Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 890

Volume 1 Chapter 890 Hidden 1

Everyone cheered for their favorite team loudly.

The people who supported Fairy Tail might not be much, but their spirit wouldn't be lost on anyone.

Marvis was looking at Haru and Haru also happened to look at Marvis.


Both of them stared at each other for a while before Haru waved and smiled at Marvis, but he didn't do it too long then talked to his team.


Marvis blinked her eyes and was startled.

"1st Master, what's wrong?" Makarov asked.

"That guy can see me," Marvis said.


Everyone was startled and looked at Haru in shock. They knew that only the member of "Fairy Tail" was able to see Marvis, but Marvis told them that Haru could see her.

Makarov frowned, but he was confident he would win this tournament. Even though his best friend had shocked him by sending out three teams directly to the tournament, his guild was the strongest.


"Now, we've seen all of the team! And now... The moment that you've been waiting for!!" Chapati said.

Suddenly in the middle of the stadium, there was a large stone board which appeared showing the event which would start at the "Grand Magic Games".

"It's time to announce how this year's games will work!! First, I'll explain the contests. Teams will be ranked from first to eighth place, based on their performance. Points will be given to each team based on their rank. The teams will be allowed to choose one member to participate.

Then after the contest, let me explain the battles. The sponsors will pick competitors against each other based on factors such as an audience vote. The battle rules are simple. Each team will fight each other. The winning team will be awarded ten points, and the losing team will get zero. In the case of a draw, both teams will receive five points.

And now for the opening contest! Prepare for The Hidden! Choose one player from each team and we will explain the rules once all of the participants have come forward!" Chapati said.


"I'll go first," Tabane said while jumping excitedly.

"Go for it," Haru said.

"Alright! Tabane-chan is going to work hard!" Tabane said cutely and took off her dress changing into her usual clothes. She smiled and said, "It's easier to move like this."

Gintoki, Haru, Shinobu, and Esdeath said few words to Tabane and told her to be careful.

"Hehehe, in this game, I'm the winner," Tabane said with a smile.


They weren't sure what this girl was planning, but all of them knew what kind of game that was about to start.


Kuroneko looked at Haru's team and said, "They're going to send Tabane, who are we going to send?"

"How about me?" Korosensei asked.


"Korosensei, are you going?" Luffy asked. He knew the event was about to happen and didn't have that much interest in this game.

"Yes, I'll start right away, is that alright?" Korosensei asked.

"Go for it. You can win this game easily," Kouha said.

Teppei nodded and said, "I don't think anyone can defeat you in this game."

"Yes, but be careful of Tabane-chan. That woman is the most genius human in her world," Kuroneko said.

"Nyuhuhuhu, don't worry. I'll win this," Korosensei said and took a step forward.


Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, and Yukino gathered together discussing who they would send out.

"Who is going to go?" Yukino asked.

"I'll go first. I'll be the entree of the event," Rufus said.

Orga looked at the direction of Haru's team and Kuroneko's team. He felt complicated and said, "It's not Esdeath-san. You're lucky."


Everyone nodded and they knew very well how sadistic Esdeath was, but they had to admit that she was very suitable to become Haru's wife.

"Be careful of Korosensei, you know his speed," Rogue said.


Rufus took a deep breath and nodded. "I'll be careful." However, he was thinking quickly about what to do with Korosensei since that speed was cheating.


"Will all the participants for The Hidden step forward!" Mato said.

Mermaid Heel sent out Beth; Blue Pegasus sent out Eve; Infinite Team B sent out Tabane; Infinite Team C sent out Rufus; Infinite Team A sent out Korosensei; Lamia Scale sent out Lyon; Fairy Tail Team B sent out Juvia; Fairy Tail Team A sent out Gray.

Eight people walked toward the center of the stadium and waited for the announcement of the event.

Gray looked at Korosensei and asked, "What are you?"

"Me?" Korosensei pointed his tentacle at himself.

"Yes, are you not a human?" Gray asked and felt quite unsure whether Korosensei was a squid or an octopus.

Korosensei shook his head and said, "No, I'm a human."

