Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 904

Volume 1 Chapter 904 Raven Tail

The "Raven Tail" guild had an intention to join the "Grand Magic Games", but because they lost one of their members, they couldn't join this tournament since they lacked a member.

Of course, this caused the master of this guild, Ivan Dreyar, to be angry since Obra, who had disappeared, was an important member of his guild and Obra's magic was necessary for his plan, but Obra had disappeared so suddenly.

Ivan told everyone to search for Obra, and they had found some part of Obra's body along with Obra's head.

Obra, whose head had been found by everyone, was very happy since he was very hungry, and with only his head, he couldn't do anything, he was helpless in that situation.

"What happened?" Ivan asked since he wanted to know what had happened since he knew that Obra was going to disable one of the members of Fairy Tail, but suddenly Obra was on an accident. He looked at the end of Obra's neck and saw something similar to a zipper which confused him since he didn't remember there was such a magician on the "Fairy Tail".

Obra told Ivan what had happened. He wasn't sure about the name of this person, but he knew the feature of the person who had dismembered his body.

Ivan nodded and understood. He wanted to reconnect, Obra's body, but he couldn't do it, and he couldn't leave Obra since Obra was necessary for him. What he needed to do now was to find out who had done this to Orba.

For the entire day, they were looking around until they saw Haru's picture on the "Grand Magic Games".

Obra, who saw Haru's face became very excited and told everyone that Haru was the one who had done this to him.

Then after knowing who their target was, the rest was quite easy.

They couldn't enter the Infinite rashly, even though Ivan was confident in his strength, but it didn't mean he was confident enough to raze the guild with his guild members alone. Then he waited for a while and saw that Haru had come out with Yukino.

Ivan brought his guild members to attack Haru, but he wasn't in hasty and waited until night since he didn't want to attract the attention of the "Magic Council" or the army of the Kingdom of Fiore. They kept following him in a secret until they heard his voice that told them to come out. He snorted and came out along with his guild members.

"Boy, you've caused a lot of trouble for us? Why don't you repent for your actions a bit in hell?"

Ivan looked at Haru, but then he smiled. "I'm kidding. But you need to turn him back or else...." He showed Obra's head which they had found by accident. He was quite happy that Haru knew about their identity so he didn't need to introduce himself.


"Or else, what?"

If this was Gintoki, then he might pick his nose, but Haru couldn't do such a thing since it was quite shameful and destroyed his image.

"It seems that you've misunderstood something... I'm not asking you, but I'm ordering you to turn him back! If I tell you to do so then you have to do it!"

Ivan didn't have time to talk and decided to use force directly. "Nullpudding!!!"


Nullpudding was one of the members of the Raven Tail and his magic was "Needle Magic". He was able to alter parts of his body in a similar feature to a pufferfish. His arms suddenly grew a spike of various sizes and he was ready to slam it at Haru.

But then...

"Shuriken Cards!"

Nullpudding was about to attack Haru, but he was attacked by cards. He raised his hand to block this attack.

*Slash!* *Slash!*

Nullpudding was quite surprised at how sharp those cards were.

"Hic... it isn't good to fight in the middle of the night."

Everyone turned and saw a beautiful woman, who was holding a bottle of alcohol in her hand. She only wore a bikini and her face was quite reddish showing that she was quite drunk.

Looking at this girl, Haru knew that it was Cana, and he was wondering why this girl had been following him for a while.

"Tch! How annoying! Flare, handle her!" Ivan said.


Flare stared at Cana with a very peculiar stare before manipulating her hair to catch her.

Cana also started to fight with Flare. "I'll handle her, hic... but you need to handle them yourselves." She also thought that it was a good chance to know about Haru's ability.

After being disturbed, Nullpudding attacked Haru once again.

"Needle Blast!"

Nullpudding's fist inflated and he brought his arms side wads before punching it at Haru.


Yukino was about to open her key to protecting Haru, but the battle was over faster than she had thought.


Haru easily dodged Nullpudding's attack and slammed him into the ground.

Nullpudding passed out directly and his face was almost disfigured by it.


Ivan knew that Haru was stronger than he had thought, but he didn't think that Haru was stronger than him. After ordering Kurohebi, he also started to prepare his magic.

Kurohebi started to gather sand on his surroundings before sending it toward Haru.

"Sand Rebellion!"

However, Haru appeared directly in front of Kurohebi before grabbing Kurohebi's head and slamming it toward his knee.


Kurohebi passed out directly and his nose was broken.

"Shikigami Torrent!"

When Haru attacked Kurohebi, Ivan directly sent out a massive amount of Shikigami (paper dolls) which moved at the same time creating a violent torrent toward Haru and ready to shred him apart.


Then the massive amount of Shikigami dropped to the ground unable to move.


Ivan was startled and frowned. "Gravity magic?" Then his body also started to feel heavy. He covered his body with his magic energy to push the gravity which tried to bring him down.


It was quite rare for Haru to use his gravity magic, but his gravity magic was stronger than one year ago.

Gritting his teeth, Ivan felt anger toward Haru since this guy had messed up his plan. He wanted to get "Lumen Histoire" from "Fairy Tail", but a nameless pawn tried to get in his way. He couldn't accept it and used his strongest magic. Gathering all of the Shikigami within his body and surroundings, he put his palm together and created a spherical cl.u.s.ter which could cause a big explosion.

"Shikigami Dark Bo--"

It was then Haru appeared once again in front of him. "Be quiet at night!"

Ivan was about to say something but suddenly a zipper appeared in his mouth which made him unable to talk. "Hmmm?!"

*Srrt!* *Srrt!* *Srrt!*

Ivan's body was quickly dismembered by a zipper and turned into several pieces.

Haru looked at Nullpudding and Kurohebi before he did the thing that he did to Ivan before. He also didn't forget Obra, who was about to run away. He pondered for a while and wondered whether he should send them to a faraway place or give them to Fairy Tail. He suddenly thought that all of the trouble which happened in this world was related to Fairy Tail, but he also understood as a main character of the story it was pretty normal for an enemy to appear in front of them. Looking at Ivan, Kurohebi, Pudding, and Obra, he shook his head and sent them to a faraway place using his gravity magic.

This process was seen by three girls, and they were startled at how easy it was for Haru to defeat the three magicians at the same time.

Then Haru looked at the only person who had been left.


Flare looked at Haru, Cana, and Yukino knew that she had lost.