Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 898

Volume 1 Chapter 898 Kuroneko Vs Toby

"Wow! Unexpected return from Gintoki! When Teppei was just a step away from the finish line, Gintoki suddenly overtook him and became 1st place on this match!" Chapati was very excited.

"Cool! Cool! Cool!" Jason was excited and it was as if he had been injected with adrenaline.

"Wow...." Yajima was also amazed that Gintoki had finished the event in 1st place.

The three of them discussed the event intensely until Sting, Natsu, and Gajeel reached the goal.

Sting, who had prepared himself, also put himself to the limit and reached the 6th place leaving both Natsu and Gajeel.

Gajeel was in 7th place and Natsu was in 8th place.

But before the match, Natsu started to use his "Nakama speech" to make everyone on the Fairy Tail cry, but in the end, Natsu only reached the last place.

Sting breathed heavily, but he was welcomed by Gintoki and Teppei.

"Good job," Teppei said.

"Let's go back, take a rest," Gintoki said and helped Sting to stand up.

"Hahaha, I'm not the last place!" Sting felt dizzy, but he was happy that he had reached the line in the 6th place.

Nakama power?

Fairy Tail wasn't the only one who had that kind of power. The Infinite guild also had that kind of power considering there were a lot of shounen protagonists in their group.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

The audience clapped their hands on Sting who had done his best to finish the match since Yajima had explained the weakness of Dragon Slayer.

Natsu and Gajeel who had reached the goal plopped on the ground since they couldn't get the motion sickness which they had felt for a while.


Infinite A with 28 points; Infinite B with 28 points; Lamia Scale with 18 points; Blue Pegasus with 16 points; Infinite C with 8 points; Mermaid Heel with 8 points; Fairy Tail B with 2 points; Fairy Tail A with 0 points.

After the end of the event on the second day, the tournament moved quickly to the battle event which the audience had always been waiting for.

"Good job," Haru said and prepared a lot of sweets and a warm tea for Gintoki.

"Thank you," Gintoki said and put the sweets in his mouth. He could feel the sweetness from the sweets permeated inside his body. Drinking the warm and slightly sour tea, he sighed in relief and felt quite comfortable.

"Haru, can I have some?" Tabane asked.

"Me too," Shinobu said.

Esdeath didn't say anything, but she was sure that her husband could read her mind.


In the end, Haru prepared the snack for all of them while waiting for the announcement of the match.

But then they were surprised since it was the match between Kuroneko from Infinite A and Toby Horhota from Lamia Scale.

"It's going to be an interesting match," Tabane said while eating a strawberry daifuku. Her face was bliss when the sweetness of the red bean paste and the sourness of the strawberry blended together. She sighed and wondered why Haru had married someone, but she knew that she had a chance since she knew Tsunade also joined Haru and Esdeath last night.


"Watch me...."

Putting her right hand on her right eye, Kuroneko said, "I've gotten a new power from my training and this is a time to show it to everyone."



They nodded and didn't say too much.

"Oh, Haru has a new snack! I'll grab some snacks from him!" Luffy said and ran toward Haru.

"I'll follow you too," Kouha said.


"Listen to me!" Kuroneko roared.


"Yajima-san, what do you think of this match?" Chapati asked.

"Toby is a very strong magician and his magic is also very powerful, but Kuroneko has worked hard for the past year to become stronger," Yajima said.

"Really? Then I can't wait to watch this match!" Chapati's eyes were very excited to see Kuroneko's action.

"Oh, right, Chapati, I need to remind you of something," Yajima said.

"What's wrong, Yajima-san?" Chapati asked.

"I know that you like a small girl, but don't look at Kuroneko with that kind of eyes, alright?" Yajima asked and opened his eyes slightly.

"Y, Yes, Yajima-san!!!"

Chapati was really scared and at the same time.


Everyone was speechless when they found out about Chapati's fetish with a little girl, but they didn't care much since there were a lot of weird people in this world. From Yajima's words, before, they knew that Kuroneko had become stronger and they were wondering how strong she was.


There were a lot of people who were curious about Kuroneko's power, especially both Fairy Tail and Mermaid Heel.

The Mermaid Heel had invited Kuroneko last year, and they were curious how strong she had become after they hadn't seen her for a year.

Fairy Tail was also curious since they knew that Infinite was their strongest opponent. Teppei, Korosensei, Gintoki, and Tabane; they had only seen the power of the four of them and wondered how strong Kuroneko was.

"She's cute," Wendy said.

Erza and Lucy nodded when they saw Kuroneko.


"Awoo! Awoo!"

Toby howled funnily while showing his sharp nails.

Kuroneko stood up in the arena and faced Toby in front of her. She thought for a while and said, "Umm... Toby-san?"

"What's wrong?" Toby stopped howling and asked.

Kuroneko pointed at Toby's chest and asked, "Why did you put a sock on your neck?"


Toby seemed surprised and looked at his neck. He saw a sock which had disappeared for the past three months. He started to cry and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Sniff... Thank you... I've searched this for the past three months... Ohm..."


The members of the Lamia Scale were speechless when they heard it.

"No problem, let's get our match done now," Kuroneko said.

Toby sobbed and nodded. "Yes, but I won't be holding back against you."

"That's what I want," Kuroneko said.

[Let's the first battle...



Toby charged toward Kuroneko and he was ready to claw her down, but suddenly Kuroneko suddenly moved back in an instant as if she had turned into thunder itself.



Everyone was surprised by Kuroneko's ability.

Kuroneko opened her palm and said, "Purge of the Thunder God!" Suddenly a massive burst of thunder appeared on her hand and moved toward Toby.



Toby could only see a blinding light before he was engulfed by this attack.


Toby fell to the ground and passed out. His body turned slightly black and twitched because of the thunder earlier.

*Bzzt!* *Bzzt!* *Bzzt!*

The ground was crackling with electricity which was caused by Kuroneko's thunder.


Everyone was amazed by Kuroneko's power.

"T - The winner is Kuroneko!!!!"

Kuroneko appeared very graceful and walked back toward everyone who had been waiting for him since they were curious about how she suddenly became quite strong. Looking at their expression, she had this smug smile on her face and somehow excitedly told them what was the truth.


Laxus looked at Kuroneko and realized that there was another thunder or lightning user on the Infinite guild. He felt that that guild was becoming more and more interesting and at the same time, he realized that Infinite might be the guild that he had always wanted in the past since they were very strong and cared about each other, but not now. Looking at all of his family, he knew that he needed to win this "Grand Magic Games" for everyone.