Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 893

Volume 1 Chapter 893 Lucy Vs Esdeath


"That girl is dead," Sting said.

Rogue, Yukino, Orga, and Rufus nodded at the same time.

They had seen how powerful Esdeath was and how frightening she was. But at the same time, she had a charisma which made everyone want to follow her since her strength was powerful.

"But isn't this good?" Rufus said.

"Huh? Why?" Yukino asked.

"So after this, we won't have to fight Esdeath-san," Rufus said.

Each member of the team could only do a battle once and if someone had fought on the battle, they wouldn't need to fight again during this tournament.

Hearing Rufus's words, they had to admit that they were glad that they didn't need to meet Esdeath. They could only say that it was Lucy's bad luck to meet Esdeath right on the first match and it was their luck to not meet with Esdeath during this tournament.


Hearing the name of Esdeath, the team from Mermaid Heel looked at the direction of Esdeath and her team. They had to admit that Esdeath was beautiful, but Kagura's beauty also wouldn't lose to Esdeath. Looking at Esdeath, they really didn't understand why Haru would choose Esdeath instead of Kagura.

"Haru's wife is going to fight," Risley said.

Kagura only nodded and didn't say anything, but her eyes kept staring at Esdeath to see how powerful she was.

"I wonder why all of the members of the Infinite seem scared of Esdeath," Risley said.

"That's just a strategy! Strategy! I'm sure her strength isn't that big of a deal," Millianna said.

"Millianna, don't underestimate someone," Kagura said.

"U, uh... Kagura-chan, is that alright with you?" Millianna asked.

"What do you mean?" Kagura glanced at Millianna.

"That guy has left you all for a year without saying anything and after he has come back. He has suddenly married a stranger who we have never seen before, are you alright with that? Don't you want to give him a piece of mind? Even if you're alright, I'm not alright!" Millianna was frustrated since the guy who had given her pleasure in the past had decided to become a husband of someone.

Kagura frowned and said, "It's his matter, what does it have to do with me?" Her tone was quite high when she refuted Millianna.

Millianna was about to say something, but she was stopped by Arana.

"Millianna, calm down," Arana said as she patted Millianna's shoulder.

Millianna took a deep breath and nodded. She knew that Kagura had a hard time being honest with herself, and as her friend, she wanted to do something to her. She looked at Haru who was the cause of everything and she wouldn't be satisfied if she didn't beat him up.


"W, what is that reaction?"

Lucy was startled when everyone on the Infinite seemed to be quiet and had a pale expression.

"Lucy, you don't need to think too much! They might be trying to scare you," Happy said.

"That's right! Go and win this, Lucy!" Natsu said.

"I know you can win, Lucy," Erza said.

"Lucy-san, do your best!" Wendy said while clenching both of her hands showing that she would cheer for Lucy.


Lucy was moved by their words. She thought about her life on Fairy Tail and the expression of Gray after being defeated. She took a deep breath and nodded.

"Leave this to me. I'll win this no matter what."

Hearing Lucy's words, everyone smiled and knew that they could trust their friends.


"Hmph! What a charade! I'm sure that Esdeath isn't a big deal!"

Makarov folded his arms showing a disdainful expression when he thought that everyone on the Infinite tried to exaggerate Esdeath's strength. He felt that Lucy was stronger than Esdeath and he didn't think that his guild would lose.

Marvis didn't say anything, but she pondered a strategy on how to make her guild become the winner of the "Grand Magic Games". She knew that they had lost against the Infinite, especially when Korosensei, Tabane, and Rufus showed their power. She had to admit that the strength of the Infinite was very strong, but she believed in the strength of her guild. She looked in Haru's direction and decided to visit him.

"I'll go for a while," Marvis said and floated toward Haru.

"Huh? First Masters? Where are you going?"

Makarov was ignored and Marvis kept moving toward Haru.


Shinobu, Gintoki, and Tabane looked at Esdeath who was talking with Haru at this moment.

"Dear, don't kill her," Haru said. He knew that Esdeath was very smart and it would be easy for her to defeat Lucy.

Esdeath smiled and nodded. "Don't worry, I'll finish this in an instant."


"Well, as long as you don't kill her, then it is all good," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and said, "Then, I'll go now." She kissed Haru's cheek then suddenly her body was covered in purple smoke.

Everyone was surprised by this and wondering what had happened, but when the smoke disappeared, Esdeath appeared once again wearing a white military uniform which she usually wore on the world of Akame Ga Kill.

"This is more comfortable for me."

Esdeath looked at Haru once again and said, "Then, I'll go now."

"Yes, I'm waiting for you here," Haru said.

Esdeath walked slowly toward the stadium to start her battle.

"Is that alright? Are you sure that she won't kill her opponent?" Shinobu asked.

"I believe in her," Haru said.

"How can you be so sure?" Shinobu asked with a frown.

"Because I'm her husband," Haru said as he looked at Shinobu.


Shinobu frowned and felt really jealous of Esdeath at this moment.

