Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 905

Volume 1 Chapter 905 Two Flowers On His Arms

Sweating profusely, Flare knew that she couldn't handle the three of them at the same time. She also looked at Haru in fear since it was very easy for him to defeat her guild master and her four guild members without breaking his sweat. Being glanced at by Haru in silence was quite scary and she wasn't sure what he would do to her.

Flare didn't want to be dismembered by a zipper with part of her body being thrown in a random place.

"Yukino, let's go back," Haru said.

"Eh? Y, yes!" Yukino nodded and held Haru's hand again.

Both of them left Cana and Flare together.


"Oi, why are you leaving me!"

Cana complained and chased after both of them.


Flare plopped on the ground and sighed in relief. She looked at their backs and wasn't sure what to do now. Thinking for a while, she didn't stand up, but rather in a daze while looking at their backs until they disappeared.


"Why the heck are you leaving me?! I have taken care of one of your enemies!" Cana complained.

Haru only glanced at Cana and said, "Didn't you tell me that you would take care of her?"

"Yes, but why are you leaving me? Don't you feel worried that I'll get hurt by that girl?" Cana asked. She was a beautiful girl and there were a lot of people who wanted to chase after her, but this guy decided to ignore her.

"Is the magician of the Fairy Tail weak enough to be beaten by that girl?" Haru asked.

"Of course not! Fairy Tail is the strongest guild!" Cana refuted.

"That's good, I can leave you in peace. Goodbye," Haru said.

Yukino also bowed her head and said, "Thank you very much."


Cana twitched her lips and chased after them again. "Let's have a match!"


Yukino and Haru looked at Cana with a strange gaze.

Ignored their gaze, Cana continued, "Yes, I'm a bit thirsty now. If you can beat me on drink more than me then I'll treat all of you all, but if you lose then I'll have you treat me to booze."

"I don't have an interest," Haru said and left.

Yukino also didn't care much about Cana and left them.

"Don't go or I'll tell your wife what you've done to Erza and your night rendezvous with this girl!" Cana said with a smile.

"N, night rendezvous?!" Yukino blushed and felt happy, but she was also worried. She only remembered it now that Haru was a married man. She wasn't sure what to do and started to panic.

Looking at the panicked face of Yukino, then looked at Cana who had a satisfied expression, Haru sighed. He looked at the time and there was still time before he had to go back. "Alright, I'll accompany you on this match."

"Good, I know a nearby bar," Cana said.

"Wait, if I win then don't bother me again," Haru said.

Cana frowned and wondered whether she wasn't that attractive since Haru didn't even show interest in her. She snorted and said, "Then if I win, I'm going to ask you to treat me to all of the booze on your guild!"

"Good, I just want to confirm that the one who fell down first is the loser, right?"

"Yes, we'll drink as much booze as we can and the one who has drank the most is the winner," Cana said with a smile. She didn't think that Haru was able to defeat her in this contest.

Yukino couldn't do anything and only looked at Haru worriedly.


Erza had just met with Jellal talking about their past, but her mind always wandered to the thing which Haru had done to her. Somehow it made her body giddy remembering how good it was. Then suddenly she noticed someone who seemed to be waiting for her.


Erza was surprised, but she also felt happy. "Millianna!"

Both of them hugged each other since it had been a while since they met each other.

Erza was quite surprised and saw that Millianna had joined a guild. "Mermaid Heel, huh?"

"Yes, it is an all-girls guild...." Millianna talked about a lot of things to Erza since she really missed her.

Erza was also happy to listen to Millianna until she was asked a strange question.

"Erza, are you alright?" Millianna asked.

"Alright? What's wrong with me?" Erza asked with a confused expression.

"You've fought against Haru, right? That guy's magic is too cheating, it's very hard to fight him," Millianna said with a blush.


Erza was in shock and asked, "Y, you know?"

Millianna nodded and said, "My team has been defeated because of his magic."


"That bastard!"

Erza became angry when she thought about Millianna who had become a victim of Haru's magic. She thought that she was alone, but she didn't expect all of the members of the Mermaid Hell to taste his magic which made her feel angry.

Erza felt that it had become her duty to slay down that lewd beast so he wouldn't cause damage to every girl in the Kingdom of Fiore.

"Calm down, Erza! We can take him down later on in the "Grand Magic Games"! I'm sure Kagura will be happy to work with you to take him down," Millianna said.

Remembering Haru's magic, Erza knew that once she was being touched then it was game over for her. She thought that it would be good to work together with her friend. She nodded and agreed. "Let's do it. Let's bring down that lewd beast together!"


Two girls were working hard and made up their minds to defeat that lewd beast together!


After his body transformed, his alcohol tolerance was extremely high and he also often accompanied Tsunade with her booze party. When Cana asked him for a match to drink booze, he knew that the winner had been decided.

Even if he started to get drunk, he could create a zipper on his tongue to keep all of the alcohol within his zipper storage.

Then both of them started their match and the result was as expected that Cana lost and she was fully drunk, but Yukino who had followed both of them was also drunk since Yukino wanted to fight in Haru's place.

However for Yukino, who had a lower tolerance of alcohol, she was defeated early and lost.

In the end, it was a battle between Haru and Cana, everyone on the bar watched both of them chug down all of the booze into their mouths and during the climax, Cana dropped down and lost.

The winner was Haru without a doubt.

However, there was a problem; Cana was drunk and she couldn't pay for all of the booze which she had drunk.

Haru also didn't want to pay and he told the bar owner to put the tap on the Fairy Tail's guild since they would pay everything. When the matter was over, he carried Yukino on his arm then looked at Cana who was sleeping on the floor.


Looking at the guys on the bar, he could see their predatory eyes. He sighed and also carried Cana in his arms. He carried Yukino with his right arm and Cana with his left arm. Both girls were in his arms and both of them were hugging his head at the same time.

Feeling the soft feeling on his head, he ignored all of the envious curses of the people around walking back to his lodging.


At the lodging, everyone had been waiting for Haru and Yukino.

Gintoki was very hungry since most of his sweets which had been made by Haru had been stolen by everyone on the "group chat" along with Sting, Rogue, Rufus, Orga, Frosch, and Lector. He felt that all of them were too heartless. He was waiting for Haru for a while until he heard Haru's voice.

"I'm back."

Everyone looked at Haru who had entered the lodging, but their eyes were full of disbelief since when he came back he had another girl on his arm.



"Report! Ravel Tail has failed!"


The man sighed and said, "Go out now."


He looked at the plan that would be implemented to save this kingdom, but he knew that it would be hard to get the 12 keys of Celestial Spirit.

However, when he thought about the power of Infinite, he knew that it would be hard, so he decided to change his target first.

"Fairy Tail, soon...."