Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 903

Volume 1 Chapter 903 How To Cheer Up Yukino? 2

"Can Haru cheer Yukino up?" Sting asked.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled, thinking that Sting was very naive at this moment.

"When they come back, I can predict that they will hold hands together," Kouha said.



Looking at the scenery around, Haru had to admit that Crocus might be the busiest city in the Kingdom of Fiore. In his original world, most of the location was covered in concrete ground and a steel building, but in this world, he could see the stone ground and a wooden house. He wasn't sure whether it was good or not, but it was quite refreshing scenery for him. Taking up his camera from his zipper storage, he started to take a lot of pictures.

Walking beside Haru, Yukino was quite nervous when she thought that he would ask her to quit a guild or something. She was able to join this guild because of him and she had disappointed him since she had lost her match before.

"Yukino... Yukino?"

"Y, yes??"

Yukino was a bit startled, after calmed herself down, she looked at him curiously. "W, what's wrong, Haru-sama?"

Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Can you call me Haru?"

"Huh?" Yukino was quite confused by Haru's words.

"I mean if you give me a "-sama" suffix behind my name, I feel there is a distance between us."

Haru looked at Yukino and said, "Our relationship isn't a boss and subordinate, nor a master and a maid, but rather a guildmate, or friend, or family, whichever you like."


Yukino looked at Haru with disbelief.

Haru felt quite weird by Yukino's reaction and asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

"N - No, of course not, but.... is that alright?" Yukino asked unsurely. She felt that she was unworthy of such things.

"Of course, it is alright. Whenever you feel sad, depressed, or anything, you can talk about all of them to us. I'm the one who is introducing you to the guild, if you don't feel happy then I feel quite responsible for it," Haru said.

"No, I'm happy! But... But... I've let everyone down since I lost that battle earlier... I - I thought that I could win, but... I - I'm very frustrated...."

Yukino started to sob sadly when she thought about her lost battle earlier. She wanted to regain the glory of the Infinite, but instead, she lost and Infinite C became the 2nd last on the "Grand Magic Games" which was partly her fault.

Haru could see that everyone was looking at them wondering whether both of them had a fight with each other, but he didn't care about any of them. It might be because of his habit of hugging women so it was so natural. He hugged Yukino and caressed her hair.

"Calm down. You've done well in your matches before. I can see that you've become stronger. Don't cry, alright?"

Being hugged, Yukino also hugged him back and cried on his chest. She felt very comfortable in his arms and felt that she could let out everything on her mind.

Haru knew that most of the people in this world were living a life full of tragedy. The same as the girl in front of him since Yukino had lost her parents and sister early in her life, living alone until she entered the guild. He was wondering whether he should bring Yukino's sister.

'Well, her sister in jail....'

Haru knew that sooner or later both of them would meet each other and he should let fate let them help them.


"I, I'm sorry...."

Yukino blushed since she had cried earlier and she had also dirtied Haru's clothes.

"It's alright. You don't need to worry about it, rather than that, do you know the location to buy ingredients for a cake or sweets?" Haru asked.

Yukino nodded and smiled. "Yes, please follow me! Master also owns a cake shop and I know where he usually buys ingredients."

Haru knew that with the name of "Infinite" it was quite easy for Yajima to invest in a business. Though, he didn't expect Yajima to build the best hotel, restaurant, and a lot of service industries business in the Kingdom of Fiore.

However, it was also a good thing for the guild members since they were able to use that hotel, restaurant, etc during their quest so they would have a good rest rather than sleeping in the jungle or resting in the strange hotel.

Yukino was quite spirited and she also wanted to do her best to help Haru, especially after she had done something embarrassing earlier. She was frustrated that she lost, but she knew there was a chance and the "Grand Magic Games" wasn't over yet.

It might be because of the "Grand Magic Games" that the street of the Crocus was quite crowded. It was hard to walk without getting separated and Yukino, who had become cheerful, was moving very fast.

Haru was helpless and held Yukino's hand. "Yukino, don't be too fast."

"H, huh?"

Yukino was startled.

"Let's hold hands, I might get lost if you're moving too fast," Haru said. His bullshitting skill was very advanced and he had to admit that it was very good to spend his evening shopping with a beautiful girl.

"Y, Yes..." Yukino blushed and nodded. Looking at the hands which interested closely, she had to admit that it felt good. She looked at Haru once again and looked away since it was too destructive to look at him closely.

"Let's go, Haru-sama!"

Yukino wanted to move, but she was stopped when he didn't move. She turned and asked, "Haru-sama?"



"You've promised to call me Haru without "-sama" suffix, right?" Haru said.

Yukino blushed again and nodded. "H, Haru...."


Hearing her name being called, Yukino felt a different feeling. She smiled and nodded at him. "Haru."

Looking at the girl who was two years older than him, Haru had to admit that she was very cute.

"Let's go."

"Y, yes!"

Both of them walked to each other while talking to each other, ignoring the people who followed them.


Cana, who was about to go to a bar to have a drink, suddenly saw both Haru and Yukino hugging each other in the middle of the street. She was surprised and thought that she had fought a big scandal since Haru was a married man.

Seeing both Haru and Yukino, who were very close, smiling, laughing, and showing all the happiness in their surroundings, Cana felt very envious, but at the same time, she knew that this relationship was wrong. She pondered and decided to follow them, maybe she could use this trouble the Infinite. She thought that she also could use this matter to treat her to alcohol on the Infinite since she had heard the alcohol in that place was very good.

Following them quietly, Cana didn't even realize that her presence had been already known by Haru.


After buying various ingredients from various places, Haru and Yuki were about to go back since the sky had turned dark.

The bustling street had become quiet since no one had a hobby of going outside during night since a night in this world was dangerous, especially for normal people.


Cana was about to come out to greet them, but suddenly she heard Haru's voice.

"Come out, I know that you've been following me for a while."

Cana was a bit surprised, however, she didn't think too much and decided to come out. When she was about to take the first step, someone was faster than her which somehow startled her.


Cana didn't realize that someone besides her had followed Haru and Yukino. Looking at the five people who appeared from the darkness, she knew that they were coming with a bad intention.


Yukino was surprised, but then her expression turned wary when she saw five people in front of her.

Looking at the Guild's insignia on their bodies, Haru said, "Raven Tail?"

"Boy, you've caused a lot of trouble for us? Why don't you repent for your actions a bit in hell?"