Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 901

Volume 1 Chapter 901 End Of The Second Day

Kagura, Millianna, Arana, Risley, and Beth blushed when they saw the state of Erza, who was lying weakly on the ground. They knew very well what Haru had done to Erza since they also had experienced it last year.

"As expected, we need to defeat him no matter what," Kagura said while gritting her teeth. She thought that Haru was a lewd demon and it was her duty to exterminate him.

"Hmm... Er-chan has joined the club, huh?" Millianna said while smiling.

"You're happy?" Beth asked with a confused expression.

"Well, his magic felt good, right?" Millianna said.


No one answered her question, but all of them blushed since they knew very well how dangerous Haru's magic was.


Everyone on the Fairy Tail was worried about Erza and wanted to help her to go to the infirmary.

However, Erza told them that she was alright and hurriedly stopped them, especially when the male members of the Fairy Tail tried to help her. She didn't want them to know about her state and wouldn't let them get close to her. In the end, she only accepted the help of Cana and Lucy, who helped her bring her to the infirmary.


The members of the Fairy Tail were confused by Erza's reaction, but they didn't think too much.


Everyone was in shock after they found out the result of this battle, but the third battle continued right away and this time it was the match between Mirajane Strauss and Jenny Realight.

Hearing that announcement, Korosensei prepared his latest camera full DSLR with the best lens and various things to help him stabilize his camera, clear image, etc. He was fully prepared and he even put up a large sign to not disturb him. He even prepared eight cameras for all of his eight tentacles.

People often say that the one who was given a chance was someone who prepared.

Korosensei was fully prepared!



Suddenly all of his cameras exploded, Korosensei cried in agony.


Korosensei's tears were full of blood and he was very sad at that moment.

"Korosensei, don't be perverted," Kuroneko said. She used her lightning to bust all of Korosensei's cameras since she felt quite embarrassed about what this octopus was about to do.


Korosensei cried and felt despair, but he quickly thought for a while then decided to grit his teeth to buy a camera at the nearby store since he only needed a few seconds to do it.



Kuroneko sighed and knew where that guy had gone, but she could destroy his camera again.


Cana and Lucy helped Erza, who had weak legs from the battle earlier. They decided to bring her to the infirmary, but before that, they wanted to know what had happened and how Erza could lose against Haru.

"Erza, what happened? How could you lose?" Cana asked with a frown. She didn't expect that Erza would be defeated by Haru since she knew how strong Erza was. She knew that Haru was powerful, especially that barrage of light beams, but she knew that it was impossible to defeat Erza with that kind of magic.

"Yes, what did he do to you?" Lucy asked curiously since any information about their opponent might be helpful in their battle later.

Blushing, Erza didn't answer their question since she felt too embrassed. Even though she knew that it was important for them to know about Haru's ability, she didn't want them to know about what he had done to her.

Cana noticed Erza's blush and felt a bit surprised. "Did that guy do something perverted on you?"



Cana and Lucy were surprised.

"NOOOO!!!!" Erza denied it and gritted her teeth. "His magic is dangerous. It might only affect a woman, and if both of you meet him.... you need to be careful." She really wanted to have revenge on Haru and wanted to beat him up after what that guy had done to her.

"Oh? Magic, huh? What magic is it?" Cana asked and seemed pretty disappointed since she thought that Erza fell for Haru or Haru fell for Erza then created a triangle love drama which was pretty amusing in her opinion, but it seemed that wasn't the case.


Erza looked around and said, "No one is here, right?"

"No, there are only us." Cana nodded and asked, "Why are you so secretive?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with that guy's magic?" Lucy asked.

Erza blushed and said, "Don't tell anyone about it."

Cana and Lucy nodded. "Your secret is safe with us."

"Then, let me tell you what has happened....."

Erza started to tell them what had happened, but the result...

Cana and Lucy blushed, but rather than being scared, they were even more curious about Haru's magic since this magic was so strong that it was able to take down Erza, who was known as the toughest woman on Fairy Tail.


Mystogan sighed in relief since Erza was alright, but he didn't know how Haru had defeated her. He thought that he should ask Erza about this matter later or tomorrow.


Haru, who had come back, sighed since someone was curious about his magic.

"What kind of attack have you used to defeat her?" Tabane asked since she didn't know about Haru's pleasure magic.


Shinobu and Esdeath were silent and they didn't say anything.

Gintoki had moved away and joined Korosensei since he also knew the best match on the "Grand Magic Game" was about to happen.

Haru looked at Gintoki, who had run away and felt quite envious. He looked at Esdeath and said, "I'm sorry. I've tried, but I need to use that magic."

"You couldn't defeat her without using that magic?" Esdeath asked.

"That was the only way to defeat her without hurting her too much," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and said, "I know that, but I'm not happy with it."

"If my opponent is a male then I can handle it easily," Haru said.


Esdeath sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. She held his hand and intertwined their fingers before saying, "You need to focus on me only when I'm beside you."

Kissing her hair, Haru said, "I love you."

"I love you too," Esdeath said.


Shinobu and Tabane, who were beside them, felt really jealous of this relationship, but the more they saw the more they wanted it.

Tabane sat down directly on Haru's lap disturbing the moment between Haru and Esdeath. "Haru! Haru! Haru! Tell me the magic that you've used earlier!"


Esdeath took a deep breath and would really punch Tabane if this woman wasn't part of the group chat.

However, the situation was quickly resolved and it was time for the next match.

"Oh, the match has started," Haru said. He was quite curious about the match between Mirajane and Jenny, but then his eyes were covered by six hands.

"Umm, what are you doing?"

Haru was speechless by their actions.

"You don't need to watch this match." 3x



As expected the winner of the third battle was Mirajane, Gintoki and Korosensei had a blast and both of them had collected various photos of both Mirajane and Jenny.

Unfortunately, Haru couldn't watch this match since the three women beside him covered his eyes all the time which made him helpless. But he didn't complain and he also didn't intend to complain since if he really did that the situation would turn troublesome. In the worst case scenario, he might be kicked out of his bedroom and being told to sleep outside. He didn't want that and wanted to sleep together with his women.

Then the fourth match began, and it was the match between Yukino and Kagura.

Yukino was confident and she wanted to win for everyone in the guild, but she lost against Kagura. She seemed very down, but no one blamed her for this and they tried to cheer her up.


Yukino was very depressed and wondering whether she was suitable to be a member of the Infinite.

After that battle, the second day of the "Grand Magic Game" was over.