

"Next to the second place! We have our favorite magician with his mysterious magic and also one of the most popular magicians in this country! He vanished last year, but this time he appears once again in this "Grand Magic Games"! Ladies, he's going to come! Now he's coming with four different members!" Chapati shouted excitedly.


The female audience screamed loudly in excitement since they knew who Chapati meant in his announcement.

"W, what is this?!" Lucy was startled.

"He's coming," Ichiya said with a serious expression.

"Who?" Erza was confused since it had been a while since she had been Ichiya in this expression.

"Kuh....! If it's not him then I'll become the most popular magician in this Kingdom!" Hibiki felt frustrated.

"I'm not jealous! I'm not jealous!" Ren repeated his words.

"Who?!" Lucy was also curious.

"Go explode!" Eve shouted.

"Eve?" Wendy was confused.

Members of Blue Pegasus remembered the incident last year which almost destroyed their guild. They had thought to invite him to the guild, but they knew that it was impossible since they didn't know where he was.

"It's Infinite Team B!"

At that moment, Haru, Esdeath, Shinobu, Tabane, and Gintoki entered the stadium at the same time. All of them wore similar black suits while walking toward the stadium calmly.

Everyone who saw them was shocked since they thought that they saw the appearance of the boss of an underground gang, but their cheers were louder which might able to shake the entire town.




Haru twitched his lips and wondered why he was so popular since he didn't remember that he had done anything, but Esdeath who was holding his hand smiled beautifully at him.

"You sure are popular," Esdeath said with a smile.


Haru was wondering what he should say in this situation. He thought for a while and said, "No matter how popular I am, you're my wife. You're my dearest, Dear."

Esdeath snorted softly and hugged his arm tighter showing that Haru had been owned by her. Thought, she would be lying if she wasn't happy by his words.

However, Shinobu and Tabane were jealous on the side and gave a quite cold aura.


Gintoki took a deep breath and wondered why he was in this place.



"Let go of Haruka-kun, you skank!"

"Who the hell are you!"

The female audience was crazy when they saw Esdeath hugging Haru.

Lucy had seen a lot of handsome men, but it might be her first time to see someone who gave a comfortable feeling as much as this guy. She had to admit that it might be hard for her to reject him if he wanted to flirt with her, but she could tell that he already had a girlfriend. She sighed and thought that all of the good men in this world had been owned by someone and felt that the world was unfair. She looked at Wendy who seemed quite sad and asked, "Is he the one?"


Wendy was silent, but it was all that Lucy needed to know.

Lucy understood why Wendy was quite hesitant to tell them since Wendy's first crush already had a girlfriend. 'What a short first love...' she thought within her mind.

Every male in this place was quite wary with Haru and didn't want to bring their wife, girlfriends, or daughter since they were afraid for them to fall in love with him.

No one cared what Lucy was thinking since everyone was curious about the identity of the woman who hugged Haru's arm.

"Oh, wait a moment! Wait a moment! I've received surprise news from Yajima-san! Everyone, let us congratulate Kasugano-kun! It's very good news! Yajima-san has said that Kasugano Haruka-kun is married! His wife is the woman beside him!" Chapati shouted this news loudly. He was really glad that Haru had married since that meant that guy wouldn't trouble his wife or girlfriend in the future (If he really had it).


Every guy in this place shouted loudly in excitement. They were really happy that they didn't need to worry about Haru again in the future, but the girls became depressed.


Looking at the Grand Magic Games on the crystal ball, Ultear and Meredy didn't expect to see Haru. Both of them remembered last year when they met him on the ship on their trip toward Alvarez Empire. They were quite happy to see him, but they knew that with their identity it would hard to meet him directly since they were criminals, but they were surprised when they heard he had already married.

They weren't sure, but somehow they felt quite depressed for some reason.


"M, married?!" Millianna was in shock.


Arane, Risley, and Beth were also in shock and they weren't sure what to say.

The four of them felt quite disappointed, and jealous toward Esdeath since they didn't expect Haru was a type who would marry someone so quickly. They sighed then looked at Kagura, and as expected...

Kagura didn't show her face and her face was covered in her bangs.

No one could tell what her expression was, but they knew that they didn't really want to know it.


"M, married?!" Sherria was in shock.

Lyon, Jura, and Yuka could only shake their heads when they saw Sherria's expression.

"What's wrong, Sherria? Does your stomach hurt?" Toby asked.

"Hmm... it's my heart, why does it hurt," Sherria said while holding her chest.


They weren't sure what to say for a moment.


Tsunade, Kuzuha, Sumire, and Charlotte sat next to each other while eating popcorn.

"He's very popular," Kuzuha said.

"In my world, that guy is the number one man in the world that every girl wants to marry," Sumire said.

"Really?" Kuzuha asked.

Sumire nodded and said, "He's funny, has authority, wealth, handsome, has an ability to connect Japan which is being separated into five areas. His only downside is that he's a married man and his wife is scary."


Charlotte and Kuzuha nodded since Esdeath was really scary.

"You forget one thing," Tsunade said.

"Oh, what?" Sumire asked.

"He's even more amazing at bed," Tsunade said.


They weren't sure what to say, but all of them were blushing.

Tsunade chuckled since their reaction was really cute.


*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

Natsu moved his nose.

"Natsu, what's wrong?" Lucy asked.

"It's nothing. He just smells very good," Natsu said with a frown since he felt strange.


"Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I've tried to recreate the same perfume with his smell, b - b - but... I FAIL!!!"

Ichiya was on four showing his depression.


All of them ignored Ichiya.

"Now for the final team! The first to make it through the preliminaries! Yes!! You all know who I'm talking about!!!

"The powerful!!! The unequaled!!! The undefeated champions!!!

"It's Infinite Team A!!!!" Chapati shouted loudly.


Everyone cheered loudly in excitement since they had been waiting for the four of them.

Kuroneko, Luffy, Kouha, Teppei, and Korosensei entered the stadium with a loud cheer that was as loud as Haru's entrance before.


Luffy raised both of his arms high with a hippy smile.

Kuroneko looked at Haru and made a gesture by cutting motion on her throat.


Haru was speechless and could only smile wryly but he knew that this "Grand Magic Games" would be quite fun.