"Haru, can I ask you a question?" Tabane asked.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Why did you marry Esdeath?" Tabane asked. There were a lot of beautiful girls in this place and she knew that it would be quite easy for Haru to make them into his girlfriend, but she didn't understand why he decided to marry such a frightening woman.

Haru scratched his head and said, "I wonder why..."


They were speechless when they heard it.

"But if I have to answer then she was there when I needed someone the most," Haru said.


"Is it that simple?" Tabane asked with a frown.

"It's that simple."

His mind was in a mess on the world of Akame Ga Kill, and there was also a matter of his fake husband in the past that caused him to have funny connection with Esdeath which somehow made him attracted to her and made them married to each other.


Suddenly Haru saw a Marvis who was right in front of him and wondering what the first master of Fairy Tail wanted to do here.

"What's wrong?" Shinobu asked.

"There's a ghost in front of me now," Haru said.


Gintoki was scared and hugged Haru tightly. "Haru, where is the ghost! Hurry up and exorcist it! I'm allergic to ghosts! I'll have a fever if you don't keep it away from me!"


Haru, Shinobu, and Tabane were speechless.

Marvis laughed and said, "You've funny friend, here."

"Thank you?" Haru looked at Marvis and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm just curious how strong your wife is," Marvis said.

Haru didn't look at Marvis and looked at the stadium where Lucy and Esdeath were right in front of each other.

"It's stronger than any members in your guild."


Lucy looked at Esdeath and had to admit that Esdeath was very beautiful, but somehow there was something which made her feel quite strange.

Esdeath was calmly standing, holding her sword as if a cane with both of her hands, and she didn't even look at Lucy who was right in front of her only looked around the stadium.

Lucy frowned when Esdeath didn't even see her. "I won't lose against you! I've promised my friends that I'll win this battle! I'm sorry for you, but I'll get serious from the start!" She took out her key and waited for the match to start.


Esdeath didn't even say anything in response as if Lucy wasn't even worth her attention.

Lucy took a deep breath and calmed herself. She would regain the glory of her guild and kept the promise with her comrade to win this battle. However, she had to admit that she was quite annoyed at being ignored by Esdeath.

[You have 30 minutes. If you can knock out your opponent within that period of time, you win. Now for our first match.


The key in Lucy's hand started to glow, Lucy chanted, "Open!! The gate of----"



*Step!* *Step!* *Step!*

Esdeath walked away.

No one said anything and no one was sure what to say at this moment.

Lucy froze in an instant without being able to do anything. Her figure was inside the ice and she had become an ice sculpture.

It wasn't even a match, it was only a one-sided battle, and the result of this battle was Esdeath's win.


Natsu screamed loudly and jumped into the arena. He looked at Esdeath and couldn't wait to fight her.

But Esdeath ignored Natsu which made him very angry.

However, Esdeath stopped and thought something interesting. She showed a smirk as if trying to taunt Natsu.

Natsu who couldn't be provoked directly charged toward Esdeath.


The members of the Fairy Tail were startled when they saw Natsu suddenly decide to attack Esdeath. Even though they were angry at Esdeath, it didn't mean that they would attack her. Cursing how stupid this guy was, suddenly....

"I'm lower than fleas. I should die right now...."

Natsu suddenly became depressed and dropped all four on the ground.


Everyone was speechless by Natsu's sudden depression.


Haru was helpless with his wife, but he also wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her.

Esdeath smiled and snapped her fingers.


The ice which covered Lucy shattered and her figure fell to the ground.

Haru looked in the direction of Erza and Wendy and said, "Go and help your friend. If you're not in a hurry her body might worsen because of hypothermia."

Erza frowned, but she moved very fast to help Lucy. She wasn't sure what Haru had done to Natsu, but she knew that this guy was very strong.

"Let's go back," Haru said to Esdeath.

"Alright, it's too boring here," Esdeath said with a quite loud voice so that the people on the Fairy Tail could hear her.


Haru realized how bad his wife's personality was.

The members of the Fairy Tail clenched their hands, but they couldn't refute Esdeath's words.


Natsu stood up using his own will power alone. He pointed his finger at Haru and said, "I will definitely defeat you!" He was very depressed when he thought that he almost felt like committing suicide.

Frowning, Haru suddenly felt something on his body and suddenly an invisible pressure was released.


Loud clapping thunder, dark sky, and unnatural phenomenon suddenly happened before them.

The invisible pressure caused all of the people in this place to pass out and some of them who were stronger couldn't stand up could only plop on the ground.

Strong people such as Jura, Makacov, Laxus, etc had their bodies full of sweat after they felt such pressure.

Natsu also plopped on the ground after he couldn't handle the invisible pressure which hit him so suddenly.

"What happens, dear?" Esdeath asked in surprise since she also felt that invisible pressure before.

Haru felt strange wondering why it awoke at this moment. He shook his head and said, "Let's go back."


It was very quiet since almost everyone passed out, Haru and Esdeath went back but they were being surrounded by their friends asking him what had happened.

Haru sighed and said, "It was an accident."