Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 897

Volume 1 Chapter 897 Chariot 2

Sting, Teppei, and Gintoki weren't sure what to say for a moment.

"Hmm... the three of you have very unusual perfume."

*Sniff!* *Sniff!* *Sniff!*

Sniffing the smell of the three of them, Ichiya said, "The green hair smells like nature, the Dragon Slayer one has a very unique smell, and the perm one has a sweet smell."

"It's not a perm! It's all-natural!" Gintoki complained.

"But please meet you, my name is Ichiya....."





The three of them introduced themselves with a helpless expression.

After joining Infinite, Sting had lost some of his arrogant nature, and he was even more cheerful. Though, in front of Natsu and Gajeel, he had a competitive spirit and wanted to show both of them that he was the strongest Dragon Slayer, not Natsu and Gajeel. It was also the reason why he was quite arrogant in front of Natsu a few days ago.

"Let's have a man's talk over tea sometimes, but for now, let's do our best during this competition," Ichiya said with a smile.


The three of them nodded at the same time.

"Good, I'm happy to meet all of you. Come here! Let's hug each other now!"

Ichiya wanted to hug the three of them, but Teppei, Gintoki, and Sting kicked him away together.


"Yosh, let's do our best in the competition," Teppei said.

"Yeah!!" 2x

The three of them decided to ignore Ichiya since they couldn't handle him.

"My.. My.. I guess I'm too hasty since you three are very embarrassed, right?" Ichiya said with a handsome smile.



"I'll win this!"

"No, I'll win this!"

Gajeel and Natsu argued with each other and ignored all of the competition in their surroundings. The relationship between the two of them was similar to a cat and dog, and whenever they were together, they would fight with each other no matter what.

"But seriously, we need to win this event," Gajeel said with a serious expression. He looked at Gintoki, Teppei, and Sting.

"Yeah, I'll win this," Natsu said.

A vein popped on his forehead, Gajeel said, "No, I'm going to win this event!"

"No, it's me!"

Both of them continued to fight each other before the event.


The event hadn't started, but everyone on the Fairy Tail became worried about Natsu and Gajeel.


Sting had a pale expression when he heard what kind of event that he would play after this and suddenly regretted his choice to enter.

"Good luck!" 2x

Gintoki and Teppei patted Sting's shoulder at the same time.

"Umm... sorry, can I bother you for a while?"

Gintoki, Teppei, and Sting turned and saw a chubby woman from a Mermaid Heel.

Gintoki knew that this girl could become beautiful after she had lost weight and he was quite polite. "Yes?" He thought that his luck was good since he could get the attention of a girl.

Teppei was speechless looking at Gintoki and Sting couldn't care what had happened to his surroundings after Sting knew what kind of event that would be held after this.

Risley didn't really know Gintoki, Teppei, and Sting, but she needed to help Kagura. "If possible, can you give this to Haru?" She gave them a letter before she left.


Gintoki took a deep breath trying to not tear the letter before calming himself.

"Good job for calm down," Teppei said and patted Gintoki's shoulder.

"I want to become a harem protagonist," Gintoki roared.


For a moment, Teppei wasn't sure what to say.


The eight teams had sent out their representatives for the second day's event. The ones who would participate in this event were Sting, Gintoki, Teppei, Risley, Ichiya, Gajeel, Natsu, and Yuka.

Mato, who was the mascot of the Grand Magic Games, announced what kind of event that they would play.

Gajeel, Natsu, and Sting, who had heard this matter once again turned pale.

It's no secret that the weakness of Dragon Slayer is that it's a vehicle since they are once on top of the vehicle or anything with tires, they are going to receive motion sickness.

But there was nothing that they could do and they could only do their best in this event.

As expected the moment the event had started, Sting, Natsu, and Gajeel received motion sickness and they could do nothing besides running while holding the puke inside their mouths.

Risley, Gintoki, Teppei, Ichiya, and Yuka ran together, and the five of them matched their speeds.

Teppei could have left them and finished the match quickly, but he didn't do that since he felt quite bored. He talked with Ichiya who introduced himself before.

Ichiya didn't mind, but he was quite tired of both running and talking at the same time. But as a gentleman, he needed to do his best and win this tournament while talking with other gentleman.

"Teppei-kun, I won't be holding back," Ichiya said with a lot of sweat on his body.


Teppei wasn't sure what to say when he could win this tournament easily.

Gintoki glanced at Teppei and knew that everything was moving according to his plan.


"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

Sting felt dizzy and wanted to barf. He really wanted to cry and wondered why he didn't ask for the help of Teppei and Gintoki before. But he was glad that he wasn't alone. He didn't glance at Natsu or Gajeel since he wanted to focus on this match.

The three of them were in the last place, but Sting didn't want to win two of them in this match and reached the 6th place on this match.


Yukino, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga were speechless when they saw what kind of event the "Chariot" was.

"I should be the one who entered before...." Yukino said with a sigh.

"Or me too...." Orga said.

Rufus nodded and sighed. He could only express his condolences to Sting for Sting's unluckiness.

Rogue was glad that he wasn't the one who did this event.


Teppei, Gintoki, Ichiya, Risley, and Yuka had done 3/4 of the route in this event. Their speed was the same and no one had an upper hand in this match, but they knew very well that they kept their trump card for the last.

Yuka looked at the four of them and decided to get serious. "I'll leave all of you now!"

"Wave Boost!"

Yuka ran forward, extending both arms behind, and releasing elongated masses of energy from his palms.


"Don't underestimate, Chub!"

Risley ran to the side of the chariot using her gravity magic.

Ichiya also didn't want to lose and put a bottle of perfume on his nose increasing his physical ability.


Looking at the three people who had gotten serious, Teppei said, "I'll go first, Gin-chan." He started to move very fast and left the four of them easily.


Risley, Ichiya, and Yuka were in shock when they saw how easy it was for Teppei to leave them.

Gintoki took a deep breath and turned, looking back before extending both of his palms ready to use his trump card.

"Ka - Me - Ha - Me..."


"Finally...." Kuroneko sighed at Teppei who didn't even get serious until the last moment.

"Yeah, we won again," Kouha said.

"Is that true?" Korosensei said.

"What do you mean?" Kuroneko asked.

"Look at Gin-chan," Korosensei said.


Kouha and Kuroneko looked at Gintoki and couldn't help but feel surprised.



A loud voice from Gintoki startled everyone then a blue wave of energy was shot from his palms.


Gintoki was blown away moving very fast toward the finish line.

Ichiya, Yuka, and Risley were also blown away by Gintoki's magic and couldn't help but duck down and stop their movement for a moment.

Teppei who was moving very fast and almost reached the finish line with a single step suddenly felt something pass him.


Gintoki used "Kamehameha" to propel himself to the finish line and defeated Teppei in a single moment before laying on the ground lazily.


Looking at Gintoki, Teppei was speechless and finished the event in 2nd place.