Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1 Chapter 89 Commotion In Shopping District

They went out of the BBQ restaurant and decided to go out for a bit.

"What nice weather," Sakura said while looking at the sky, "Maybe I should die on a day like this."

"You're still sulking that I steal your meat?" Haru asked.

"Not really," Sakura pouted while looking away.

Haru only shook his head and saw that there was a shopping district in front of him. He was kind of curious as to what kind of things they would sell there, "How about we go to the shopping district?"

"Sure?" Sakura was also curious and wanted to check this place too.

"Alright, let's go," Haru said.

Sakura nodded and walked beside him to the shopping district.

Both of them entered the shopping district together.

Haru thought of buying something for Sora since he had come here. He should buy specialized food in this shopping district.

Both of them were looking around until they heard someone arguing.


"Look at this mess."

A young man was intimidating a grandma who was falling on the ground. His pants were dirtied because of the gr.a.p.e from the grandma's grocery bag.

"Grandma, my clothes are all stained thanks to you," he was looking at her from a very close distance and tried to intimidate her, "You'll pay to have them cleaned, won't cha?"

The grandma looked at this man with a nervous and confused expression.

"Y - You're the ones who ran into her with your bikes-" The lady who was near the grandma tried to stop him.

"Ha? This hag is standing in the middle of the goddamn road!" The man was angry. He looked at her angrily, "Are you saying you'll pay for her?"

The people around them ignored the scene where this young man tried to force the grandma to pay him. They thought it was too troublesome to get involved in this matter.

"Oi, hurry up and pay me!!!!"

"Are you deaf?"

The man kept shouting toward the grandma.

His friend was snickering behind him.

Haru and Sakura looked at the young man who was trying to intimidate that grandma. He turned toward her and saw her expression. He didn't need to guess what she wanted to do and held her shoulder to stop her.

"Let go of me, Haru, I want to help her," Sakura said.

"You don't need to help her," Haru said.

"What?" Sakura was angry at him. She didn't expect that he was this kind of man.

"I mean, I will be the one who helps her," Haru said and started to walk toward them. He knew that this country was quite troublesome since it was very individualist and it was hard to ask someone for help since they didn't want a troublesome thing to happen. He could deal with them easily with force but this street was quite crowded. He didn't want someone to record him and uploaded him on the internet.

Still, even though, he couldn't use force. He could use another way to make him stop. He took out his phone and started to record the scene in front of him.

"Oh, look, there is a delinquent trying to force a lady to give him money, what a terrible thing to do!!!" Haru said with a loud voice making everyone focussed their attention toward the young man who tried to extort the grandma. He knew that with his loud voice no one would be able to ignore this scene again. He didn't use a brawl but his brain to solve this problem. He knew that most people would stop after their actions were recorded by someone.

The young man who was trying to force the old lady looked at him with a stunned expression until it changed into anger, "OI, WHAT ARE YOU RECORDING!!"

"Oh, I'm not recording anything, I'm streaming so everyone should be careful when they meet you," Haru said while making his voice louder, "Everyone you should be careful when you meet him or else he will try to extort your money." He wouldn't even do this when the street was deserted. He would smash him directly but the law was complicated when he needed to resort to a force. He didn't want a witness or at least this many people.

Everyone who listened to him stopped and took their phones together. Some of them also started to talk with each other looking at the man who was trying to force the old lady. There were also some shop keepers who also walked toward them.

"Excuse me, what are you doing?"

Sakura also walked beside him and helped the grandma, "Are you okay, grandma?"

"Thank you," the grandma said.

The young man who looked at a lot of people who started to gather around him knew that the situation was bad.

"Oi, let's get out of this place," his friend said.

The young man didn't listen to him since anger had clouded his head, "BASTARD!" He was angry and ran toward him while raising his fist.

Haru didn't show any emotion. His movement was quite smooth and it was hard for people to notice him. He swept his feet and made this young man fall down on the ground without anyone noticing.


"Arg," the young man felt his feet were sprained after he fell down.

Everyone who saw him couldn't help but laugh at him suddenly fell down by himself. They thought this man was kind of silly and recorded him. They would share it with their friends later.

"You there!!!"

"Stop it right there!!!"

Suddenly there was a shout coming from an alley.

Haru knew this voice well and needed to run since he didn't want a troublesome thing. He took her hand and said, "Let's go, Sakura." He turned toward the grandma for a second and said, "Bye grandma."

"Bye grandma," Sakura also said while waving her hand.

Both of them were running away together successfully but the young man who tried to extort the grandma was caught by the police along with his friend.


Haru and Sakura ran quite far away from the shopping district.

Sakura was quite tired after running that far and sweat dripped from her forehead. She looked at him and asked, "You're not tired?"

"No," Haru answered.

Sakura observed his body and felt that it was quite tough. She touched his arm curiously and surprised, "Your arm is hard! Did you often work out?"

'There is something harder inside my pants,' Haru thought, but didn't say it out loud, "Yes, it's okay."

Sakura looked at him and remembered a thing that she had said to him, "I'm sorry for saying mean things to you earlier."

"Don't worry, you don't need to think too much about it," Haru answered.

"But it's kind of cool when you can manipulate people to help the grandma earlier," Sakura said with shining eyes.

"Is that a compliment?" Haru twitched his lips. He didn't think the word 'manipulate' was praise for someone.

"Of course," Sakura nodded with a smile. She looked around and saw a cafe a few meters away from them, "Let's go to this cafe, I'm quite thirsty after running earlier." She pulled his hand and walked toward the cafe.

Haru had a helpless expression on his face while letting his hand pulled by her.