Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 906

Volume 1 Chapter 906 Pandemonium

Waking up in a stranger's bed, Cana wasn't panicking since she remembered all of the things that happened last night. Her memory was good, and she had a good alcohol tolerance that she could fight if someone tried to molest her, but she knew such a thing didn't happen and at this moment, she was sleeping together with Yukino.

Cana was thinking for a while about the duel last night then looked at Yukino who opened her eyes slowly.

Yukino was in shock when she saw Cana was right beside her.

"You were amazing last night," Cana said with a smile.


Yukino wanted to know what had happened last night.


Waking up in the early morning, Cana had to admit that Infinite wasn't that much different from Fairy Tail, but Infinite was quieter. She understood that reason since breakfast and the food in this place was so damn good.

After eating breakfast, Cana was sober once again and thought about drinking booze once again, especially when there was such good booze around this place. She also knew about Tsunade who had the biggest b.r.e.a.s.ts in the entire Kingdom. She thought that she could become a good friend with everyone on the Infinite, but someone suddenly disturbed her and told her to become part of members of the Fairy Tail B.


The third day of the Grand Magic Games.

Everyone was very excited and very spirited since the event was about to begin.

Once again, Chapati and Yajima became the commentators of the "Grand Magic Games" but the guest commentator had changed from Jason from "Sorcerer Magazine" to Lahar from "Magic Council".

Even though the commentator had changed, it didn't dismiss the enthusiasm of everyone.


"Where have you been Cana?" Mirajane asked.

"Sorry, I had a drink last night," Cana said with a reddish face. It seemed that she had drunk another barrel of booze before she went to the tournament.

"Where is Mystogan?" Gajeel asked in a low voice.

"Well, things could get sticky with council members here as guests," Cana said.

Everyone nodded and thought that it would be troublesome if the Magic Council knew about the real identity of Mystogan then their guild would be in really big trouble.

[The competition for the third day is Pandemonium! One member from each guild will be taking part!!]


"I'll go for this one," Esdeath said.

"Good luck," Haru said.

Shinobu, Gintoki, and Tabane didn't have trouble with it and they also agreed to have Esdeath become their representative. They also didn't want to be defeated by Infinite A.

Esdeath didn't move but sat down waiting for something.


Haru looked at Esdeath weirdly, until he saw her seemed to want to convey something.

*Tap!* *Tap!* *Tap!*

Tapping her high heels, Esdeath glanced at Haru.

Haru realized what Esdeath wanted and kissed her cheek. "Go and defeat all of them."

Esdeath nodded with a smile. She adjusted her hat and said, "I'll go now."


Tabane and Shinobu, who saw their interaction, were really jealous.


Looking in the direction of Infinite B, Erza saw that they had sent out Esdeath. She stood up and said, "I shall go."

"You can do it!"

"Go for it, Erza!"

Even though Erza had lost, everyone believed in her strength since she was Erza Scarlet, the Titania of Fairy Tail.

Team B sent out Cana; Mermaid Heel sent out Millianna; Blue Pegasus sent out Hibiki; Infinite C sent out Orga; Lamia Scale sent out Jura Neekis.


Looking at the people who joined this event, especially when Esdeath was sent out, Kouha stood up and said, "I'll go."

"Eh? Really?" 4x

They were a bit surprised when Kouha decided to go out.

"Ugh... I want to play this one," Luffy said.

Kouha smiled and said, "You can play the next event."


Luffy nodded and decided to join the next event. He hadn't read the manga of "Fairy Tail" and he wasn't sure what kind of event tomorrow, but he would definitely join tomorrow's event.

"Luffy, but tomorrow's event is...." Kuroneko wanted to say something, but Luffy didn't want to hear it.

"No! I'll definitely join tomorrow's event!"

Luffy had made up his mind and he would join tomorrow's event no matter what.

Kouroneko wanted to say something, but her shoulders were patted by Teppei and Korosensei.

"Just give up."


Kuroneko sighed thinking about tomorrow's event.


No one got close to Esdeath since everyone remembered her match with Lucy and her gaze made them felt quite uncomfortable.

Erza looked at Esdeath and could feel that Esdeath was someone whose hands were full of blood, but she didn't say anything.


Hibiki greeted Kouha.

Kouha only nodded while yawning.

Hibiki didn't flirt with a girl and knew that most of the girls in this place would kill him without hesitation once he did that. It might be because of his experience, but he knew very well that once he made a move on the girls who became the representative of this event. He might be castrated or something.

Mato as a mascot of the "Grand Magic Games" helped to explain the event which happened on the third day.


In this event, the participants are made to enter a temple one at a time. Inside the temple are 100 monsters of different strength levels.

1. Participants in the temple can choose to take on any number of the 100 monsters at a time but must defeat them all if they wish to continue.

2. If they do defeat them, the number they overcame will be added to their event score.

3. Should they fall in their fight, they will be removed from the event with the score they have earned up to that point.

4. The participants have no control over which level of monster they face, as the generation of the monsters is random, and must choose the number of monsters they wish to face with this in mind.

5. The game ends when either all participants run out of Magic Power, or all the monsters are defeated.

"Now we'll draw sticks to determine the order," Mato said.

Everyone took the stick on the box which was prepared by Mato.

"I'm number 1," Esdeath said.

Mato nodded and said, "Yes, you'll enter the first one, Esdeath participants."

Esdeath nodded and walked toward the temple without saying anything.

"Wait! Wait! You need to tell me first how many monsters you are going to defeat," Mato said.

"All," Esdeath said simply and continued.


Everyone was stumped when they heard Esdeath's words.


They didn't believe what they had heard, but Esdeath told them the truth since she was going to defeat all of the monsters within the temple.

"Is she serious?" Hibiki asked.

Kouha nodded and said, "She's serious."


Lucy, who saw Esdeath enter the temple alone, felt a complex. In her heart, she wanted Esdeath to be able to defeat all of the monsters within the temple since she had lost against her, but at the same time, she also didn't want Esdeath to win this event since she wanted Erza to win.


Entering the temple, Esdeath summoned her "Sode no Shirayuki" within her small space storage. The monsters within a tower which saw her started to charge towards her with the intention to beat her down.

Esdeath then calmly spun her sword slowly before chanting, "Dance."

Then ice spread from the ground to her surroundings before enveloping the entire temple in an instant.


No one said anything since they saw this scene with awe since, in just a single moment, Esdeath had frozen the entire temple easily and defeated all of the monsters within just a second.

*Tap!* *Tap!* *Tap!*

Only the sound of her high heels was heard, Esdeath came out calmly from the temple while showing her confident smile.

At that moment, everyone was captivated by that power which was able to destroy and freeze everything in an instant, but at the same time, they also knew how dangerous she was.


Snapping her fingers, the temple started to crack before it was destroyed in pieces.


Everyone opened their mouths wide and could only see this scene in awe.

Esdeath had achieved a total overwhelming victory!