Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 896

Volume 1 Chapter 896 Chariot 1

The second day of the Grand Magic Games.

Everyone in the "group chat" except Luffy knew that the second day's event was "Chariot". In this game, the participants are made to run along the tops of interconnected chariots, which start at one end of Crocus and end at the Grand Magic Games Arena.

There were three rules which they needed to watch off such as:

1. Magic can be used at any time to help the competitors reach the goal faster or hinder the other competitors.

2. Falling off the chariots will result in disqualification.

3. The winner is the Mage that reaches the Grand Magic Games Arena first.

Everyone knew this, but Sting, Rogue, Yukino, Rufus, and Orga didn't know it since they weren't members of the "group chat".

Before the announcement of the event, they needed to send out one member from their teams to be the participant of this event and as expected when Sting saw both Gajeel and Natsu decided to join this event, he didn't hesitate to raise his hand to join the event on the second day.

"Yosh! I'm going to win this event!" Sting said confidently.


No one decided to stop Sting since it was quite funny to see him in motion sickness.

"I'll go," Gintoki said.

Haru was quite surprised and asked, "Are you sure? You haven't worked out for a while, right? Your stomach is quite flabby after all." He grabbed part of Gintoki's stomach and showed how flabby his stomach was.

Gintoki swept Haru's hand away and said, "You stupid! My stomach isn't flabby! This is just where I've kept my sweets!" He glanced around and said, "My opponent is quite easy after all. I believe that I can become the 2nd place easily."

"Who is the 1st place?" Shinobu asked.

"There...!" Gintoki pointed his finger at the Infinite A and said, "You can see who is going to be the 1st place there."

Everyone looked at Teppei who seemed to warm up.


Everyone knew that Teppei's speed was very fast.

If Korosensei was the first, Haru was the second, then Teppei was the third. The three of them would defeat their opponent using their speed since they were very fast.

"Well, good luck," Haru said.

Gintoki looked around and whispered, "I'll tell you. I might have a way to be ranked 1st."

Shinobu, Tabane, Haru, and Esdeath were a bit surprised. The four of them didn't expect this lazy bum to be this ambitious.

"Are you going to tell us?" Haru asked.

Gintoki shook his head and said, "No, I'm going to keep it a secret. But if I win...." He gulped and said, "Can you make me a youkan?"

Youkan is a thick, jellied Japanese dessert made of red bean paste, agar, and sugar. It is usually sold in a block form and eaten in slices.

Gintoki was alright with meat, but he needed to have his sugar content.

Haru nodded and said, "If you can win then I can make you a youkan, donut, monaka, Manju, dorayaki, daifuku, etc (various Japanese sweets)..... as much as you want."

Gintoki gulped and asked, "Really?"

"Your body won't get diabetes no matter what, right?" Haru asked.

Gintoki nodded and patted his chest. "Yeah, a healthy body is important since I won't be able to enjoy sweets without it."

"Good, I'll make as much as you want until you can't eat anymore," Haru said.

Gintoki became spirited and said, "Don't worry, leave this event to me." He ran toward the stadium and got ready for the tournament as soon as possible since the faster he finished his match, the faster he was able to eat his sweets.

Shinobu looked at Gintoki and said, "You sure are very good at manipulating people."

Tabane and Esdeath nodded at the same time.


Haru twitched his lips and asked, "Is that a compliment?"

"It's a compliment since you can make that lazy bum work," Shinobu said with a smile.

"But I'm curious what is he going to do with this event," Haru said.

"You know... I can lend him my IS," Tabane said.


Haru forgot about it and asked, "Why didn't you say it earlier?"

If Gintoki used an IS then without a doubt he would become the winner of this event since the speed of IS was around Mach 2.

Even though Infinite Stratos's speed was only 1/20 of Korosensei's speed, it was more than enough to win this tournament.

"You didn't ask me," Tabane said.


Haru was speechless.


Kouha, Korosensei, and Kuroneko were surprised when Infinite A sent Gintoki for this event.

"Gin-chan is going to go to the event? Is the judgment day's near?!" Kuroneko was in shock.

"Well, you're not wrong since the judgment day of this world will be happening soon," Teppei said trying to lighten up the mood.


They had enough of Teppei's dark humor, but they knew that the dragons would appear in this town on the final day of the Grand Magic Games.

Following the story, there were three futures that might have happened after dragons from 400 years ago appeared in this world. The world was destroyed on two futures and on one future the world was saved, but Ultear sacrificed herself to return the world by one minute.

Of course since they were here, they wouldn't let that incident happen.

"Ugh! I don't care about any of that! I want to play!" Luffy complained.

"Didn't you have a battle yesterday? You'll have another fight again in the next few days," Kuroneko said. She suddenly understood how hard it was to become a babysitter for everyone, which was a role that Haru usually took during their mission. She sighed and felt that she had four large little brothers, but it was alright for her since she usually took care of her little sisters.

"Then, Kuroneko, I'll go first. Try to stop Luffy from running amok," Teppei said as he jumped into the stadium.

"I want to go too!" Luffy shouted.

"Kouha!" Kuroneko was helpless and could only ask Kouha.

"Yes, yes," Kouha said, putting gravity pressure on Luffy's body.

"Korosensei!" Kuroneko said.

"Yes, yes."

Korosensei moved very fast to Haru and brought a lot of foods that he had asked from Haru before putting them into Luffy's mouth.

*Munch!* *Munch!* *Munch!*


Luffy kept eating ignoring the gravity pressure on his body.

Wiping the sweat on her forehead, Kuroneko realized how hard it was for Haru to take care of everyone.


"Oh, Gintoki is going to join this tournament?" Yajima seemed surprised.

"Is it something so surprising Yajima-san?" Chapati was surprised.

"Cool! Cool! Cool! I want to see the power of every new member of the Infinite!" Jason said.

Jason is a reporter for Weekly Mage Magazine. On the second day, he was chosen as a guest commentator to join both Chapati and Yajima together.

"Yes, Gintoki is known for his laziness, but I'm surprised that he is going to join. I'm not sure what kind of bribe Haru has given to him, but it is really surprising," Yajima said with an exaggerated tone.


"Yajima... you sure say something useless...." Gintoki sighed in helplessness. He knew that he was lazy, but he didn't want to show it off in front of everyone.

Patting Gintoki's shoulder, Teppei asked, "But I'm curious what kind of thing Haru is going to give you?"

"Sweets," Gintoki said.


Teppei nodded and understood why this guy seemed to be spirited.

"Teppei, Gin-san, I'll be the winner of this event!" Sting said.


Gintoki and Teppei only looked at Sting with a pitiful expression.

"Well, don't cry and ask for our help later, barf boy," Gintoki said.

"Weren't you the one who barf a few days ago?" Teppei said while looking at Gintoki.

"Shh...! Teppei! You need to keep that a secret!" Gintoki was quite embarrassed.

Sting raised his eyebrow and asked, "You know the event?"

Teppei and Gintoki looked at each other and said, "Come here."

Sting nodded and moved closer to Teppei and Gintoki.

"I'll tell you that Haru can see the future," Teppei whispered.

"What?!" Sting was in shock and asked, "Then?"

"Of course, we know what kind of event that will be held on the second day," Gintoki whispered.


Sting was speechless and asked, "Why didn't you tell us?!"

"You've never asked before," Gintoki and Teppei said at the same time.


Sting was speechless: 'So you won't say unless we ask?!' He really wanted to beat up two of them, but he held himself.

"Gentleman, let's have a good match for today.


Sting, Gintoki, and Teppei looked at Ichiya who uttered those words in a manly pose.