Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 907

Volume 1 Chapter 907 Mpf

Esdeath walked back to her team's location and no one stopped her.

Mato gulped and wanted to say something, but in the end, he decided to keep it inside his mouth.

"A, amazing! Esdeath participant has shown overwhelming power!" Chapati was excited.

"Hmm... she's very powerful," Yamaji said.

"Yajima-san, all of the members in your guild are too strong," Lahar said with a sigh. But he didn't have anything to complain about since Yajima was an ex-member of the Magic Council and he knew very well that Yajima's personality was very kind and cool.

Esdeath, Korosensei, Tabane, and Haru; the Infinite had shown their muscle to the entire Kingdom of Fiore telling them why they were the strongest guild in this kingdom!

[With her overwhelming power, Esdeath became the victory in Pandemonium! Because of that, Infinite B earns itself 10 points!!!!]


"Good job." 4x

Esdeath nodded and felt that this result was quite normal.


"Kuh!! We're going to lose this way!" Kuroneko was frustrated.

"Calm down, Kouha won't lose," Korosensei said.

"Oh, yeah!" Kuroneko remembered Kouha and cheered him on. "Kouha wins this event!"

"Kouha!" 3x

Teppei, Luffy, and Korosensei also joined Kuroneko.

"Yosh! Tomorrow, I'll do my best too!" Luffy said.


Hearing Luffy's words, they were wondering how they were able to stop Luffy from participating in tomorrow's event.


Since the Pandemonium (Temple) had been destroyed by Esdeath, the organizer decided to change the event with Magic Power Finder (MPF).

MPF is a floating device, which encases a small, blue orb. Its primary function is to determine the amount of Magic Power through the use of numerical symbols by attacking it with magic.

"When you hit this machine with magic power, it assigns a point value to it and displays it. We'll assign the rankings to the Wizards based on these scores," Mato explained.

Everyone agreed since this event was very simple. What they needed to do was to attack MPF with their strongest magic to win this event.

"We'll leave the order the same as the order we just chose, Pumpkin!" Mato said.

"I'm first," Millianna said. She was a bit shocked at Esdeath's power and didn't expect Esdeath to be that strong. Even though she had to admit that Kagura was very strong, Esdeath was also very strong since she could see how Esdeath was able to freeze the entire temple then turned into pieces of ruin, but at the same time, she realized why Haru married Esdeath since she might be the only one who was able to stop him.

Millianna thought that if Haru had such a scary wife then it would be impossible for him to play around. Esdeath's figure was similar to a gatekeeper or something, but she wouldn't give up. She wasn't scared and she would help Kagura to tell her real feelings too, even if Esdeath was in front of them!

"Kitty Blast!"

Millianna sent out her strongest magic and it resulted in 365 points.

No one was sure how to react and talk to each other since they weren't sure whether this score was high or not.

Lahar explained to everyone that Millianna's score could be compared to Rune Night unit Leader which somehow made the audience surprised at how powerful Millianna was.

Then the event continued with Hibiki, but his score was only 95 points which caused him to cry.

However, Hibiki's cry didn't make the event stop and it was being continued with Orga by a staggering 3825 points.


Orga showed his excitement and looked at Kouha. "Kouha, I'll win this."

"Yes, yes...." Kouha answered lazily. He also ignored Hibiki who was crying beside him since Hibiki's score was too low.

Orga was happy with his score, but Jura came up next and showed his strongest magic.

"Fuji Eruption!"


The score stunned everyone here.

Orga wasn't happy, but he couldn't say anything since he lost. However, it didn't mean that he would acknowledge his loss. He wanted to fight against Jura in the future to show that he was better than him.

"Erza-dono, it is your turn," Jura said.

Erza nodded and changed her clothes to a single katana with quite revealing clothes that covered her chest with a bandage. In this armor, she fully focussed all of her magic into her attack. Her sword was covered in a purple light which gave a dangerous feeling to the people around her. She took a deep breath before slashing her sword in a single movement.


A large slash was created on the ground and almost cut down part of the stadium.




Jura was surprised but he smiled. "Well done."

Everyone on the Fairy Tail was excited and shouted her name several times. "Erza! Erza! Erza!....."


"That girl is strong," Esdeath said.

