Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 902

Volume 1 Chapter 902 How To Cheer Up Yukino? 1

After the second day of the tournament ended, the result of the tournament was announced.

Infinite A with 38 points; Infinite B with 38 points; Lamia Scale with 18 points; Mermaid Heel with 18 points; Blue Pegasus with 16 points; Fairy Tail B 12 points; Infinite C with 8 points; Fairy Tail A with 0 points.

This result was quite surprising since Infinite C had become the last second place in the tournament.

No one blamed Yukino after she had lost against Kagura, but Yukino blamed herself after that loss.


Sitting on the edge of the lodging, Yukino sighed and felt very depressed. She felt useless since she thought that she could gain points for her team, but in the end, she lost.


This action didn't go unnoticed by everyone and they gathered together how to make her cheerful once again.

"What should we do?" Sting asked.


Rufus, Sting, and Orga were powerful, but they didn't have the experience to cheer someone up.

The four of them looked at Haru and looked at the rest of the members then asked them whether they had a good idea to cheer Yukino up.

"Try to cheer her up," Tsunade said, but her words were quite irresponsible since she didn't really have an intention to cheer Yukino up.


Sting twitched his lips then asked, "How?"

"Rufus, you have remembered a lot of things, right? Isn't there a way or two to coax a girl?" Kouha asked with a teasing expression.

"Unfortunately, I've never remembered such a thing in my memory...." Rufus had never expected his "Memory-Magic" to be so useless at this moment. He had remembered a lot of things, but he didn't remember a way to cheer up a depressed girl.

"Then try to cheer her up," Charlotte said.

"How?" Sting asked once again.

"Here, I have candy. Try to give it to Yukino," Gintoki said.

Sting nodded and took candy from Gintoki before he went to Yukino to cheer her up.

"Do your best, Sting!" Lector shouted.

"Fro thinks so too!" Frosch said.

Everyone looked at Sting wondering whether he was successful or not.



Yukino, who was quite depressed, hung her head down, but when she heard someone call her name. She looked up and saw Sting, who was right in front of her.


"Here's a candy, cheer up," Sting said and gave a piece of candy to Yukino.

Yukino nodded and took candy from Sting. Eat it before hanging her head down once again.


Sting was confused since he thought that Yukino would be full of energy, but she didn't expect her to become depressed once again after he had given her a candy. He turned and looked at everyone showing his confusion.


"Sting has failed, how about you, Orga?" Teppei asked.

"Me?" Orga was a bit surprised.

Teppei nodded and said, "Show your talent in front of Yukino. You might be able to cheer her up."

Orga seemed to be spirited when Teppei tried to encourage him. He stood up and nodded. "Alright, I'll do this!" He took something from the secret shelf on the counter bar before he walked toward Yukino.

"What is he going to do?" Kuroneko asked.

"Let's just see," Charlotte said.



Yukino, who was depressed suddenly heard her name was called once again. She looked up and asked, "Orga-sama?"

"Listen to my song!"

Orga was holding a microphone and started to sing.

"Infinite is the best guild~~ It is the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore! No one can defeat it!...."

Orga's voice was so loud and it was also annoying.

Yukino wanted to say something, but something flew toward Orga's head.


Orga was blown away by the chair which was thrown at him.

"Shut up!"


Yukino didn't look at Orga and hung her head once again.


"Orga has failed. Rogue, you're next," Kouha said.

They didn't know when, but it had suddenly turned into an interesting event when the members of the Infinite needed to cheer Yukino up

"M, Me?!"

Rogue was startled since he had never cheered anyone up. His personality was also quite gloomy and he couldn't think of a way to cheer Yukino up. He hurriedly shook his head and said, "I can't do it!"

"You haven't even tried yet, you shouldn't give up too early," Sumire said.


Rogue wanted to say something, but then he heard Kouha's advice.

"If you feel under the weather, then what do you usually do?" Kouha asked.

"What do I usually do?"

Hearing that question, Rogue thought for a while and looked at his dearest family.

"Fro?" Frosch titled his head cutely.

"I, I hug Frosch," Rogue said with a blush.

Frosch nodded and raised his little hand. "Yes, Rogue has always hugged me!"


Kouha smiled and said, "Then, why don't you suggest Yukino do the same? You can lend Frosch to Yukino."

