Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 911

Volume 1 Chapter 911 Naval Battle 2

*Blop!* *Blop!* *Blop!*

Luffy slowly fell toward the bottom of the floating sphere of water.

Swimming toward Luffy, Haru grabbed Luffy in his arms. He was about to ask whether Luffy had bought the thing on the "group chat" to erase the curse which made him drown in the ocean, but Luffy had passed out and his eyes showed a white part.


Everyone was stunned since no one expected Luffy to be unable to swim yet this guy bravely entered the event.


Kuroneko, Korosensei, Kouha, and Teppei facepalmed at the same time.

"Can you start the event?" Haru yelled since he wanted to throw Luffy out as soon as possible.

[Y, yes, begin!!!]

Haru threw Luffy out of the floating sphere of water.

Luffy, who had been thrown out, coughed several times and thrown out the water inside his body.

After Luffy had come out the battle continued and it became a battle between seven people.

There was only one male in this place, but no one really cared about it since Juvia and Lucy showed their power within the water.

Juvia who had mastered water magic was truly alive in this event.

Lucy took her Celestial Spirit's Key and summoned Aquarius.

Aquarius who was being called was angry, but she hurriedly moved and created a violent torrent of water within this floating sphere of water, but Juvia also did the same and their magic clashed with each other.


Sherria, Risley, and Yukino were a bit surprised by their confrontation.

But Jeanne used this chance to send one participant out. "It is a chance!" She moved very fast toward Haru and aimed her kick at him. However, Haru grabbed his leg and redirected her attack toward the outside of the sphere.


Jenny was out of the event immediately.


The Blue Pegasus sighed but also congratulated Jenny for doing her best during this event.


The confrontation between Juvia and Lucy continued, but in the end, Juvia won and Lucy was thrown toward the edge of the spherical water, but Lucy summoned another Celestial Spirit to help her.

Haru didn't join the fight and he also didn't initiate the battle, only swimming from here to there while looking at the battle. He also turned himself into invisible using his light magic made him unnoticeable, especially when everyone showed their powerful magic one after another. Though, of course, when he disappeared someone within the audience noticed it immediately.


"He has disappeared!"

Erza and Kagura frowned and knew that Haru was a very troublesome opponent.

If they were fighting against someone then they would refrain from fighting against Haru since it was very troublesome, especially with his variety of magic which somehow made their fight turn into tricky situation.

They wanted to remind their friends within the spherical water that Haru was aiming for them, but they knew that it was impossible. The only thing that they could do was to believe in their friends.


The fight between Juvia and Lucy was very noticeable since they were able to manipulate water, but the clash between Risley, Sherria, and Yukino also didn't lose to the two of them.

"Open Gate of the Paired Fish! Pisces!"

Holding a golden key in her hand, it started to shine brightly on Yukino's hand before summoned to large size fishes within the spherical water.



Happy was happy and he drooled when he saw two large fishes that came out from Yukino's key.


The two fishes were so powerful that they knocked down both Sherria and Rislye outside. But Juvia became even crazier and created a large whirlpool within. She had awoken her second origin and her strength had become stronger.

"It's time to send all of you out at once! Nobody within the water can beat Juvia! This is for you!! The wings of love!!! Juvia adores Gray-sama!!!"

Powerful whirlpool swept everyone, even Yukino was almost pushed to the outside of the spherical water if Pisces didn't help her.


Esdeath looked at Juvia and thought that the power of love could make her stronger. She nodded and thought that Juvia was interesting.

'Well, I can do that too...'

With her love for Haru, Esdeath would become even stronger.


Yukino and Juvia didn't give up and both of them kept trying to push each other out from the spherical water.

Lucy was helpless and could only stay within this place with the help of two Celestial Spirits to hold her in place.

But suddenly someone appeared before them, Haru who had disappeared for a while appeared and pushed the three of them out from the arena.


Lucy, Virgo, and Aries were sent out from the sphere so naturally without fighting back. The three of them wondering how Haru could suddenly appear before them.

Then everyone noticed Haru who had just appeared within spherical water. The way Haru swam in the water was so powerful and it was as if water had become his ally. The audience could only say that his figure was similar to a king of the sea or something which usually came out from the legend.

Haru couldn't manipulate water, but the water was his friend. This sentence was different from Tsubasa who often told the audience that the ball was his friend since the water was alive and the ball was a non-living thing.

Within this spherical water, everything had turned into chaos with a lot of powerful whirlpools that could knock down anyone.

Yukino was on her limit since she didn't expect Juvia to be so strong within water that even Pisces couldn't do too much in this battle.

Juvia who wanted to show her love to Gray became very strong as long as there was a love and Gray was looking at her, then she could do anything.


The whirlpool became even stronger and it sent Yukino out.


Yukino felt frustrated since she had lost once again, but she was glad that Haru was still inside the tournament and she hoped for him to win!

Juvia noticed Haru who wasn't affected by her whirlpool. Her eyes turned sharp toward him and said, "I won't lose no matter what!" She charged toward Haru with very fast movement. She knew that Haru was a hard opponent since she noticed within the water this guy wasn't affected by her magic. But inside the water, she was the winner.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

There were only two people inside the spherical water and a special 5-minute timer had started. It meant that the battle would end within 5-minute no matter what would happen.

The figure of Juvia and Haru moving from place to place within the spherical water was very awesome.

Juvia kept sending out powerful magic one after another, but Haru could dodge all of her attack with a very cool maneuver.

Some people who had fought against Haru realized that Haru was strong, but within the water, he was even stronger.

"Well, it is enough to play around." Haru looked at Juvia and said, "I'm sorry, but you need to lose."

"No! My love for Gray-sama is as wide as an ocean! I won't lose no matter what!" Juvia refuted, but suddenly she wasn't sure what had happened since she had already been pushed to the outside.


Juvia was stupified.

Haru was the only person within the spherical water and everyone cheered loudly in excitement.

[The event is over!! The winner is Kasugano Haruka!!!]