"Her strength isn't that strong, but her tenacity is troublesome. She won't go down no matter how much you've hit her, and in the end, I could only use that magic at that time," Haru added.


Esdeath only stared at Haru with an expressionless gaze.


Haru hoped that Esdeath would believe him in this matter.

"Well, I don't care, but just tell me if you plan to make her part of your harem," Esdeath said.


Haru didn't believe what he had heard. "Dear, you're my only one." He felt that it was a test and he answered this test with full sincerity.


Esdeath nodded and said, "That's a good answer." She held his hand again and rested her head on his shoulder.

Haru sighed in relief and continued to watch the match since he was about to see the strongest magic from Fairy Tail.


Erza changed her clothes to normal again and said, "Cana, don't drink all the time. It's your turn."

"Hic.... Yes~~~" Cana answered with a slurred voice showing that she was drunk. She walked to the MPF and started to take off her shirt. "Hic.... now it is my chance..."

When Cana took off her shirt, everyone noticed a large tattoo on her right arm.

No one knew what that tattoo meant, but Makarov realized it right away. "That?" He looked at Mavis since he knew that Mavis might have something to do with this situation.

"Yes, we need to win no matter what, right?" Mavis said with a smile.


Makarov was speechless.


Magic power started to surround Cana, she raised her hand high and chanted, "To me!! River of light that guides the fairies! Shine!! Break the evil fangs of those who would threaten us!!


Blinding lights covered the entire stadium before it gathered together, shooting a powerful force at the MPF.




Everyone was stunned by the sheer power of the magic which was being released by Cana.

The MPF broke directly and no one excepted this result.

Everyone was speechless at how powerful Fairy Tail was, but the entire members of the Fairy Tail were very satisfied with this result and laughed happily.

"No one can stop us!!! Why? Because we're Fairy Tail!!!" Cana shouted with pride.

Everyone was affected by the mood and thought that Fairy Tail was very strong because of this magic.

However, they forgot one person who hadn't done his turn.

"Mato, the machine is broken, can you replace it with a new one?" Kouha asked.

"A, ah, yes! I'll change it right away," Mato said.

When they heard this conversation, they woke up and looked at Kouha. They remembered that Kouha hadn't done anything.

The Fairy Tail was clueless, but everyone in this place remembered how brutal Kouha was and suddenly the entire stadium called out his name loudly!




Cana was unhappy since all of the attention was robbed from her. She looked at Hibiki and asked, "Is that guy strong?"

Hibiki had a helpless expression, but he nodded. "Very strong."

"What's his magic?" Cana asked.

"Well, you will see it soon since the MPF is being replaced now," Hibiki said.

The organizer replaced the MPF quickly and everyone was told to move far away from it since it would be dangerous.

In this place, only the Fairy Tail members who had disappeared for the past seven years didn't know about Kouha's power and it made them curious. Then suddenly they saw Kouha raise his finger to the sky.


Everyone looked up, but they saw nothing.

"What?" Gray frowned.

"I can't see anything," Lucy said.

Natsu squinted his eyes then his eyes were wide open since his instinct told him that something dangerous was about to come.

This action didn't go unnoticed by Wendy and she asked, "What's wrong, Natsu-san?"

"Something is coming," Natsu said with a serious expression.

Everyone was waiting for something in the sky, then suddenly they noticed the sky turned dark.


Everyone felt foreboding and their instinct told them to run away as fast as possible.


"What happens Yaji--" Chapati was about to ask, but he saw a gigantic meteorite which was about to fall down to the arena.

Unlike Erza and Cana who were stunned when they saw this large meteorite which was about to fall down toward them.

Hibiki, Millianna, Jura, Mato, and Orga, who were quick on their heads, had run behind Kouha since they knew what Kouha's power was.

The size of the meteorite could easily cover the entire stadium of the "Grand Magic Games" which made the people in this place panic, but no one moved since they were scared.

"Is it alright to raise the MPH?" Kouha asked Mato.

"A, ah, yes...."

Kouha nodded and raised the MPF to the sky since he felt that it would be dangerous to let the meteorite fall into the arena and he also did a miscalculation since the meteorite was bigger than he had thought.

Well, it was bigger than the entire stadium.

Then everyone saw the MPF and gigantic meteorites clash with each other.



The MPF was KIA (killed in action).