"Fro? I can cheer up, Yukino, Fro?" Frosch asked.

They had to admit that Frosch was very cute, and they understood why Rogue would hug Frosch when he felt depressed.


Rogue hurriedly hugged Frosch tightly.



Looking at his reaction, everyone was speechless.

"Rogue! How can you be so selfish! Just lend Frosch a minute or two!" Sting said.

"No, what if he gets hurt? What if he gets dirty? Can you take responsibility? Frosch is very frail!" Rogue started to change his character when it came to Frosch. Rather than a partner, he was similar to a doting parent.

Everyone was speechless by Rogue's outburst.

Sting frowned and said, "No, Yukino won't hurt, dirty, or do something bad to Frosch! Just lend him a few minutes to Yukino!"

Snorted, Rogue said, "Then, why don't you lend Lector to Yukino?"


Everyone looked at Lector and compared him to Frosch.


Frosch titled his head again.


Everyone shook their heads at the same time.

Looking at everyone's reaction, Lector had a disbelief expression and asked, "What?! What am I lacking?!"

"Sorry, you're not cute enough..." Gintoki said with a sigh.


Lector couldn't believe it and he started to sob. "I, I'm very cute....." He was all four on the ground and punched the table with his paw.


Sting panicked when he saw his partner suddenly start to sob. He tried to coax Lector, but he wasn't sure until he remembered something.

"Gin-chan, do you have candy again?"

Looking at Sting, Gintoki was quite surprised and sighed. He took something from his pocket and showed a piece of candy in his hand. "This is the last one, don't waste it."

"Thank you!"

Sting nodded and gave the candy to Lector. "Lector, try to cheer up with this."

Lector, who wanted to eat the candy which was given by Gintoki, was happy when he received candy from Sting.

"Thank you."

Sting sighed in relief when Lector was alright, but he knew that the problem wasn't over. "What should we do? I could cheer Lector up, but I couldn't cheer Yukino up." He felt depressed by his incompetence.

Kouha sighed and said, "Then, it can't be helped, we can only use that secret weapon." He thought that it was the only way for them to cheer Yukino up. Even though it might be dangerous, there was nothing that they could do against this crisis situation.

"Huh? Secret weapon?!" 4x

Orga, Rufus, Sting, and Rogue were surprised by it.

"Is there a way to cheer Yukino up?" Rufus asked.

Tsunade nodded and said, "Yeah, this secret weapon is very powerful at cheering girls up." She looked at Yukino and wondered whether this girl could fight back against the side effects of this solution.

Shinobu, Sumire, Kuzuha, Tabane, Charlotte, and everyone on the "group chat" nodded at the same time.

"How?" 4x

Rufus, Sting, Orga, and Rogue asked at the same time.

"Haru!" 12x

Everyone called this name at the same time.

Haru, who had just come out from the kitchen while bringing hot cocoa, tea, and coffee together with Esdeath looked at everyone. "What's wrong?"

"Do you have a way to cheer Yukino up?" Kouha asked.

Haru looked at Yukino, who sat separately from everyone. Rather than join everyone, she sat down alone on the edge of the lodging. He understood that girl was depressed after she lost, but didn't expect to be this much. He only knew about it now since he had been in the kitchen after the tournament ended.

Haru placed down the beverage which he had made on the table before it was grabbed by everyone quickly since sometimes they might not have a chance to drink it.

Everyone was quite jealous of Esdeath and Tsunade, but they knew that she had a special privilege and no one said anything.

Haru didn't care much about them and pondered for a while before he got an idea.

"I might need an ingredient to cook a sweet for Gintoki, maybe I need someone to help me with that," Haru said while looking at everyone.

Everyone understood Haru's meaning, but there was someone, who was quite oblivious at this moment.

"Oh, me! Me!"

Sting raised his hand very high. He knew how delicious the food was cooked by Haru and he was hooked by it. If he went together with Haru then he would get more food than what he had thought, but then everyone gave him a slap.

Orga, Rogue, and Rufus understood what Haru wanted to do, but this idiot tried to ruin everything.

"What the heck are you doing?!"

Sting complained.

Snorted, Orga, Rogue, and Rufus had never thought that Sting was such a big idiot.

Haru only shook his head and thought that they were really good friends. Looking at the figure of a lonely girl, he said, "Yukino, can you help me for a while?"