Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 891

Volume 1 Chapter 891 Hidden 2

Watching the monitor, Esdeath asked, "Dear, who do you think is going to be in the 1st place in this event?"

"Korosensei," Haru said without hesitation.


Esdeath thought for a while and nodded. "Yes, I can tell that he is the strongest in this event."

Shinobu and Gintoki also agreed since they also couldn't think that Korosensei would lose against anyone in this event considering Korosensei's ability.


It was pretty simple, but no one could fight against it.

In the past, Korosensei was also the strongest assassin in his original world which gave him a nickname of "God of Death". Even though Tabane was a genius, in front of overwhelming speed, they weren't sure how Tabane would handle Korosensei.


Lyon, Gray, Beth, and Eve were very careful during this game since once they attacked a wrong person their point would turn into a minus.

Juvia was so happy that she saw a lot of Gray and hugged him which resulted in her point being lost by 1 point.



Gajeel, Mirajane, Laxus, and Mystogan were too speechless to say anything.


Rufus was hiding on the top of the rooftop while memorizing all of the locations of every participant in this area. He knew that the only person he needed to be careful with was Korosensei and Tabane. But he wouldn't lose too easily against them until he heard a voice...

"Rufus-kun, what are you doing there?"

"What?!" Rufus was startled and saw Korosensei suddenly appear behind him. He was touched and he lost 1 point in an instant.


Rufus was speechless when Korosensei decided to attack him.

"Just wait for 10 seconds since Tabane-chan is going to run amok," Korosensei said.

Rufus wasn't sure what Korosensei meant, but his body disappeared and would respawn again in 10 seconds.



Sting, Rogue, Yukino, and Orga were speechless when Korosensei attacked Rufus. But they were even more surprised to see Tabane in action just a second after Rufus had disappeared.


Typing on her keyboard in a very swift movement, Tabane had locked everyone with her weapons. Even though there were a lot of copies around them, none of them had body heat. In the end, they were the only hologram and it was easy to find out the rest of the participants. She saw that Rufus had disappeared, but she didn't care since he would come soon and could also attack him. Her only opponent was Korosensei, but she was going to defeat her.

"Hahaha, Tabane-chan is going to become the winner!"


Pressing the button on her keyboard, six missiles shot out from her surroundings before turning herself invisible. It was easy for her to build a device that could reflect light and turn herself into invisible. She thought to wait until the match was over to become ranked 1st in this event, but someone suddenly touched her from behind.


Tabane was in shock when she saw Korosensei who was behind her.

"Nyuhuhuhu, Tabane-chan. You're too naive," Korosensei said with a smile.

Tabane also dispersed after being touched by Korosensei, but none of her missiles stopped.

Korosensei looked at the missile which aimed toward him and only smiled before moving once again.


Gray, Beth, Lyon, Juvia, and Eve didn't know what had happened, but suddenly...

*BOOM!!* 5x

A small explosion had hit their bodies and all of them dispersed without even knowing who had attacked them.

"What the hell?!" Gray was in shock.


"Wh - what's happening?! Shinonono Tabane knocked all five contestants in an instant!" Chapati was surprised. "But Shinonono and Rufus have also been knocked out by Korosensei! Strong! Too strong! The members of the team from the Infinite guild are too strong!"

Everyone was surprised by Tabane's missile, but they were even more surprised by Korosensei's speed since it was almost similar to teleportation. One second he was on the rooftop, another second he was on the top of toilet, the next second he was leaning on the door, and he even made fun of the missile which was targeting him.

The missile decided to give up and exploded in the air so as not to cause Tabane to lose a point.


"That speed....." Marvis frowned and asked, "Have you seen that octopus last year?"

All of the members of the Fairy Tail shook their heads.

"Is there a way to stop them?" Makarov asked since he didn't expect the members of Yajima's guild would be this strong.


Marvis was silent and she wasn't sure how to answer that question since Korosensei's speed was just too ridiculous.

Marvis, the master strategist, was stumped at this moment...



Lucy and Wendy looked at the monitor with a worried expression.

"Don't lose Gray!" Natsu shouted. Even though both of them often fought each other, this time they were fighting to regain their guild's glory! He decided to throw away his petty conflict with Gray and cheered him on as loud as he could be.

"That speed....."

Erza also wasn't sure how to handle Korosensei's speed.


Rufus who had to respawn also didn't want to lose and he had remembered all of the locations of the participants in this place except for Korosensei who moved too fast and Tabane who turned herself into invisible. He put his finger on his temple and chanted, "Memory-Make: Night of The Falling Stars!!!"

Countless light beams shot out of Rufus and moved toward Gray, Juvia, Lyon, Beth, and Eve.

"The f.u.c.k!"

Everyone cursed under their breath since the five of them didn't even have a chance to breathe before they were being shot once again by the enemy.

Rufus sighed in relief and thought that his score wouldn't be too bad, but suddenly a missile charged toward him so suddenly.

"....This hasn't been in my memory."


Rufus was once again dispersed after being hit.


Tabane laughed inwardly while in her invisible form since she was on the top spot, but suddenly she heard this dimmable noise.

"Nyuhuhu, I know that you're here, Tabane-chan," Korosensei said and touched Tabane who was invisible.


Tabane complained before being dispersed.

"Nyuhuhuhu, I guess. I need to be serious now," Korosensei said with a smile.



No one said anything since, in the past 10 minutes, no one was able to do anything.

Korosensei was on a rampage and his points kept increasing without losing any points in this battle.

If Korosensei was only able to win with few points then everyone would also cheer for their favorite team, but this time, they couldn't think that anyone could catch up with Korosensei since his points kept increasing and no one could stop him.

All of the participants that participated in this contest were touched after they had respawned without being able to do anything.

Korosensei was a very strong assassin and he could tell whether someone was real or not from their breath. Even though there were a lot of copies within this city, none of them were breathing. Then what was left was for him to take all of the points by himself without giving a chance to anyone.

In the past 10 minutes, all of the 7 participants really wanted to kill Korosensei, but no one was able to do it and they were very helpless about this situation.

Then when Korosensei's points had reached 100 points, he decided to take a rest and didn't join the battle again giving a chance for the rest to catch up with him.

Tabane and Rufus didn't waste their time and hurriedly sent out as much as an attack toward the rest of the participants.

Tabane was full of anger and kept shooting out missiles one after another and her points kept increasing as long as there was no Korosensei, she was invincible.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Explosion, explosion, explosion, and it kept hitting all of the targets without missing.

Unlike Korosensei's light touch, Tabane's missile was quite painful and it created a lot of wounds on their bodies.

Some of them tried to block the missile, but it was useless since if they blocked it the explosion then another explosion kept coming and the size of the missile was quite small which was very hard for them to pinpoint the spot where they would be hit.

Rufus also did his best and sent out one magic after another toward the participants while trying his best to avoid Tabane's missile which was very hard to do.

Then, in the end, there was a fierce confrontation between Rufus and Tabane.

Rufus's magic was very unique and it was very hard to read him, but Tabane could turn herself into invisible and blended with a group of copies. She also sent out powerful weapons one after another which made Rufus helpless.

But it caused the audience to become very excited.

The match continued until Rufus and Tabane stopped just five minutes before the match was about to end.

In the last five minutes, the five participants did their best to not become the last rank in this event since they knew that it was impossible to become the number one at this event.

Then after 30 minutes, the event was over.

Beth, Juvia, Gray, Lyon, and Eve who had become a sandbag for Tabane, Rufus, and Korosensei weren't in the mood to do anything.


But the audience was full of excitement and thought that the Infinite Guild was invincible!