Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 895

Volume 1 Chapter 895 End Of The First Day

After the match between Luffy and Orga, it was the match between Mystogan and Jura.

Haru didn't need to guess since he knew the winner was Jura.

Then day one of the tournament was over with the result:

Infinite A with 20 points; Infinite B with 18 points; Lamia Scale with 14 points; Blue Pegasus with 13 points; Infinite C with 6 points; Mermaid Heel with 2 points; Fairy Tail B 1 points; Fairy Tail A with 0 points.

Haru and everyone decided to go back since there was nothing they could do any more in this place. Though, tomorrow, they needed to do their best again since they needed to become the winner of this tournament.


"Pathetic! Hic!"

Cana held a bottle of booze and said, "No one is going to believe that we're the best with this result!"

"Big talk for anyone who hasn't even come to the tournament and been to just about every bar in the city during the tournament," Elfman said.

"I saw everything! All the bars were showing the competition from the lacrima-vision..." Cana drank her booze and said, "But Natsu, you were being beaten so easily by that guy, what were you doing?"

"Ha! I'll win against him next time!"

Natsu couldn't accept when Cana provoked him.

"You were getting emotional, Natsu. Lucy was alright from that woman's attack earlier," Erza said.

"But can you accept that? Our family was being hurt!" Natsu was angry.

"This is a competition. Lucy also knows this and if she isn't prepared then it is better for her to retire early," Erza said.

"What?!" Natsu couldn't believe what Erza had said.

"But... I'll win against that Esdeath next time...."


Erza slammed her glass on the table.


Everyone could see that Erza was also frustrated.


They turned and saw Lucy who seemed to have recovered after being tended to using Wendy's magic.

"Lucy, are you alright?" Mirajane asked.

"I'm sorry...."

Lucy bowed her head and cried since she had lost against Esdeath. She had promised to win her battle, but she lost and it made her frustrated.

"Don't cry, Lucy," Natsu said.

"But... it hurts...."

"Save the tears when we're winning! There are four more days! We're going to win this tournament no matter what!" Natsu yelled.


Everyone was excited when they heard Natsu's words.

Lucy smiled while crying. "I - I'm all fired up!"

Natsu smiled but became gloomy when he heard Cana's question.

"Natsu, how did you suddenly become depressed earlier?" Cana suddenly asked.


Everyone was quiet and looked at Natsu curiously since it was their first time to see Natsu who got depressed and telling himself should die.

"I'm not sure, but it should be that guy's magic!"

Natsu wanted to beat up Haru when he remembered what Haru had done to him.

"But what magic is that?"

"I'm not sure," Natsu said. He also wasn't sure about Haru's magic since it suddenly made him depressed.

"Bisca, you saw their match last year, right? Do you know what their magic is?" Erza asked.

"Hmm... if you are asking me about Haru then I only know that he is using light magic. I'm not sure anything else about him since he often uses an illusion to hide what kind of magic he uses to defeat his enemy," Bisca said.

"What about that Esdeath?" Mirajane asked.

Bisca shook her head and said, "I've never seen her before. She should be a new member or something."

"Korosensei, Tabane, Esdeath, Kouha, Teppei, Luffy, and Haru are monsters. There is also a Dragon Slayer duo and a lot of stronger members that you've never seen before. The Infinite guild is very strong...." Macao said with a sigh.

Unlike Natsu and everyone who had just come back from seven years ago, Macao, Droy, Ject, and everyone who had stayed in the past seven years knew very well how strong Infinite was. Even if they believed in their family, they weren't sure whether they could win against Infinite guild.

"Don't get all moppy because it's the first day!"

Makarov stood up on the top of the table and shouted, "Listen to me, Brats! We're going to change today's failures into tomorrow's victories! We're going to climb out of this, right?!!

Because the word "give up" has no meaning on us!!!"


Everyone became cheerful once again and once again vowed that they would become the champion of the "Grand Magic Games".

Looking at everyone who had regained their confidence and cheerfulness, Makarov was really jealous of Yajima since his best friend's guild was really awesome, especially when Haru could treat everyone with free burgers and soda to all of the people in the stadium. He knew that it needed a lot of money which made him feel jealous. He wanted to borrow a money, but somehow his pride didn't allow it. He took a deep breath and looked at everyone. He was sure that they would win and get the prize!



Mediating on his bed, Haru who had done a lot of rounds with Esdeath and Tsunade started to think about life.

Esdeath and Tsunade were sleeping with satisfied expressions after having a lot of rounds with him.

Haru didn't sleep immediately but thought about the "Haoshoku Haki" which he had awoken before. One thing that he had realized was that he might have started to get arrogant. He didn't like it somehow since he felt disdainful earlier when Natsu tried to provoke him. He felt such a thought was dangerous when he started to think about it since if he kept doing so he might underestimate his enemy in the future and that was a dangerous thing.

In his opinion, when he faced an enemy, he should go all out to destroy them until they lost everything.

Haru knew that Natsu might not be as powerful as the monster or strong people in the world of Toriko and there were various worlds which were stronger than the world of Fairy Tail, but he couldn't underestimate Natsu since Natsu was the strongest Etherious: E.N.D. which was made by the strongest, most evil Mage of all time in this world - Zeref Dragneel.

Laying on his bed, Haru started to think that he might change. His first intention on this "group chat" was so that he could marry Sora, but after he knew that she wasn't his real sibling that matter was resolved.

It was only a matter of time before he married Sora since both of them were in high school.

During his journey, Haru had met a lot of wonderful women during his adventure and even if not all of them had a happy ending, he hoped to make them happy. He knew that without power it was hard to make them happy and protect them.

Thinking about what had happened to Gray, Juvia, and Korosensei earlier, he knew that he needed the power to protect his woman.

Gray was in luck because Korosensei was a kind person, but what if the one who had made a wager was a bad person?

Haru wouldn't be surprised if that person would kiss Juvia's lips in front of people. Then that person would say, "Your first kiss wasn't with him! It was with me, Haru!"


Suddenly he felt a hand on his chest which made him turn his head.

"What are you thinking?" Esdeath asked with a sleepy face.

"It's about how much I love you," Haru said without shame on his face even though he had a lot of girls outside.

Esdeath smiled sweetly and kissed his lips tenderly. "I love you too, Haru..."


Haru took a deep breath and decided to protect this smile no matter what.