Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 892

Volume 1 Chapter 892 Korosensei Men With Lonely Back

"As expected, the team from the Infinite Guild has dominated the event!" Chapati was excited and asked, "Yajima-san, what do you think of your team?"

"Um... I'm also surprised...." Yajima blinked his eyes and said, "I haven't seen them for a while and it seems that they've become stronger once again."

"Hahaha, don't be so modest! But now I'm curious who is going to become a champion from team A or team B or team C of the Infinite Guild," Chapati said excitedly.

"Chapati, you can't say that. You just make the entire team into our enemy," Yajima said with a speechless expression.

"Well, that's true. Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Mermaid Heel are very powerful teams too." Chapati looked at Yajima and asked, "What do you think Yajima-san?"

"For me? I think that the Fairy Tail team will show us a surprise," Yajima said, but he didn't think that they were able to defeat his guild.

"Oh-ho? Fairy Tail? Even though they're the last one?" Chapati was surprised by Yajima's words.

"It's useless for me to talk. It's better to announce the result of the ranking after the first event," Yajima said.

"That's right, let us see the ranking after the 1st event!" Chapati said in excitement.

Infinite A with 10 points; Infinite B with 8 points; Infinite C with 6 points; Lamia Scale with 4 points; Blue Pegasus with 3 points; Mermaid Heel with 2 points; Fairy Tail B 1 points; Fairy Tail A with 0 points.


"Uwaaaa! I lost!"

Tabane cried and hugged Haru since wanted him to pamper her and console her.

Haru could only caress Tabane's back and calm her down since Korosensei really bullied Tabane.

Tabane had been bullied by Korosensei without even being able to do anything which made her depressed and wondering whether she was a genius.

Esdeath didn't say anything, but she had to admit that Korosensei was very strong. As long as Korosensei held a knife, then it was possible for him to kill all of the people in this place in just a single second. "Interesting. Interesting." She tapped her chin and really anticipated this event.

Gintoki looked at Korosensei and said, "Something good is about to happen."

Esdeath, Haru, Tabane, and Shinobu looked at the direction of Korosensei who walked toward Juvia. They remembered the wager of Korosensei if he won this contest and wondering whether Juvia would really kiss him.


"U - Um.. Juvia-san, what about our deal?" Korosensei was quite nervous when he asked this question. His cool demeanor had gone and he had turned into a cherry boy who was about to get his first kiss. At this moment, he changed his clothes to Jotaru Kujo's clothes and it seemed like he was trying to show an image of a tough guy in front of this cute girl.


Juvia ignored Korosensei and looked at Gray who was down after Gray had become the last rank in the event.

"Umm... Juvia-san?" Korosensei called Juvia once again.

Juvia looked at Korosensei for a while and sighed since he was too powerful. She had also promised to kiss his cheek which somehow made her quite complicated. She was lucky that she had hit Lyon at the last moment and became rank 7th, but at the same time, it made her loved, Gray-sama, to be in the last place. She took a deep breath and wasn't sure what to do.


Juvia really hoped for Gray to do something at this moment.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail was quite annoyed by Korosensei, especially when they saw Juvia's troubled expression. But since they had made a wager there was nothing that they could do in this situation.

Looking at Juvia's troubled expression, Korosensei knew that he had failed. He took off his cap and put it on the top of Juvia's head.

"????" Juvia was confused by Korosensei's action.

"Your lips are for your loved ones, not me," Korosensei said and walked away. His back seemed quite lonely at this moment walking back toward his group.


"T, thank you very much!" Juvia bowed her head toward Korosensei. It would be lying if she wasn't moved by Korosensei's words.

Even though Lyon hated Korosensei before, he had to admit that Korosensei was really manly at this moment. He also felt grateful that he didn't see Juvia kiss Korosensei. He wiped the manly tears on his eyes and had to admit that he had seen a real man.


Everyone knew about Korosensei's bet and everyone couldn't help but cry looking at his lonely back.

Eve sighed and said, "I understand why I lost now."


Blue Pegasus.

Ichiya really wanted to hug Korosensei at this moment. But he stopped since he knew that it wasn't his time to do that. He knew that there was someone who would take care of him and that person was Korosensei's friend who had been waiting for him.

"That's a man... How beautiful...."

"Yes, Ichiya-san!!!"


The members of the Fairy Tail who hated Korosensei couldn't say anything. It was hard to hate Korosensei, especially when he showed such manly action toward Juvia.

"D, dammit! Why is he on Yajima's guild?!" Makarov lamented his fate and had to admit that his friend's luck was really good. He couldn't say anything or complain to Yajima, but he was really wondering whether his friends had gotten such strong members.


No one cared about the Fairy Tail since they had lost, and everyone was more cornered about Korosensei.

"Good job." 4x

Kuroneko, Teppei, Kouha, and Luffy hugged Korosensei at the same time.

"You guys... I'm not crying...."

Korosensei cried very loudly and felt that he had wasted his chance to get a kiss from a beautiful girl. If it was Haru then Haru would smile proudly, stealing the lips of girls in front of their boyfriend or husband, but he couldn't do that.

'I'm sorry, Master...'

The four of them didn't say anything, only patted Korosensei's back who seemed lonely at this moment.


"Good job out there, Rufus," Sting said.

Rufus wasn't in a mood and looked at Korosensei.

Looking at Rufus's expression, they were also quite cornered about Korosensei since Korosensei had gotten quite close to them.

"Korosensei is awesome," Orga said.

Sting, Rogue, Rufus, and Yukino nodded at the same time.


Gintoki and Haru sighed at the same time.

"That guy...." Gintoki had to admit that Korosensei was a real man.

"I guess Korosensei knew that it might cause too much mental damage to Gray after Gray saw the girl who was close to him suddenly decided to kiss Korosensei because of his incompetency. That was the reason why Korosensei decided to step down," Haru said.

"Hmph! Weak is at fault, the winner will get everything. It's as simple as that," Esdeath said since she didn't understand why Korosensei didn't take his prize. But she also understood the mood of the girl since she didn't want to kiss a disgusting octopus. Though, she wouldn't say that out loud.

"Let's just say that Korosensei is respecting their fighting spirit at the event earlier," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and asked, "Tabane, how long are you going to hug Haru?"



Inside the passage, Gray hit the wall until it cracked and lamented how weak he was, even if the opponent had even pitied him.



"Now, let's continue!" Chapati couldn't wait for the next event and said, "Let me remind you how the battle system works. Each team will participate in one battle against another based on the line-up which is prepared by the sponsor."

Chapati received a note and said, "Oh, I've received a line up now. For the first match of day one, we have Fairy Tail A's Lucy Hearthfilia."



Lucy was surprised, but she was also wondering who would be her opponent.



"Infinite B's Esdeath!!!!!" Chapati said excitedly, but...


Everyone on the Infinite guild turned silent when they heard it.

"W, what's happening?! Why does every member of the Infinite Guild turn silent? Yajima-san? Why your face is pale?!" Chapati was startled.

Everyone had a cold sweat on their back when they thought about the battles.

"Umm... Haru, please tell your wife to hold back in this battle beforehand," Yajima said. It was the only thing which he could do at this moment without damaging the pride of his friend's guild.