Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 899

Volume 1 Chapter 899 Haru Vs Erza 1

Everyone was curious about Kuroneko's power since they knew that it wasn't normal magic which she learned in the world of Magi since it was quite different.

Kuroneko told them the truth that this ability name was "Great Thunder" or the ability of Zaratras from the world of "Nanatsu No Taizai".

"Great Thunder?"

Kuroneko explained the "Great Thunder" was magic that allowed the user to generate and manipulate lightning.


Hearing her explanation, they weren't sure whether they should feel disappointed or something since the ability of "Great Thunder" was the same as its name which somehow quite lukewarm.

"What's wrong with all of you! I've kindly explained my power, but this is your response?!"

Kuroneko complained and was frustrated by their reaction. She thought that they would be amazed, but that didn't seem to be the case and it made her frustrated. She wanted to say something, but her words were cut by the announcement.

[Now for the second battle, let us continue with the fight between...]

They were surprised when they heard the announcement suddenly and wondered, who would be fighting in the next match.

[Kasugano Haruka from the Infinite B....


[Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail A!!!!!!]


Haru noticed that everyone was looking at him. He blinked his eyes and said, "Then, I'll go out now."

"Wait," Esdeath said.


"Can you win without using that perverted magic?" Esdeath asked.


Haru was wondering whether it had been concluded that he would always use that magic. He sighed and hoped that he would get a new power, magic, or ability which made him able to strike down his enemy easily without using "pleasure magic".

To answer Esdeath's question, Haru nodded and said, "I'll try."


Esdeath nodded at her husband.

Haru walked and started to go to the arena.


On the Mermaid Heel's team.



Millianna looked at the direction of Erza with a worried expression. She knew about Haru's power and knew how powerful he was, but at the same time, she also wanted to see Erza with a perverted reaction after Erza had tasted his magic.

However, Millianna also didn't really want Erza to become a victim of Haru's magic. Her feeling was conflicted and wasn't sure what to do.

"Calm down, Millianna," Kagura said.


"He has been away for a year and he might have learned new magic or something so he won't use that perverted magic again."

Kagura tried to explain this matter calmly to Millianna since she knew that Millianna really loved Erza Scarlet. Her voice might be calm, but if someone heard her voice, they might hear a trace of sadness on Kagura's voice. The man which she had been waiting for suddenly had married someone and knew that it was impossible to get him again. The only thing that she could do was try to hate him on her mind.

Looking in Esdeath's direction, Kagura couldn't hide her jealousy.

Risley, Beth, Arana, and Millianna who saw Kagura's expression really wanted to beat down Haru at this moment.

"Have you done that plan?" Arana whispered.

Risley nodded and said in a low voice, "I've given the letter."

The four of them nodded and wanted to give the best to Kagura.

Then they looked at the arena since Haru had stood there waiting for his opponent.


"Oh, ho? It seems that you've provided the battle I asked for?"

"Your majesty."

"This will be fun, won't it? Kasugano Vs. Erza. I wonder whether Erza can force him to show all of his power in this battle."

The ones who talked to each other were the King of the Kingdom of Fiore, Toma E. Fiore; and Chief of the Cherry Blossom Holy Knight Squadron in the Royal Kingdom of Fiore, Arcadios.

"Yes, I'm also curious about this match," Arcadios said.

"Arcadios, do you know what magic he has used on Kagura along with every member of the Mermaid Heel?" Toma asked. He was curious since the expression of Kagura and her team during the "Grand Magic Games" last year was quite s.e.xy wondering what Haru had done to them.

"For that question....." Arcadios shook his head and said, "I'm not sure. Every member of "Infinite" is very strong and I'm not even sure about their power."

Toma nodded and said, "Strong, huh? I wonder whether they can protect this kingdom from that..."

"Your majesty...." Arcadios wanted to say something, but he was stopped.

"Let's not discuss that matter. It's better to have fun and watch this battle which is about to begin," Toma said.

"Yes, your majesty."

Arcadios showed his respect, but he was also thinking about how to solve the calamity which was about to happen in this kingdom. He looked in the direction of someone in the audience seat and waited for his chance.


Erza, who heard her name being mentioned, looked at the direction of Haru.

"Erza, go and defeat him!" Gray said.

"You can win this Erza!" Lucy said.

"Erza-san, do your best!" Wendy said.

The three of them had confidence in Erza, and in their minds, no one was able to defeat her. No matter how hard the fight was, she never backed down nor gave up and kept moving until she won the battle.

It was also one of the reasons why Erza had a nickname of "Titania".

Erza nodded and said, "I'll go first." She walked toward the arena ready to fight against Kasugano Haruka.

Lucy, Gray, and Wendy looked at the direction of Erza and couldn't help but hear the conversation between the audience.

"Who is going to win?"

"Of course, it is Kasugano."


"Yeah, did you not remember what he had done to every member of the Mermaid Heel last year? In front of a woman's enemy, Kasugano is invincible."

Gray frowned and grabbed that person. "What did you mean by that, Bastard?!"

"Ha? What do you mean?!" The people who were being grabbed were also angry at Gray.

"Sorry! Sorry!"


Lucy and Wendy hurriedly stopped Gray, who had gotten emotional.

"Erza won't lose no matter what!" Gray shouted.

The man snorted and said, "You Fairy Tail has always been in the last place! You don't know how strong Kasugano is!"

"Oh, what is his magic?" Lucy asked with a smile.

Hearing Lucy's question, and it might be because Lucy was quite beautiful, he answered, "His magic is complicated, and no one really knows what it is."


"You didn't watch the "Grand Magic Games" last year?" Lucy asked.

"I've watched it, but Kasugano has always put on an illusion so no one knows what has happened at the end of the battle," the man said,


"Yeah, an illusion. He has always covered his battle with illusions and the girls who have fought him have never said anything and only said that his magic is dangerous," the man said.

Wendy, Lucy, and Gray didn't really understand what the man was saying, but one thing, they knew that Haru was very strong.

However, Erza was stronger.

It was their thought and they believed in their friend.


Erza stepped on the arena and looked at Haru. She could hear the cheers of her family who had supported her. She took a deep breath and would definitely win this battle. Her eyes turned firm and looked at Haru with a serious expression.

"What a scary expression, you should smile more. I'm sure it'll make you prettier," Haru said.


Erza frowned since she didn't expect Haru's character would be this flirtatious. "You have a wife, right?" She didn't understand why he tried to flirt with her even though he had a wife.

Haru frowned and said, "You're too narcissistic. I'm not trying to flirt with you. I'm just trying to be polite."


Erza was a bit embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry for that, but I'm going to win this match." It might be because she was beautiful and she was often being flirted with that she misunderstood him. Somehow her face was red at this moment.

"Say that after you land a hit on me," Haru said.

Erza didn't say anything since she knew that more words were useless and she would show her ability through action. But somehow she frowned when she heard his words. 'Land a hit on him?' She didn't understand what it meant, but she would win this battle.


Erza was about to charge, but suddenly a blinding light covered the entire area which blinded the eyes of the people on this stadium, but she raised her hand instinctively and saw the movement of Haru's mouth even though she couldn't hear it.

'Good - bye?'

Her heart tightened and she felt a danger instantly.

Then suddenly a powerful beam of light was shot directly toward Erza.