"Then, why is your shape like an octopus?" Juvia asked.

"Because I'm cursed....." Korosensei said sadly.

"Cursed?" 5x

Rufus was speechless and Tabane only smiled.

Korosensei nodded and said, "I need a kiss from beautiful girl to release me from that curse, will you be that girl for me?" He then quickly held Juvia's hand with a gentle expression.


Juvia opened her mouth in surprise and wasn't sure what to say.

Korosensei had learned a lot from Haru and he knew how to take down a girl. Though, he didn't have a chance to use that skill on someone. He thought that today was a perfect chance to do it and he decided to execute it.

"My face is very handsome. I'm not losing to that guy," Korosensei said while pointing at Haru.



Haru was speechless hearing Korosensei's words.

"Do you think that he can get that girl kiss?" Gintoki asked.

"I'm not sure since his target is that girl." Haru pointed at Juvia and looked at other's girls in the stadium before saying, "If Korosensei chooses a different girl then he might be able to get a kiss." He felt that Korosensei's words were quite smooth and it didn't seem quite surprising if someone really kissed him. He looked at Shinobu and asked, "What do you think?"

"If he asks me that then I'll castrate him," Shinobu said.

"I'm the same," Esdeath said.

Both of their expressions were emotionless which intensified how serious they were with their words.


Haru and Gintoki turned silent after hearing that.


Juvia didn't have a chance to answer since Lyon, who was by her side, hurriedly stepped forward.

"I can't allow you to do that," Lyon said with a serious expression.

Korosensei sighed and sadly said, "Then, I can only stay in this form....." He sobbed trying to get their sympathy.


"W, well...." Juvia also felt a bit sorry for Korosensei.

"Then, how about this!"

Suddenly Korosensei stood up and offered. "If I win the 1st place, can you kiss me on my cheek?"


Juvia thought for a while and nodded. "If you win...." She was really quite sorry for Korosensei who was being cursed as an octopus.


Korosensei was very excited jumping around raising his hands in happiness.

"JUVIA!!!" Lyon was in shock.

"B, but don't you feel sorry for him?" Juvia asked.

"Hmph! I just have to win this match!" Gray said.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia thought that Gray didn't want to let her kiss a stranger.

Korosensei regained his gentleman demeanor and said, "Thank you. I'll be waiting for your kiss." He didn't say anything else and walked back to Rufus and Tabane.

"Congratulations, Korosensei!" Tabane said.

Rufus also nodded and said, "Congratulations, Korosensei." He could only feel sorry for the girl, but he didn't intend to say anything. However, he was happy that a beautiful girl would kiss Korosensei later and at the same time, he thought to learn a skill from Korosensei since this guy was very smooth.

"Thank you! Thank you! I can't do this without Haru's help."

Korosensei was in tears and looked at Haru before giving him a thumbs up. He wanted to be praised by Haru, but he was being ignored by him at this moment.


"But I won't let you win. I'll be the winner in this game," Tabane said.

"No, I'll be the one," Rufus said.

"Nyuhuhuhuhu, I'm waiting for that," Korosensei said with a smile.

Then suddenly they heard a shout from Mato. "Open the field!"

The empty stadium suddenly transformed into a miniature city in an instant.

It was so amazing that some of them could only gawk at this scene.

Then suddenly everyone was teleported to a different location in each part of this miniature city.

[The rules for Hidden are simple. Contestants are to find their opponents somewhere in the city and use any magic they like to attack. Regardless of how much damage is dealt, every successful hit will earn the player one point]

Gray was confused, but suddenly a lot of people appeared within the city and all of them were copies of every participant in this event.

"W - What the hell is happening?!"

Gray wasn't sure, but suddenly he heard another announcement.

[These are copies we made of everyone. If a player mistakenly attacks a copy... he or she will lose one point. The time limit is 30 minutes!]

Everyone understood the "to do" and "not to do" in this game.


The sound of a gong could be heard, Mato said, [Now!! Fade into silence! Like a black cat in the dark of night!!

[Let the hidden begin!!!!]