Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 900

Volume 1 Chapter 900 Haru Vs Erza 2


When everyone covered their eyes because of this blinding light, they heard a loud explosion.


When they recovered their eyesight, they saw dust covering the entire stadium.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail was startled and no one expected that Haru would be this merciless.

But it wasn't over, Haru kept firing a beam of light toward Erza.


No one said anything and everyone could only open their mouths in awe seeing the thing which happened in front of them.

Explosion, explosion, and explosion kept happening which almost ruptured their ears.



Tabane, Shinobu, and Gintoki were surprised by Haru's magic which didn't give mercy to his opponent.

"He's holding back," Esdeath said.

"Really?" Gintoki was skeptical.

Esdeath nodded and said, "That magic won't end his opponent." She sighed and said, "He's too gentle at a woman."


Gintoki wanted to complain since he saw Haru keep firing a beam of light without giving Erza a chance, but he didn't intend to say anything since if Esdeath said so then it was the truth.



Gray, Wend, and Lucy were surprised by Haru's attack which didn't give Erza a chance to fight back.


Jellal, who was disguising himself as a Mystogan, clenched his hand and almost entered the stadium to help Erza.

"You need to believe in Erza," Mirajane said.

Jellal nodded, but he stared at Haru and swore if something happened to Erza then...


Toma and Arcadios were surprised by Haru who was able to overpower Erza right at the beginning of the match. But they had to admit that this match was very interesting.



The explosion stopped, but everyone's ears were ringing. However, everyone had this as expected expression on their face since they knew very well that Erza had lost from this battle after they saw Haru's attack.

Haru didn't say anything, but he tilted his head to the right avoiding a sword which was about to pierce him.


That sword stabbed at the wall behind him and caused a large crack.


The dust and smoke disappeared, then Erza's figure appeared on the large hole. Even though her appearance was quite dusty and dirty, her eyes were full of spirit.

"I've heard that you have various armor, what armor is that?" Haru asked.

"Adamantine Armor."

Erza looked at Haru and said, "No one can break this armor."


Haru was wondering whether Erza had forgotten that armor had been destroyed once in the past and he had also maintained the firepower of his magic earlier so he wouldn't destroy this place.

Erza knew that to fire off such a bombardment, Haru needed to use a lot of energy and when he stopped then it was her chance to fight back. Her body was covered in light and her armor had changed once again.

"Heaven's Wheel Armor!"

Erza was covered in silver armor and there were numerous swords around her.


Numerous swords were shot at Haru, but Haru also shot out a bombardment of light beams.


Swords and light beams met each other and destroyed each other.

From this battle, Erza could tell that Haru was a long-range magician which meant that he was quite weak at close combat. She didn't waste her chance and charged toward Haru.

The distance between the two of them was shortened in an instant, two swords on her hands flashed...

"Trinity Sword!"

Erza slashed Haru in a delta formation, but then she saw him take out a knife out of nowhere. She frowned but didn't stop her attack.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*

All of Erza's attack was blocked by Haru's knife, but Erza didn't stop her attack and kept swinging her swords at him.

Haru's movement was very smooth and fast. He kept fending off all of Erza's attacks and none of her attacks had ever hit him.

Sparks of fire were created by the intensity of their confrontation.


No one said anything since they were attracted to the figure in the arena.

Erza's figure was very brave and she resembled an image of a beautiful female knight.

Haru's movement was very nimble, and it might be only their imagination, but rather than an assassin, his figure resembled an image of a chef who was preparing ingredients in front of him.

The members of the Fairy Tail were in shock since it might be their first time to see someone who could match Erza's in swordsmanship, but they believed in their family.


"Win this!"

Erza could hear the voice of her family, but she who was in this arena knew how heavy blow after blow which she received from Haru. Then suddenly she saw his left hand was about to reach her stomach.


Erza didn't know what Haru was about to do, but she knew that it was dangerous. She was about to retreat, but her body suddenly stopped in midair.


Erza wasn't sure what had happened, but she saw Haru spun his body before sending out a powerful kick at her stomach.


Erza's quick reflex blocked Haru's kick, but the force behind it was so strong that she was blown away toward the wall around the arena.



Erza coughed blood and her chest felt very stuffy. Her body was stuck on the wall and almost let go of her sword.

But luckily, Haru didn't continue his attack.

"Why don't you give up?" Haru asked.

Erza came out from the wall and stood up once again.

"Never! I'll never give up! I have a family who has trusted me! I won't lose!"



Everyone on the Fairy Tail was full of tears hearing Erza's words.


Then once again Erza transformed her armor into another armor.

"Flight Armor!"

