Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 910

Volume 1 Chapter 910 Naval Battle 1

The fourth day of the Grand Magic Games.

Everyone was told to send their representatives for this event.

Haru along with everyone was a bit surprised when Luffy would come for this event, but he thought that Luffy might have bought something on the "group chat" to erase the side effect of the Devil Fruit.

"Who is going to go?" Shinobu asked. She didn't have a hobby to show her body to the crowd, and if possible she wanted Haru to go.

Looking at Shinobu's reaction, Haru said, "I'll go. Inside the water, I'm invincible."

"Really?" Gintoki asked.

Haru nodded and didn't explain too much. After his body turned into the body of "Aquaman", he was truly alive within the water. As long as he was within the water, he was invincible.

"The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But there's nothing to fear. Don't resist the water. Thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening. Then you slide your body through that opening. Moving your arms, your head, your chest..."

Haru wasn't sure who had uttered those words, but he knew that guy was right since the water was alive. Thinking about the potential of Aquaman, he knew that he hadn't fully opened the potential of his body.

By then, all eight participants had walked into the arena.

Infinite A sent Luffy; Infinite B sent Haru; Infinite C sent Yukino; Mermaid Heel sent Risley; Blue Pegasus sent Jenny; Fairy Tail A sent Lucy; Fairy Tail B sent Juvia; Lamia Scale sent Sherria.

Looking at Sherria, Haru said, "It has been a while, Sherria."

Sherria puffed her cheek and looked away. She was annoyed when this guy suddenly got married which somehow made her realize that love wasn't only happiness, but there was also sadness. When someone was happy because of love, there was someone who was unhappy because of love.

Haru was helpless at this girl, but then someone suddenly nudged him.

"What the hell are you doing?! Don't you care about Kagura? Why did you suddenly try to flirt with another girl?!" Risley complained and raised her chest high since Haru was a womanizer.

"Don't slander, Haru!" Yukino refuted.

"Huh? Who are you?!"

Then there was a fight between girls.

Lucy and Juvia who were on the side started to gossip about Haru while saying that "handsome man isn't good", "handsome man is always cheating", "he's only saying something sweet, but no one knows what's inside his heart", etc.


Haru was helpless then looked at Luffy to see whether Luffy could help him.

Luffy didn't say anything, he only picked his nose waiting for the match.


Haru somehow felt quite jealous of Luffy at this moment. He clapped his hand to gather their attention.


One clap caused everyone to put their attention on him.

"Everyone, let's focus on the event first," Haru said simply.

They nodded and thought about the event on the fourth day.

Mato who had been ignored earlier felt grateful at Haru since everyone started to notice him again, but at the same time, he knew that the cause of this trouble was Haru.

Naval Battle.

In this game, the participants swim inside a floating sphere of water. There are also various rules for this game such as:

1. Participants must knock one another outside of the sphere, with points being awarded based on the order in which the players are eliminated.

2. Falling out of the sphere results in the contestant being automatically removed from play for the rest of the event.

3. The last person remaining in the sphere will be the victor and receive top points.

4. Any form of magic or technique can be used to assist in knocking rival participants out.

5. When only two participants remain in the ring, a special 5-minute timer will be set. Should one of the participants fall out of the sphere during this time, they will not receive second place, rather they will automatically come last.

The rules were pretty simple and no one asked a question. They changed into their swimwear and the commentators were doing their best to keep the excitement of the audience.

"The competition for the fourth day is about to start," Chapati said. He had changed his wig since he had lost his black hair wig after the fight between Wendy and Sherria. This time, he changed into a blonde wig which somehow made him quite refreshed.

"This event is similar to under-water sumo wrestling, hmm, right?" Yajima said.

"I am so looking forward to this, thank you very much."

The guest judge for the fourth day was Rabian. He was a theater manager of Scheherazade which was a famous theater in the Kingdom of Fiore. For more information, most of the magicians in this kingdom had played in his theater to perform a drama since there wasn't any television or movie theatre in this world.

Everyone had changed into their swimwear and everyone was very excited when they saw the girls in their bikinis, one-pieces, etc.

Jenny, Lucy, Juvia, Sherria, and Yukino were the hottest and everyone screamed excitedly.

Korosensei took his camera again and took various photos of every girl at this event. His complexion, which was quite pale because of the p.o.r.n book which he had bought yesterday, had slowly recovered because of this event.

Jenny had promised to take a nude photo in the Sorcerer Magazine and Korosensei bought it immediately. He even waited right in front of the publisher's house from night to the morning since he wanted to buy the first one. He was happy when he bought it and went to the deserted place to open it, but when Jenny's nude photo was shown, he also saw a nude photo of Ichiya, Hibiki, Ren, and Eve which made him barf right away.

That was why this group of girls who wore bikinis had given Korosensei a fresh air in his abyss. Though, he also took a picture of Risley in her chubby form since somehow there were also a lot of people who loved Risley's chubby form.

Then after the female had come out, it was the male's turn.

Luffy and Haru came out together, and everyone exclaimed in surprise and their eyes were staring at them.

Luffy with his usually cheerful smile showing a quite thin body, but full of compact muscle. However, there was a huge scar on his chest that showed that he wasn't something that could be underestimated.

Most people who saw this scar were wondering who was able to create such a wound on Luffy's body.

Then when it came to Haru, every female in this place took their breaths.

It might be because Haru was in the world of the Fairy Tail that he didn't hide the tattoos within his body. Even though it wasn't that tiring, it was quite troublesome to apply an illusion on his tattooed body to make it appear to not have any tattoos.

Haru didn't really want to have a tattoo, but it was because of his body transformed into the body of Aquaman that he received these tattoos.

Lucy gasped when she saw Haru. She had to admit that if this guy didn't marry someone and a sc.u.mbag then she might have an interest in him. She also understood why a lot of girls kept coming at him, especially when she saw his lower body.

Some of the guys in the audience twitched their lips when they saw Haru's body and his lower body.

The female audience had to admit that they were really jealous of Esdeath who could have Haru's ass every night at this moment.

"Cough! Cough! How about we start the event?" Yajima said to wake everyone up from their stupor.


They nodded quietly and the participants entered the floating sphere of water before the start of the event, but suddenly...

"Help! Help! I can't swim!!!" Luffy was drowning.