Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 908

Volume 1 Chapter 908 Battle On The Third Day

Fairy Tail was strong, but Infinite was stronger.

After the meteorite sent by Kouha clashed with the MPF, it was destroyed into smithereens.

But even so, it was hard to determine who was 2nd place in this event, the maximum number of MPF was only 9999 and it couldn't count more than that.

Cana Fairy Tail B made the MPF error, but Kouha from Infinite A made the MPF into smithereens.

The organizer and the judges discussed to each other and in the end, they decided that Fairy Tail B and Infinite A received the same score in this event.

Cana sighed in relief, but she could tell that Kouha's magic was stronger than her Fairy Law which made her restless.

Then the result was announced once again:

Infinite B with 48 points; Infinite A with 46 points; Lamia Scale with 22 points; Mermaid Heel with 20 points; Fairy Tail B with 20 points; Blue Pegasus with 17 points; Infinite C with 11 points; and Fairy Tail A with 6 points.

Everyone thought that Infinite was invincible, and didn't think that they would lose until an incident happened.


The first battle between Gintoki from Infinite B versus Millianna from Mermaid Heel.

"Ouch! Ouch! Don't tie me too hard! Ouch! Ouch!"

Gintoki was tied by Millianna's magic.

Millianna didn't expect Gintoki to be so weak, but she was happy that she had won.

Gintoki had lost, but one thing he understood was that being tied wasn't good. He was wondering why Sarutobi (Sacchan in Gintama's world) loved being tied.

"Hehehe, are you pumped up?"

Millianna smiled.


[T - The winner is Millianna!!!]



Haru, Tabane, Esdeath, and Shinobu were speechless before giving a long sigh.

"It's alright. It's just one loss," Haru said.

"Haru, you need to take all of his sweets," Shinobu said.

"This guy, I need to torture him to be serious or else...." Esdeath was quite angry when Gintoki had lost and that meant that her team might lose to Infinite A.

"YEAH!!!!" 5x

The members of Infinite A cheered loudly so suddenly.

They looked at Infinite A who was very happy and cheered loudly when Gintoki had lost which somehow made them speechless.

"We're going to win tomorrow," Esdeath said.

"Yeah." 3x


The second match was a match between Rufus and Eve. Their fight was quite fierce, but in the end, Rufus was the winner.


Haru looked at Gray and could see that Gray kept staring at Rufus. He was wondering why Gray was targeting Rufus rather than Korosensei, who was 1st place during the "Hidden" event before.

Moving on, the third battle of the day was announced.

[Fairy Tail B's Laxus Dreyar...


[Infinite A's Ren Kouha!!!]


The audience was stunned, but then they shook their heads thinking that Fairy Tail B had lost. They had sent Kouha'a power, and they didn't think that Laxus was able to defeat Kouha.


"Go and defeat that meteor guy!"

Everyone on the Fairy Tail believed in Laxus since they knew very well how strong he was, but at the same time, they also knew very well about Kouha's power. Thinking about the magic which Kouha used back then, they weren't sure what kind of consequences that would happen to this town when it was hit by that meteorite.

Entering the arena, Laxus looked at Kouha, who showed a laidback attitude, but he also understood Kouha's arrogance, especially after Kouha had shown that much power. However, he didn't think too much since he was going to win!

Kouha didn't have that much interest in Laxus, but he was a bit curious about the power of the Dragon Slayer since he had only fought against Sting or Rogue. Both of them were the 3rd Generation Dragon Slayer, he wondered whether there was a difference between the different generations of Dragon Slayer.

Neither of them said anything while waiting for the match to start.



After the announcement, neither Laxus nor Kouha moved.

Kouha looked at Laxus and felt that it was a waste of time to wait for him to attack. He was too lazy to move and raised his palm to use his ability.

When Kouha's palm was raised, it released an invisible force and it repulsed everything around his surroundings.


Laxus felt as if he had been hit by an invisible wall and he was slammed into the wall on the arena!



Everyone was startled when they saw Laxus was at a disadvantage. Like Erza, Laxus's prestige among everyone was very good and he was known as the strongest. They had never seen him at a disadvantage, but this time, Laxus was pushed.


Laxus thought that he had underestimated his opponent too much.


Laxus gathered the magic energy within his body to become stronger and the electricity was emitted from his body, but...


Kouha's gravity magic was so powerful that it made Laxus unable to stand up.

The members of the Fairy Tail, who had fought one of the members of the Grimoire Heart and thought that Kouha's magic was similar to Bluenote. But the one who had defeated Bluenote wasn't Laxus, rather it was Gildartz.

"Damn, don't look down on me!"

Laxus shouted and gathered a large amount of energy into his mouth.

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

A blast of lightning was released from Laxus toward Kouha.

But Kouha only raised his finger and changed the direction of the blast to the sky.




Kouha's power was so powerful that Laxus couldn't raise his finger against Kouha.


"WIN IT!!!"

Hearing the sound of his family, Laxus gritted his teeth and tried to stand up.


His muscles bulged, veins popped around his body, and his body kept releasing a large amount of magic energy, but he couldn't move a single muscle on his body.

"Just give up, alright?" Kouha asked.

Laxus ignored Kouha and kept trying.

"Then, it can't be helped."

Kouha walked toward Laxus slowly before touching Laxus's head. He changed the direction of the bloodstream within Laxus's body to make Laxus pass out since he was too lazy to continue the fight.

Laxus's eyes bulged before he passed out directly.


Kouha walked away and stopped his magic.

Looking at this result, judges hurriedly announced the result of the battle.

[T, The winner is Kouha!!!!"


The members of the Fairy Tail sighed when they saw Laxus had lost.


The members of the Lightning God Tribe hurriedly helped Laxus who had passed out in the match. They looked at Kouha with complex expression since Laxus had lost against him easily. They felt frustrated, but there was nothing that they could do at this moment.

Makarov and Mavis frowned since the power of Infinite was stronger than they had thought.

"Dammit, Yajima, where did that guy gather all of those strong wizards," Makarov said while scratching his bald head. If it was only one or two strong people then it was normal, but he could tell that all of the people on the Infinite were very strong which made him frustated.

"This is difficult..."

Mavis, who was known as a master strategize, couldn't think of a way to defeat Infinite since all of her strategies were destroyed by overwhelming power.

In the end, a strategy was one of the tools that were used to win against the opponent which had the same power or more power, but if the difference of power was too much then all of the strategies became useless and nothing could be done.

"No, it isn't over yet! We're a Fairy Tail! We won't lose!" Makarov shouted.


Even though Laxus had lost, it didn't mean that they had given up, and no matter what they would become the champions of the Grand Magic Games!