Erza's speed became faster and she only left her afterimage appeared directly in front of Haru.


Haru blocked Erza's attack easily even though her speed had increased.

But Erza didn't stop and kept attacking from various directions.

"No matter how fast... you won't be able to land a hit on me," Haru said with a sigh. He knew that it was simply impossible for a woman such as Erza to give up easily unless he brought her down with a lot of damage, but even so he felt that Erza would keep standing. He was quite reluctant to do so since it wasn't his hobby to beat up a beautiful woman.

'Is it only that magic?'

Haru knew that magic was the best way to make her give up, but he had promised Esdeath to not use that magic in this place. He glanced at Esdeath while dodgin Erza's attack.

Erza frowned when she saw him looking away from the battle.

"Sonic Claw!"

Erza dashed at Haru and attacked him from every direction, but it was useless since all of them were avoided.


Esdeath noticed Haru's glance and sighed. She gave him a nod since she knew that her husband wouldn't kill his opponent no matter what.


Haru was a bit surprised by Esdeath's answer, but he nodded. He thrust his palm toward Erza, but that woman ran away once again.

Erza stopped and didn't know what kind of magic Haru was about to use, but she was quite wary.

"Erza, can I call you that?" Haru asked.

Erza stopped, then nodded in response.

"Good, so you won't give up no matter what, Erza?" Haru asked.

Erza pointed her sword at Haru and said, "Don't look down on me! I'll win this battle no matter what!"

"I've reminded you, alright? It's too late now," Haru said and snapped his fingers.


Suddenly Haru and Erza disappeared from the arena.

"What happens?!"

The members of the Fairy Tail were surprised when Haru and Erza disappeared so suddenly.

"Calm down, it's an illusion," Marvis said.


"Why an illusion right now?"

"I'm not sure, but all we can do is believe in her," Marvis said.


Erza heard the words of her family and asked, "Illusion?"

Haru nodded and said, "I've covered this entire area with an illusion so you won't be too embarrassed when you lose."

Erza snorted and said, "I won't lose!"

"All of the people that I've defeated have said that to me before, but let's see how long can you stand up?" Haru said and dove at the earth after using his "astral mode". His swimming speed was faster than his running speed. It might be because his physical was from Aquaman and when he was in "astral mode", he was able to swim anywhere and because of that it only took a moment before he appeared behind Erza.


Erza was startled, but she was fully focussed on feeling his presence until suddenly her shoulders were grabbed.


Erza was about to counter, but her legs suddenly felt weak. Her face was blushing and she roared. "W, What is this?! What the hell are you doing to me!" She felt an indescribable pleasure in her body which she had never felt before.

"I'm sorry."

Haru started to give her a massage to intensify the pleasure of her body. He had covered both of his hands with "pleasure magic" to maximize the effect of his magic on a v.i.r.g.i.n. He knew that Erza was a v.i.r.g.i.n and it was hard to deal with it, especially such a tough woman such as her and he had seen that Erza seemed to be unaffected by "pleasure magic" in the story, however, it was working now so he didn't need to worry.

"I've never had a hobby to fight against a woman so this is the magic which I've learned to take them down without hurting them. I know that you won't give up no matter what so I can only use this magic to take you down," Haru said.

"Y, you!"

Erza blushed and tried to fight back, but her body was too weak and it felt really good. Her breath started to feel erratic, and the way he touched her shoulders and neck was very good. But she knew that she couldn't lose.

Erza made up her mind and decided to bite down her tongue, but Haru inserted his hand inside her mouth.

"I know a woman who has done this too."

Erza stared at Haru hatefully when her mouth was being ravaged by Haru forcefully.

"I, I won't lose...!"

Haru sighed and said, "You'll lose, sorry."

Erza didn't know what Haru meant by Haru's words, but after that, she kept m.o.a.ning loudly and she felt that something kept coming out from her lower body.



No one knew what had happened, but everyone was waiting for Haru and Erza to appear.

The one who was the most anxious would be all of the members of Fairy Tail since they were worried about Erza. Even though they believed in her, they didn't want something to happen to her just in some case.

Then suddenly Haru and Erza appeared once again, but this time Haru stood up and Erza lay on the ground.

But if someone looked closely, they might able to see Erza with blush and satisfied expression. Her armor had returned to her usual armor and nothing seemed strange, but when someone opened her skirt, they would see how wet it was and what kind of thing had made her underwear wet from the aroma alone.

[T - The winner is Kasugano Haruka!!!!]


Haru walked away, but every member of the Fairy Tail looked at this match with disbelief since Erza, who was known as invincible, had lost against Haru.